For actress Max Collins, beauty is simple. In an industry where a cakey face, smokey eyes and drawn, angular brows are the norm, she takes a step back and find solitude in simplicity. Often mistaken to be older than she actually is—Max is only 22—”TV makeup” adds years rather than weight, in her case. “I don’t want to forget what I really look like,” she quips when asked why she prefers the no-makeup look. And with her naturally strong brows and doe eyes, we understand why minimal makeup away from the set isn’t a problem for her at all.

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Saw this blog by accident, Engagement pics of Oyo Boy and Kristine Hermosa..Honestly I’m not a fan of the couple but hey they look good together. Best Wishes :)

I love the concept, the outfits and the hair and make up. I love how candid most of their expressions are, looks natural. Bravo Mr. Uy! So fab!

Who’s your future wedding photog? :)


The Boy Next Door

After experimenting with a number of looks, I found that this one suited Teejay best. His face, and body structure, lends well to the boy-next-door image, the guy you wouldn’t mind introducing to your parents.

My initial plan was to subvert geek chic. This was the real reason I asked Teejay to be my first studio shoot guinea pig. He’s known for playing the geeky Nathan on the Sunday program Tween Hearts. But once Teejay was in the shorts, with the crumpled white shirt and the bow tie, I realized that this was a better look for him than the geek peg I had in mind.

And the great thing about this look is that most of the pieces came from one store: the hat, the shorts and the shoes all come from Regatta. The belt, from sister company Penshoppe. The white shirt from SM Department Store (I forgot the brand). And the whole look, sans the shoes, comes to 2,000 pesos! Which might sound a lot, but it’s really not. Especially since there are three ways you can wear the look:

Look #1: sans the bow tie, but with all buttons on the white shirt done up.

Look #2: sans the hat, but with the bow tie.

Look #3: sans the hat and the bow tie, with the first three buttons on the shirt unbuttoned.

For the shoes, you can go with boat shoes (like the one Teejay wears in the photos), or you can wear your trusty solid-colored sneakers. Chukka boots and high-tops can work too, with the right attitude.

Teejay Marquez
March, 2012


That Japanese-Filipino actor Kenjie Shirakawa though OMG OMG. They need to give him more tv projects but I guess hes busy with modeling.

Bite Your Lip

I’ve noticed that when the subject of a portrait photo wants to look sexy, they have a tendency to bite their lip. Here, Dennis Trillo bites his lip–but it’s not to look sexy. I think he was reading the teleprompter, and I thought ‘well, I guess that throws out the bite-lip-look-sexy theory out the window.’

Though, I’m sure everyone would disagree with me saying that.

Dennis Trillo for StarStruck V
January, 2010


One Thing Cover by Gerald, Enchong and Rayver

A Ready Smile

Do I have a favorite “tween” star? Not really. But if I were wont to have favorites, Joyce Ching would be the one I’d pick. Why? Maybe it’s because of her sunny personality, her always ready smile, and the easygoing attitude she employs with her work. She’s also a very good actress.

I’m not saying the rest aren’t–because they are constantly improving, and they are very down-to-earth still (and I hope they remain that way). It’s just that I am drawn more to Joyce than the other “tween” stars.

Joyce Ching for Tween Hearts
May, 2011


Enchong and Bea

ehmerged :O

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 The new addition to Star Magic artists. One of the biggest celebrity company in the Phillipines. All of them are good looking but Julia is the prettiest and Alex has the strongest sex appeal.