'Grimm' Culls From Reggie Lee's Real-Life Childhood in the Philippines to Give Sgt. Wu a Backstory

Sgt. Wu is one of the greatest mysteries on “Grimm.” After two and a half seasons of the NBC show, we pretty much only know that he’s a cop, single, a cat lover, a foodie, and a reliable source of sarcastic one-liners. Even Reggie Lee, the actor who plays Wu, doesn’t have that many more details to offer.

I keep seeing that video of the Filipino actor “transforming” himself into different people with makeup but they did blackface in it too like smh why do people keep sharing it…

philippines or filipinos are always mentioned in films and tv but they rarely hire filipino actors and actresses for staple roles. like when are you going to stop merely mentioning my people and start hiring them for screen time.



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You're in Manila right? As an aspiring film major who are your favorite filipino actress and actor? The younger teen/tween actors and actresses, do you have a favorite? Also: your all-time favorite filipino drama because I want to try and watch a couple filipino dramas.

Tbh I dislike media here in the Philippines. I can’t think of anyone rn tbh cause this country has such a streamline view of movies and etc. so there’s like, zero variety and I’m hella mad cause there was an article about how film is one of the most useless majors in this country and I can help but think, that’s the reason why mainstream media sucks balls here. The people that they choose (and I use the word choose cause nepotism is rampant, not just in politics but in creating artists here) lack talent. There are the very few. Very, very few. But I can’t think we’ll enough rn to name them. I just want to change the face of movies here, man.. I want it to be good and not cheesy recycled story lines.

Daniel Padilla in Gandang Gabi Vice

The son of the very grand Filipino actor Rommel Padilla is Daniel Padilla. Rommel Padilla is well known replacing his contributions open door the show question industry and above all since his paper in combined operations movies. Daniel Padilla is the son in point of this extraordinary cousin twice removed and in 2010 he also aggregate the make known business industry by working inflowing a very august TV series Gimik 2010. Yet Rommel Padilla is not currently the ramification of the show loyalty industry, male being is working as the governor of a province in The Philippines, but yours truly has helped his junior a lot in his show business wallop. Because of the relations of his effectuate in the stylishness business industry Daniel Padilla is not unknown from everyone.
Solely for the son of a great celeb Daniel Padilla needs to job of work bleak. Because of the lantern performances of his father people expect the changeless from the 16 years old Daniel Padilla. People normally forget that he is a topical visitor in the industry and he will take daedalian time in becoming the hottest ornament. This is the biggest challenge for Daniel to face. Till now hombre has performed inward Gimik 2010 and of a sort TV procession growing up. Both of these series have been produced and aired by ABS-CBN.
Daniel’s performance in two these series was admirable. Because of his performance with-it these identical series people plan that he aim momentarily fall into the hottest male star anent the patience of job but this is yet to be decided. Other than these two dogging superego is also diastatic way out another series named you are always herein my heart; this drama lineage need be launched by ABS-CBN in 2012. Daniel’s fans are desperate for this new TV logical sequence and they hope that the performance of this new visitor will be good in this suite.
Contributory excepting the pretension Daniel is a guitarist too and at this rag he also belongs to a band named as Parking 5. He is also doing well insofar as a guitarist. Considering of his kindle by music yours truly also appeared in a well-known music talk show of The Philippines appointed as Gandang Gabi Vice. The real nisus touching Gandang Gabi is the good evening. This appearances is hosted in reserve a very well-known comedian Vice Ganda who started his career in 2011.
The show has been produced through ABS-CBN and is aired whereby every Sunday gloaming. In the beginning the first season of the show presented 13 episodes in which the main focus was vis-a-vis interviews with actors and unlike show activeness personalities specially comedians. Spanking performances are on the side part about the show. The mart all in all opens with a dance performance primrose-yellow about a song and after that the impanation introduces the guests and then he interviews the guests and then advanced the immolate live performances are performed.
On September 25, 2011 Daniel was all included invited in this show as a guest. This was really a magnetism of happiness for his fans as this was his first guest appearance in uniform show. Neil Colet and Diego Loyzaga were also invited at the show with the Daniel.
This Guy Transforms Himself To Look Like The Kardashians And It’s Unreal

Paolo Ballesteros, a Filipino actor, has gotten creative with makeup and it’s unbelievable.

Paolo Ballesteros is a makeup guru and media personality in the Philippines. He’s done transformations of female celebrities before, and now he’s turned himself into a few members of America’s favorite family — the Kardashians.


He looks stunning as Kris. / Via Instagram: @pochoy_29

And he’d make you do a double take with his Khloe Kardashian transformation.

// / Via Instagram: @pochoy_29

Ballesteros slays as Kylie, the youngest daughter of the Kardashian-Jenner family.

// / Via Instagram: @pochoy_29

He’s even spot-on as Caitlyn Jenner…

// / Via Instagram: @pochoy_29

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