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When Colors Unite
Illustration by: Albert Lee Reyes


Love and joy, these I stand for;

Give them respect, not sore.

Be someone they justly adore,

Thus, they shall return the favor.


Let them live with cheer and adventure.

Grant their rights and be mature.

Burden shall quell, accept their nature;

These make them feel pure.


Light from beyond is my name—

Glowing passionately without a flame;

Bestow them bliss, and do not shame;

They are humans, not lame.


Life is my terrene representation—

Growing with sanguinity and affection,

But without acceptance, I shall fade,

That is why you must stop to evade.


Listen to the serenity of the sky;

Genuinely recognize their cry,

Believe when they say how and why,

Trust them and they shall fly.


Learn and value, these are my reminders;

Gaze their inner beauty and do not wonder.

Behold their integrity and success—

Things that will not make them feel less.


Lead yourself to an equal path,

Going against harsh aftermath;

Be just, be an advocate of change

That defines true courage.


I have been silent all along, from they day people who pick on others came in this website, I have foreseen the day that something like this would happen and that I would post something as straightforward as this will be. Be prepared for some fuckin’ curses when you read this post.

Since the February of 2007, this website have produced more than  303.9 Million blogs and those blogs produced around  136.4 Billion posts, why those facts matter? Because this website is primarily created to share, collaborate and create connections with other people and the policy of this website strongly encourages people to celebrate that universal right. Furthermore, it is stated that any act of hate, violence and malice against others can be ‘punishable’ by the rule set by Tumblr. I have always been aware of these things in my five-year stay here and as I meet more and more people here I have come to a realization that the freedom given to us here – is getting out of hand.

To make the scope of this more digestible, I will only cover the Tumblr Community in the Philippines. Since 2009 or so, the popularity of this website went kaboom when some discovered this avenue, a plethora of art and food and love and everything under the sun. To make it clearer, people who discovered this are all diverse people from all walks of life whether an average person, a teenager, an adult, a middle aged person, a working person anyone you can imagine of all professions and ages. The Filipino Tumblr Community still expands up to this day, but this variety also allowed people with shallow minds, in my opinion to enter this ‘haven’.

You all maybe know all about ‘rants’ and the controversial tth’s every Thursday (you know what I mean) and the hashtag will delete and also, the undeniably hardest decision to make here, deactivate. It has been long since people discovered that deactivating here is a one way entrance, or exit because there is no turning back, you cannot fucking retrieve any of the information you have on your blog once you deactivate your blog, delete is a more acceptable turn because there is no way you can re-activate your blog in any form and you cannot do anything about it.

The thing about the current ‘users’ of this website, is they become greater in the field or the category they fit in (e.g. Personal, Reblogger, Photo Blogger, Literary Blogger and many more…) in which we people, create the variety or kind of blog we want to express ourselves in. In any case, we want to try something new and fresh and of course, criticism is always there no matter where you look. I forgot to mention of the infamous anonymous, bald people will shades with their motives unknown. It scales from utmost love to an overwhelming hate and wrath, of course by the messages sent by them. Wither they’re your friend or foe, we can never be certain what they want, but it is fucking cowardice alright to say things anonymously, and sometimes it can be so sweet, but still downright cowardice. I know this is all of a sudden, but the numbers of people who do hate directly and indirectly are exponentially increasing, and alarming I might add regardless if any people in my close circle are ‘victimized’ by their loathsome scheme.

Yes, I haven’t discussed this matter thoroughly but I want to make this point clear: that hating is irrelevant, criticism isn’t criticism if it’s personal, yeah freedom of speech but fuck it, fuck people who misuse this universal right, fuck everyone who have caused emotional pain towards others just so they can feel good about themselves.

I hope you all learned something.

Forever HATERS

“You cannot please everybody but at least you have pleased somebody”

Mawawalan siguro ng las o makukulangan ang timpla ng isang blogger kung hindi sya makakaranas ng Hater. Why? because they are everywhere. Nagkalat ng parang basura sa kalye ang mga taong hindi mo alamg ang trip o dahilan at nagagalit sila o naiinis ila sayo. 

Isa ito sa mga bagay na hindi ma basta basta maiiwasan sa anu mang larangan ng mundo. Laging may taong magugustuhan at kakainisan ka. Laging may taong kokontra at susuportahan ka. Laging may taong nadyan lagi sa likod mo na handa ka akbayan o saksakin. LAGI YAN.

Isa yang sa tinatawag kong World of Balance, o ang mundo ng balanse. Napansin ko na ito nung bata pa ako, laging may bad at good, laging may sweet and spicy o hot and cold. Laging silang nag kokontrahan na parang magnet. 

Lalo na sa tumblr, madaming haters at take note followers mo ang ilan sa kanila. Nagpapadala ng hate messages or nagpaparinig sa Tumblr. Lagi sila naka ANON at mag TA ng kung anu anong mensahe na halos saksakin ka nalang sa noo. Hindi mo sila masisi kasi yung ang opinyon nila.

Ang di ko lang talaga matanggap eh bakit pa nila fina-follow yung isang tao kung naiinis sila dito, bakit kailangan pa nila i-TA ng mga salitang di kanais nais. Pwede naman i-unfollow na lang at least pang matagal na mawawala inis mo or wag na lang pansinin yung post nya sa dash mo abalahin ang sarili sa iba nya fina-follow. Napaka childish kasi kung magsasalita ka ng masasakit bagay tapos ang dull pa kasi naka Anon naman sya kaya malakas ang loob nya.

Naiisip ko lang naman. Masarap pa ang maging HATER?

Special Describe Blog (May 16, 2012) "snazzyger"

snazzyger also known as Gerald Domingo

“He can cheer your life with his love”

Gerald is a very nice person. He not the kind of blogger that snobs other people who approach him. I remember the first time i did TA him and make a friendly flirt move and the result he response nicely. I also miss the bonding we have in our phone conversation. We share some personal views about love. The first thing i really like about him is his smile. I mean i love his smile.

He is an upcoming 4th year high school from Taguig Science High School. Well, the odds of his picture tells a reality that Ger is a very active cheer leader. I mean his school, the cheermates and himself is really a good team because of their achievements.

His blog is very cool in the eye. The white background and the green bushiness make it glows and help his readers backread without getting irritated. His post is more personal views and thoughts which is cool to read. He also post some of his gpoy which is hot. If only I am desperate, I will save them. This guys is a worth following kid. 

“I want to hug me him tight”


Top 10 Tumblr Pinoy Photos of 2013 by boypimple

As a blogger, I’m claiming it, I think this is to pay tribute to the wide-ranging Filipino photography community in Tumblr. And for me, these stunning photos stood out for the entire year. I do not own any of the photos. Kudos Pinoy photographer-bloggers! Long live!