filipino tribe

Lakapati by @laurenbaldoart

Color: Burnt Sienna / #E97451

The Philippines has over one hundred eighty indigenous ethnic groups, most (if not all) of which uses handwoven fabrics and textiles in various forms and earth tones. This use of warm colors is also evident in Philippine art, both historical and contemporary, and I think the mixture of reds and browns in Burnt Sienna is a perfect middle ground and captures that essence well.
This illustration explores the relationship between the life and culture of Filipino tribes and its impact on Philippine art.

A Message To Perlen297

Hey, @perlen297, my fellow Connverse trash friend. Recently, I’ve been thinking about you and your country, and, as an American, I need to get this off my chest.

I’d just like to speak for all of America here saying we are deeply sorry how our ancestors treated you. In 1898, we took over the Philippines from Spain after we kicked their asses in the Spanish-American War. Understandably, your ancestors were not happy being liberated from one colonial power only to be controlled by another. A year later, your ancestors fought with my ancestors for three years.

It also didn’t fucking help that American media at the turn of the century depicted Filipinos as primitive tribes-people wearing cloths on their crotches and living in straw huts

Yeah, that literally happened.

Only after World War Two did we even recognize Filipino independence and gave the Filipinos what they wanted.

So… Um… You might be angry now at America (It’s totally understandable. Even I cringe at learning what my ancestors have done).

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But I’m here to tell you that I respect you as a Filipino, and can say that you and me have a lot in common (Especially our obsessive undying love for Connverse). What’s a little ancestral hatred between good friends?

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We cool? Oh, and by the way, fuck America. Honestly, fuck it.