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Still practicing color and light! I’ve always been a sucker for Modern AUs so have some Fashion!Bellarke or whatever you’d call this.

(After the white washing controversy around Bellamy, I felt it was only fitting to give him a filipino tribal tattoo)

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quick question for you - you don't to answer it if you're uncomfortable, but: how do you personally deal with abrasive "criticism" of your creative work from others, ESPECIALLY when, 1. you yourself are a poc and regularly consult w/ other poc on your work, 2. the "critics" assume things about you and/or sound like they're trying to stir shit (i.e. you supposedly "whitewashing"/being "anti-black")? asking since i (a poc) am working on something myself & i don't want to deal w/ that same bullshit

Well. I like to think when someone is being aggressive when they’re correcting someone,, they’ve probably been hurt?? Even with other POC, intersectional bigotry is still A Thing That Needs To Be Dealt With. With me sometimes, when I see a white person/ non-Filipino person sporting Filipino tribal tattoos, I get kind of upset, my brain immediately going “do they know what those tattoos mean??” And I remember so many caricatures depicting us as”savages” or “animals”, making fun of my culture, yet at the same time  taking parts of it and using it as accessories without knowing it’s meaning. 

while, yes, it’s wrong to assume things about the creator or their intentions, 
@gettzi mentioned that half the meaning of the content one produces is what the viewer makes of it, and as a creator, it’s our job to portray other cultures correctly with respect, and, of course, when someone criticizes, it’s good to keep a mindset that they’re out to educate you, and not attack you. Also. Do no harm but take no bullshit is a simple philosophy to live by. If someone speaks over you over a culture you grew up with, you make sure to educate them. It’s important for us POC to listen to each other. Good luck with your personal project though!!

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every slang word, the 70's culture, 80's culture, 90's culture, all started by black woman. door knocker earrings, dreadlocks, box braids, cornrows, all black woman. gelled down baby hairs and overlining lips? black and latinx woman. white girls didnt start shit ever. body modification? african and indian woman. tattooing? polynesian woman. white girls aint shit. all you do is steal WOC culture and slap your names on it.

You dumbshit. I’m Filipino/Chinese. Tribal tattoos aren’t limited to African culture; although I doubt you give a fuck or know jackshit about that kind of thing since dumbfucks like you just LOVE to slap the “this is black only” label on damn near everything.

You want to play the racist game? Who’s the fuckhead that just erased my ethnicity by implying I’m white? Oh it’s you.
The rebirth of a 1,000-year tradition
A dying Filipino tattoo tradition is being revived – and forever changed – by the international travellers seeking to get inked by its last tribal artist, 97-year old Apo Whang-Od.
By Anne Collins Howard

*jaw drops* ….Apo Whang-Od was nominated for the Philippines National Living Treasures Award !?



San Francisco 49ers superstar Colin Kaepernick’s tattoo artist is a Filipino. Kaepernick’s latest addition to his ink collection is a tribal design tattooed by Orly Locquiao of the Humble Beginnings tattoo parlor in San Jose, California. Bev Llorente of Balitang America reports.