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9 foreign words we should have in English
  • mozziafiato: (adj) - breathtaking, riveting or compelling.
  • Ahnungslosigkeit: (n) - the state of being completely uninformed about what is going on. Having no knowledge or understanding.
  • cafune: (v) - to tenderly run your fingers through your lover's hair.
  • desvelado: (adj) - unable to sleep because of something/someone keeping you awake.
  • koi no yokan: (adj) - the notion of meeting someone and sensing you are going to fall in love.
  • pana po'o: (v) - to scratch your head in order to help remember something you have forgotten.
  • dépayser: (v) - to leave your comfort zone.
  • greng-jai: (adj) - the feeling you get when you don't want. somebody to do something for you because it would be a pain for them.
  • gigil: (v) - to pinch or squeeze something irresistibly cute.
"people" that I hate

- blacks
- arabs
- mexicans
- south americans
- chinese
- koreans
- thai
- filipinos
- malaysians
- australians
- germans
- french
- british
- people from new jersey
- canadians
- dutch
- danish
- nordic
- russians
- slavs
- croats
- czech
- polish
- hatian
- africans
- jews
- mega jews
- nazis
- communists
- anarchists
- socialists
- captialists
- montenegrians
- slavs
- serbs
- muslims
- persians
- indians
- austrians
- swiss
- swedish
- norwegians
- icelandic
- english
- welish
- scottish
- irish
- bosnians
- turks
- kebabs
- cockroaches (not real ones)
- mongolians
- anyone from any of the “stans”
- literally anything ending in “stan” or “y” or “a”
- antarticans
- moon people
- people from alabama
- islanders
- fucking islanders (new zealanders)
- spics
- rednecks
- white trash
- faggots
- gays
- lesbians
- italians
- japanese
- tawainese
- vietnamese
- laosian
- anyone from tumblr
- anyone with a tumblr gender
- faggots
- mega faggots
- mega faggots deluxe with a side of cheese
- niggas who ain’t willin
- people from jupiter
- people from the epsilon eridani system
- people from the eastern “hemisphere” of the andromeda galaxy
- faggots from the sombero galaxy

This study seeks to understand the impact of Asian cultural values on issues related to mental health. With this study as a foundation, I hope to provide the tools necessary for researchers and clinicians to design interventions that speak directly to Asian cultural values. I am hoping to recruit Asian Americans over the age of 18 who reside in the U.S. The study may take up to 30-45 minutes to complete. Participants will be entered into a drawing for multiple $100 gift certificates or have the researchers donate to a legal aid organization such as the ACLU.

Vietnamese people form Germany’s largest group of resident foreigners from Asia. Federal Statistical Office figures showed 83,446 Vietnamese nationals residing in Germany in 2005 (not included are individuals of Viet origin or descent who have been naturalized as German citizens - between 1981-2007, 41,500 people renounced Vietnamese citizenship to take up German nationality). A further 40,000 irregular migrants of Vietnamese origin were estimated to live in Germany, largely concentrated in the Eastern states.

The Vietnamese community in Western Germany consists of refugees from the Vietnam War. The first boat people who fled the country after the fall of Saigon, consisting of 208 families (640 individuals), who arrived in Hanover in 1978. None spoke German. They received official aid such as social benefits and job placement assistance, as well as societal support for their successful adaptation to German life. By the eve of German reunification, West Germany had roughly 33,000 Vietnamese people, largely consisting of boat people and their relatives who were admitted under family reunification schemes.[

East Germany began to invite North Vietnamese to attend study and training programs in the 1950s; cooperation expanded in 1973, when they pledged to train a further 10,000 Vietnamese citizens in the following 10 years. In 1980, they signed an agreement with reunified Vietnam to provide training. The East German government viewed industrial trainee programs not just as a means to increase the labor supply to local industry, but also as development aid to the poorer members of the Socialist Bloc. By 1985, Vietnamese, along with Africans from Mozambique, comprised the main groups of foreign laborers in the DDR. From just 2,482 in 1980, the number of Vietnamese residents grew to 59,053 by 1989. Communities were concentrated mainly in Karl-Marx-Stadt, Dresden, East Berlin, Erfurt, and Leipzig. Their contracts were supposed to last for 5 years, after which they would return home. 

After Reunification, the government sought to reduce populations of former guest workers in the east by offering each DM 3,000 to return home. Tens of thousands took the offer, but they were soon replaced by a further influx of Viet asylum-seekers who had been contract workers in other Eastern European nations. Throughout the 1990s, German attempts to repatriate the new immigrants back to their country were not very successful, due to both Berlin’s reluctance to forcibly deport, and Hanoi’s refusal to re-admit; however, nearly 4/10 were barred from permanent residency. 

Today, about 10,000 Vietnamese people live in Berlin, of whom roughly 25% consist of Hoa (descendants of Chinese immigrants to Vietnam). Vietnamese, along with Koreans, form one of the only Asian groups in which men and women migrated to Germany in roughly equal numbers, at least among legal residents - in contrast, there are far more Thai and Filipino women than men in Germany, while the reverse holds true for Chinese and Indians.

Studies by German education experts show that Vietnamese children are among the highest performing pupils in Germany (50% gaining entry into Gymnasiums). Vietnamese students in Eastern Germany who grow up in poverty typically outperform their peers, such as Turks and Italians. Notable people from the Viet community include Philipp Rösler (Vice-Chancellor of Germany, Federal Minister of Economics & Tech & chairman of the FDP), Dang Ngoc Long (composer), Marcel Nguyen (Olympic gymnast & silver medalist), Minh-Khai Phan-Thi (actress & former presenter for German music channel “VIVA”), and Phạm Nguyễn Lan Phiên (piano prodigy, youngest piano student accepted at the Frankfurt College of Music).

Asians in Germany. Deutsch-Asiaten (German Asians) are German citizens of full or partial Asian descent. Asians have been present in Germany in small numbers since the 19th century and originate primarily from Vietnam, China, Thailand, India, Afghanistan, Kazakhstan, Sri Lanka, South Korea, Japan, and the Philippines. Although Germany’s official census data does not collect specific data on ethnicity or “race”, the number of people with an Asian “migrant background” is listed in the statistics. As of 2011, there were about 1,890,000 people in Germany who descended from Southeast Asians, East Asians, Central Asians or South Asians. These numbers do NOT include Western Asians such as Turks, Jews, Arabs or Iranians, but do contain groups like Afghans or ethnic Russians from Central Asian countries.  

The first mentioned Asians in Germany were Chinese. In 1822 two Cantonese-speaking seafarers came to Berlin. They were employed as stoker on the ships in Hamburg and Bremen. During the 19th and 20th century, plenty of seamen and students resided in Hamburg-St. Pauli, forming a Chinatown. In Western Germany, a lot of Vietnamese people arrived in the 1960s or 1970s as refugees from the Vietnam War with the USA. The comparatively larger Vietnamese community in former East Germany traces its origins to assistance agreements between the DDR and the North Vietnamese government, under which guest workers were brought to East Germany, where they soon made up the largest immigrant group and were provided with technical training. Following the fall of the Berlin Wall, many stayed in Germany. Since the early ‘90s there has been an influx of Thai people, South Koreans, Indonesians, and Filipinos coming to Germany as nurses, au pairs (babysitters), and other employees. In addition, illegal “immigration” from Vietnam via Eastern Europe is increasing significantly in the Eastern states. There are far more Thai and Filipino women than men in Germany, while the reverse holds true for Chinese and Indians. The Vietnamese community which now forms the largest group of Asians in Germany has a more equal male-female ratio. According to the “Mikrozensus 2011” there were about 1.8 million people with an Asian migrant background living in Germany. Of those, about 600,000 were of Southeast Asian descent, primarily from Vietnam and Thailand. People of full or part-Asian origin as defined above now make up about 2% of the population. Xavier Naidoo and Sabrina Setlur are 2 famous Asians in the music business.


I really can’t help but think that Phichit is an expy for the Philippines’ Michael Christian Martinez.

Martinez is the first skater from Southeast Asia and from a tropical country to qualify for the Olympics…

Also, he has the same super strong eyebrow game, yaaaas.

But why Thai? If he’s an expy for MCM, why go Thai? I’ve got a few ideas about that. First of all, Thai restaurants and Thai culture– I believe– are more popular and better known in Japan than Filipino culture. I always have to go out of the way to find a Filipino restaurant. But Thai restaurants are everywhere. Also, since it seems like YOI is trying to go with a very international feel, it seems more fitting to have a skater from a very different culture with a very different name. Not to hate on Filipino names, but common Filipino names sound like Spanish names. So Phichit really stands out from his character design alone.

But think about it, Filipino readers! Wouldn’t it be fun if Phichit was Filipino? :)) His home rink would probably be one of the SM ice rinks in Manila. And then we’d hear Yuuri say “kamusta” and “salamat”. It would be cute. But I love Phichit the way he is. And I’m really looking forward to seeing more of him on the show.

I hope those directioners who are making racist comments about kpop realise that they are also shitting on actual asian directioners. Like imagine being a filipino/Thai/Chinese/Japanese/korean/etc fan and reading that you ‘all look the same’ and bunch of other racial slurs. Seriously it doesn’t matter if you don’t like kpop, there is no need to be a horrible person because your favs aren’t winning a stupid fan poll.

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prompt Neil has a British accent :)

I’M GONNA DO YOU ONE EVEN BETTER!!!! how about neil being a goddamn annoying linguistic freak and everybody loves/hates him for it aw

  • so we all know that neil is a languages addict, ever since he started deciding on what to major in at PSU 
  • (tfc chap. 5: “Foreign languages were the keys to freedom he couldn’t live without. […] The smart choice was to go with Spanish. […] If he could pick it up again, it opened up a world of opportunities in the southern hemisphere.”
  • (neil u can make it seem like it’s for survival purposes all u want, but we all know you’re a Secretly A Nerd)
  • he picked spanish for the sole purpose of being able to open up southern hemisphere escape routes for when he needed to bounce BUT once all the drama with his father and lola and riko was over, and he was finally a free boy, he realized: “shit, i can learn all the languages i want now. FOR FUN
  • he knows he loves exy more than almost anything (read: andrew) but these languages fulfill him in some way
  • as a runaway he’s experienced several other cultures and those cultures shaped him to be who he is and learning their languages gives him an eye into worlds other than his own!!!!!
  • (secretly, he wants to travel and have his passport stamped like CRAZY but andrew prefers driving to flying, and neil won’t have him drive for 30 hours so. that has to wait)
  • because he’s been running all his life, he’s had to become boys other than Nathaniel Wesninski BUT NOW THAT THE WHOLE MESS IS OVER these languages can start becoming a part of Neil Josten aka who the foxes all know and love
  • (also, because he thinks he’s cool whenever people don’t get what he’s saying. he loves the Confused Looks from dan, matt etc. and he loves the Annoyed “Stop It, Josten” looks from andrew even more. duh)
  • (kinda elitist but what can we do. give the boy what he wants)
  • anyways
  • when he isn’t on the court he listens to downloaded audio files. he brings his earphones and newly-acquired ipod (just for his linguistic dreams!) everywhere
  • while he’s running he listens to dutch, and he repeats the words to himself
  • on road trips with andrew he puts on portuguese and repeats the words to andrew, who tries his best to not punch neil in the face
  • his only library agenda is going through foreign language usage books and learning the technicalities of a certain language (maybe sometimes borrowing learning tapes if he could)
  • he watches foreign television shows to pick up on those languages that need context to understand
  • it annoys literally everyone when they say something, and neil pipes up “i can say that in [insert language here]” except for kevin, who’s learned to tune Non-Exy Related Things out when they shouldn’t be heard lmao
  • at some point he can speak: english, german, french, spanish, russian, portuguese, dutch, mandarin, nihonggo, filipino, thai
  • he is fluent in them but not so much as to understand the context behind some terms, he feels like he has to actually speak the languages to those who have it for their native language
  • renee claps whenever he successfully becomes fluent in a new language, and everybody else just places bets on the next one he’s gonna learn (andrew wins every bet, because he’s so not gonna pass up the opportunity to win with his insider info as Neil’s Boyfriend™)
  • (sorta irrelevant but whenever neil and andrew have sex they sometimes speak to each other in russian because it’s Their Thing but sometimes he’d exclaim in some other language and even in the heat of the moment andrew gets a little bit mad that he doesn’t get it. later when andrew asks, neil just say in an out-of-breath way, “don’t worry, it was a good thing”)
  • just when everybody thought he couldn’t get more annoying, neil discovers accents
  • (really, he only came across the notion when he blurted out, “english is such a boring language. why is it the universal language?” and matt replied, “it’s the language literally almost everyone knows.” then proceeded to show neil vids of foreigners learning english)
  • matt realizes his mistake a day later when all neil could do was talk to him with an indian accent
  • everybody thinks it’s funny at first and then nicky points out how it’s offensive but neil keeps doing it anyway (he explains he’s doing it out of appreciation, not mockery)
  • he chose to make the british accent exclusive to andrew, because it would Annoy him the most
  • (even went as far as watching bbc sherlock and pointing out that yes that realky was how the british pronounced their words)
  • at the end of the day, nobody still knows the real reason behind why neil is a sucker for linguistics
  • it’s because his greatest fear is not being understood by those around him
  • he’s still working towards understanding himself so he doesn’t wanna make it hard for others to understand him so he tries his best to be good with words and his languages help him do that
  • neil takes comfort in the fact that andrew is the closest one to understanding him with or without his languages, because at least there’s someone who almost does
  • languages are a part of who he is, and as the days go by, the foxes learn how to appreciate this fact and even think it’s cute
  • bonus: neil telling andrew “i love you” in languages he doesn’t understand!!!!!!!! because neil can’t tell andrew For Real yet, but he feels like he should say it anyway. whenever this happens, andrew frowns, but he doesn’t get whatever neil just said, so he lets it go
I used to be a Kpop Fan ( sorry if it's too long )

I don’t remember exactly how old I was when I first discovered Kpop. It was between 5-6 years ago. At that time I was a high school student. 

I was at my best friend’s house stalking a cute tumblr famous Vietnamese hottie from New Jersey. He posted a link of Taeyang’s Wedding Dress.

I clicked the link and me and my friend instantly fell in love with Taeyang. His voice, his body, his face and cute Asian eyes. At that time my spark for yellow fever was just beginning.

After that day, my friend and I became Asian boy obsessed specifically Korean. We got into Kpop and Kdramas and everything else in between. 

I dreamed of the day that I would visit Korea and bump into G Dragon and experienced a love at first sight moment. 

But, I came to realize that would never happen. I lived in a very predominately Hispanic and African-American area. No Koreans here but, that all changed in college.

I attended a community college in my city. About a 45 minute drive from where I lived. There I shared my classes with cute Asians guys. Sadly none where Korean. They were Filipino,Vietnamese, Chinese,Thai, Malaysian and Indonesian. I at that moment decided that I would have to settle for any Asian guy but I so longed to be married to a Korean.

I joined Kakaotalk during my first year in community college in hopes to meet a Korean guy. Sadly, I did not . I did however met a whole bunch of unnies and dongsaengs who loved Kpop.

After that I deleted Kakaotalk a couple of times. In the summer of 2012 I downloaded Kakaotalk once again and Kakaostory as well. I could not believe how many Koreans used Kakaostory! I instantly became Kakao famous. All the Koreans pointed out my big eyes, small face and white skin. I was for once in my life famous. I felt beautiful.

Reality is that I am not. I am short, with big thighs and butt. I have dry hair, huge dark circles, acne prone skin and overweight.

I stared at my computer skin crying that even if I did ever visit Korea I will never be tall,thin and pretty like any of those Kpop girl groups.

In the winter of 2013 I met a guy through Kakaostory. He is not handsome. He looks far from a Korean boy group member but, overtime I fell in love. He asked me to be his gf and so I said yes.

At that time I was in a very confusing part of my life. Online relationships are hard. Not to mention he lived in the other side of the world! I am Latina and he is Korean. Nothing made sense at that time but for once I was happy. It felt like a dream. I don’t think a Korean guy will ever fall in love if he say me in real life. I am far from looking like a cute,innocent, long legged and straight eyebrows Korean girl. If anything, I am quite the opposite!


I am now married to that same Korean guy whom I met in Kakaostory.  I will soon turn 22 and I put my studies to a halt. I no longer listen to Kpop or fantasize about any Korean idols well because I am married now. I enjoy listening to EDM and Indie Rock now. Truth is that I have never been happier in my life! Kpop was making me feel worthless and depressed when I should never have! I don’t need to adhere to Korea’s ideals for a Korean guy to find me interesting. I just need to be me and so do you!

Anyways, Korea is nice country and the food is amazing! I had a huge culture shock during my stay! One thing I can’t get over is how nice people are ALWAYS dressed. How all girls are in full makeup and heels all the time. I know I can’t ever be like that but, that’s ok! Oh and not everyone looks like a Kpop idol. Not everyone is stick thin either! While most people are thin they are a few that are not. Koreans come in all shapes and sizes! 

I hope my post will make you realize that you don’t have to starve yourself or bleach your skin just to adhere to your idol’s ideals. I hope you realize that more than likely you will not marry him or her either. You will fall in love with someone completely different. Trust me! 

By the way , Korean music and dramas are not all there is to enjoy in the world!!! Don’t listen to Kpop for day and give something else a try! It’s okay to not like all the songs from your favorite bands and it’s okay if you don’t like all the members. What idols portray on TV is not 100% them. They are not innocent angels! Chances are they are no longer virgins, like to enjoy nights at the clubs and are dating a non celeb. 

I hope I made you appreciate yourself more and lighted up a spark in you to take Kpop a bit less seriously. Kpop is meant to enjoy not to add stress tp your life.

Interesting facts about the Vietnam War.

During World War II, Allied forces dropped around 3.4 million tons of bombs on Europe and Asia.

During the Vietnam War, 7 million tons of bombs were dropped on Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia.

Around 2 in 3 American servicemen who participated in World War II were drafted.

4 out of 5 American servicemen who participated in the Vietnam War were volunteers.

33,396 World War II veterans later served in Vietnam.

From 1966 to 1967, US Army historian and retired brigadier general S.L.A Marshall served in Vietnam as a civilian consultant and later wrote the book, “Porkchop Hill”. He was a veteran of World War I, World War II, and Korea.

300,000 South Koreans, 60,000 Australians, 11,000 Thais, 10,450 Filipinos, 3,500 New Zealanders, and 30 Spanish would serve as allies of the US and South Vietnam during the Vietnam War. 5,099 South Koreans, 500 Australians, 351 Thais, 37 New Zealanders, and 9 Filipinos would be killed in the war.

170,000 Chinese soldiers and 300-500 North Korean soldiers would fight in Vietnam as allies of the North Vietnamese. 1,100 Chinese and 14 North Koreans would be killed in the war.

In the 13th century the Mongols conducted three invasions of Vietnam. The first was successful, the other two were horrific failures.

about all of this 1d vs kpop drama i think we should stop fight the 1d fandom because tbh there’s no point in doing it. most of them are loudmouth 12/13 year old closeminded individuals who speak without knowing what they’re actually talking about, so trying to shove some common sense and tolerance into their lil brains is counter-productive (also because they take kpop and everyone who likes it as a total joke)

example to be given, someone who says things like “whatever social justice high you think you’re on, Filipino Thai Chinese Koreans Japanese all look the fucking same, it doesn’t matter” and that kpop is “a bunch of little girls listening to a genre made by tone dear autotuned robots that can’t dance, dont work as hard as 1d and 5sos, and sing in another language […] so it’s an INSULT to your own country” honestly doesn’t even deserve my time. this is just a racist and immature behavior that can lead nowhere but to pointless discussions that will never come to end because people like this really think that they’re right when they’re actually just really disgusting. this ain’t even about fanwar or idols anymore. note that this is just the tip of the iceberg, be prepared if you’re gonna try and take a look at this person’s blog.

i’m not blaming anyone that wants to try and teach them the basics of respect and education, people like that really need ‘em so i’m here for everyone who wants to protect not only idols and kpop but their own ethnicity too - just keep in mind that it might be a waste of time and also i feel really sorry knowing that after all the goals that humanity has achieved until now and is still fighting to achieve there still are ignorant people who embarass themselves, the rest of their fandom and honestly everyone that fighted and is fighting for equality and tolerance with their single behavior. all because of a damn fandom poll.

Actually Logan can speak English, Japanese, Russian, Chinese, Cheyenne, Spanish, Arabic, and Lakota fluently. He also knows a bit of French, Filipino, Thai, Vietnamese, German, Italian, Portuguese, Korean, Hindi, and Persian. He’s 130 years old and can passably make himself understood almost anywhere on earth, it’s also shown he learned American sign language for the sake of a couple deaf mutant students later on in his time running the school

Dear 1onedirection-affection,

I understand that you may not be very fond of kpop, especially with recent developments in the kpop and One Direction/5SOS community. I respect your decisions to favor these incredibly talented bands, however I would like to point out a few misunderstandings.

  •  being a minor does not give you an excuse to be racist. Being a minor does however, give you room to realize and correct your wrong doings. 
  • Zayn is British-Pakistani. Which means, he is in fact, a part of the Asian community. Do not erase his identity as an Asian. By doing so, you are refusing to acknowledge the widely diverse ethnicities that reside within Asia. As well, by using racial slurs such as “all Asians have chink-eyes”, you are being incredibly racist by enforcing harmful stereotypes. Your statements regarding how “Filipino, Thai, Chinese, Korean, Japanese all look the [fucking] same” perpetuates the homogenization of Asian peoples. 
  • by using racial slurs such as “chink-eyes” you are reminding the East-Asian community of the discrimination we face by not being able to fit the Western standards of beauty. Being Asian is not an insult. Using anti-Asian slurs, especially regarding appearances, highlights your Eurocentric ideals of beauty and your inability to embrace diversity.
  • your anti-Asian slurs do not only affect those within the kpop community, but Asian members of the 1D/5SOS community, and ultimately the Asian community as a whole.

Please retract your anti-Asian statements and apologize for the usage of such vulgar, uncultured racial slurs.

talking about kamigawa and tarkir

There have been conversations going round surrounding the concept of a Return to Kamigawa, and inevitably the concept of Wizards depicting an Asian plane comes up. I’m going to talk as a South East Asian person about how Tarkir has meant a lot to me.

First and foremost it seems that Central and South East Asian cultures are chronically underrepresented in Western Media. In England, South Asian culture is the dominant point that Chinese/Thai/Vietnamese/Filipino/Korean people aren’t considered “Asian” and my impression of America is that Asian culture is mostly East Asian - so Chinese and Japanese and Korean. 

The way that Magic plays into this is that Kamigawa seems to be symptomatic of a single country representing an entire continent - a whole plane was entirely based on the dominant Yamato/Shinto culture of Japan with its numerous references to kami, samurai, ninjutsu etc etc. Which is fine, in theory. Magic the Gathering is a product from an American company, predominantly in English and Japanese culture is arguably the most well known in nerd circles due to the proliferation of anime and manga. 

However, I treated Kamigawa with the same kind of wariness I treated the general high fantasy theme of the earlier sets. To me, it seemed like oh, here’s another Western company doing its take on Japanese culture cause that’s the most popular Asian culture in the West. It was well received in Asia, at least as far as I can tell because it seemed familiar. It was a respectful interpretation and I like the flavour of it but it fed in to the feelings of resignment regarding representation in general. I feel a kind of resignment that my chances of my culture being represented in some form in the things I like, is very slim. 

But Tarkir, whooo boy. Tarkir was great because not only did it get the scope of Asia as a continent nailed, but was also very respectful to the kinds of cultures you would see in those countries. Abzan and Mardu are representative of the kind of people you would see in that Mongolian/Nepalese/Central Asian area with the harsh climate, arid landscape and generally crazyass weaponry (look up all the varying designs for the kukri and nepalese armor, it’s kind of amazing). Temur seems to be a nod to Russian/Siberian/North Asian peoples with the general focus on the shamanic and the almost arctic climes of the Temur. The monastic and mindfulness culture of the Jeskai is reminiscent of the Buddhist orders found in China, Vietnam and Thailand. The Sultai with their opulent palaces, snakes, blood magic and general sneakiness in the jungle is very much like the Cambodian, Malaysian, Filipino way of doing things. (If you don’t believe me, read up on the thalassocracy of the Sultan of Sulu and the current dispute surrounding that and it is the most Sultai thing in the world.) 

The thing I’ve heard not just on tumblr but amongst people I play with is that Tarkir felt generically Asian. Yet to me, the most generically Asian plane was Kamigawa. I’m really proud of Wizards for going on a limb and making Tarkir as they did, because not only was it well researched and respectful but it also was creatively depicted. What was even better was the fact that dragons is actually something that is common to a lot of these cultures, so the fact that it was the dragon plane rather than some St George and the Dragon deal is something that makes Tarkir very close to my heart. We should have more planes like Tarkir.

(I also have specific feelings on how I relate to Narset personally, but this post is long enough as it is.)

did you want some headcanons? no? 

ok so anyway

  • sadie listens to abba and blondie and likes a lot of classic rock
  • sadie is actually rly physically active, she just doesnt do organized sport… but during the warmer months she likes to participate in competitions (literally true maybe bc bike race in comics). INCREDIBLE ENDURANCE
  • sadie doesnt know it yet but she loves horror video games 
  • lars doesnt sleep well bc of his social anxiety and self loathing which is why he always sleeps at work (like in addition to hating his job and being a lazy piece of shit, he’s also cranky and underslept all the time). also, lars rly needs medication
  • lars is filipino or mixed thai? yeah
  • sadie n’ lars often think about each other at some point before falling asleep, esp w/ their growing distance. the emotional results vary 
  • also less a headcanon but a hopeful prediction: STEVEN WILL BE THE ONE TO HELP LARS MATURE IN A REDEMPTION ARC

A Filipina-Japanese raised in the Philippines.

For most of my life, other Filipin@s have told me that I was lucky to have very light skin and light hair, while my grandmother’s friends would tell me I was lucky to have double eyelids and not very small eyes. It hurt me in a way to know that they think so lowly of themselves.

I don’t want Filipino women to feel like they’re not white enough, I don’t want Filipino women to feel like they’re not tall enough.

I don’t want Japanese women to feel like they’re inferior, I don’t want Japanese women to see themselves as slaves.

The white standard of beauty puts shit on us and makes us feel like shit, and I don’t want it to be like that.

Be proud of yourself, whether you’re Filipino, Korean, Thai, Iranian, Han Chinese, Indian, Indonesian, etc. because you’ve got potential.

Don’t let others tell you that you can’t be beautiful and definitely don’t let people tell you that you’re only ‘half Asian’ or shit like that.

We are looking for translators!

We need your help!

We are looking for people with knowledge of official languages on the OTRA tour who are willing to translate a text for us.

Languages needed are: Arabic, Malay, Tamil, Thai, Filipino, Indonesian, Afrikaans, Zulu, Xhosa, Swati Tsonga, Vietnamese, Norwegian and Finnish.

Languages already covered are: Danish, Dutch, Spanish, Greek, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese, French, Italian, German, Swedish, Filipino, Arabic, Indonesian, Norwegian, Afrikaans, Finnish, Vietnamese, Cantonese, Turkish and Russian.

Any other language is welcome as well, such as: Russian, Urdu, Farsi or Swahili.

If you can help us, please message us, or simply reblog this post to spread the word.

EDIT: Thanks for the help so far!!