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Growing up as a Filipino kid in America who loved reading comic books, I didn’t see original, leading Asian (especially Filipino) superheroes in the mainstream. When you don’t see yourself or your experiences reflected in heroes in pop culture, it’s damaging. Now that I’m older and see that not much has changed, I realize how important it is to create narratives for the underrepresented, especially the next generation of kids who don’t feel like they belong. In honor of Asian-American & Pacific Islander Heritage month, here is what I imagine a mainstream Filipino superhero in America might look like.

Another art challenge, this time I was tasked to make a Filipino superhero, so I slightly revamped a design I made in class last semester. It doesn’t read much but I was inspired by the Maria Clara dress :’)

I wanted to make a pinay who was reluctantly turned into a partial manananggal, and her cosplay-obsessed best friend naively convinces her to become a superheroine and use her vampiric powers to fight crime!

…That is, until she loses grip of the monster within her.


Director Patty Jenkins Talks About “Wonder Woman” - Manny The Movie Guy

Pictured here are Wonder Woman and our very own Filipino trans heroine Zsa Zsa Zaturnnah

By Carlo Vergara:

If you’re going to Komikon this Saturday and want to buy a print of this, please comment. A3 size is Php200 and A4 size is P100. I can’t make it available outside of Komikon. I will be there from 2pm to 7pm. :-)

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Zsa Zsa Zaturnnah isn’t explicitly stated as a trans woman since her alter ego Ada is seen as a gay man and Filipinos have no gendered pronouns, and the comics are in Tagalog.

However Ada is clearly happiest in the body of Zsa Zsa when transformed by the magical alien stone that fell from the sky that only Ada is able to swallow.

The one thing we can all agree on, however, is that Zsa Zsa is a Queen among Queens and a beloved Filipino superhero and that she would absolutely be ecstatic to meet Wonder Woman. They’d totally get along.

ezrisdax  asked:

Hi there, my nephew is half-filipino and has been asking about filipino superheroes but is absolutely refusing to read anything but marvel and dc right now and the only one I could find/think of for them was the triumph division and I was wondering if you could point me in the direction of more? thank you!

Hello, I’ll do more research on it once I get over my current tech problems (no computer)

For starters I would recommend the documentary  “Illustrated By”: The Filipino Invasion of U.S. Comics

“Superman, Batman, the X-Men, Spider-Man—almost everyone is at least familiar with them, but not many know that Filipinos have drawn the exploits of these and other characters going on several decades now. I think exploring this topic would be a source of great pride for all Filipinos,“

website / facebook // Philippine Comics Art Museum

Some I’m aware of are: 

Grail, Salvador Joel Alonday

“The Filipino superhero who has appeared in American comics is Salvador Joel Alonday, the erstwhile Philippine Scout Ranger with energy powers code-named Grail. Created by Filipino-American comics artist Whilce Portacio for his “WetWorks” series in Image Comics, Alonday debuted in “WildC.A.T.S” #2 in 1992. Portacio later gave a supernaturally Filipino feel to his series “Stone” for Avalon Studios.”  Grail was the team’s level head and secret weapon when they were in trouble during missions.

Captain Steel, Henry Heywood, Jr.

In“Earth 2” #13  the World Army’s Commander Khan describies Captain Steel this way: “Although an American citizen, he’s native Filipino” 

Born with a congenital bone defect, Hank Heywood Jr. was injected with a metal like substance by his father, which fused with his skeleton and organs, making him more than human.  

Whatever I find you can check here:

BATMAN RACEBENDING: requested by absentlyabbie

The Court finds frightened children like us and transforms them into monsters. But we can’t let them win. we can’t just keep succumbing to the fear. There’s another way. A way to forge your own legacy.

bob morley as calvin rose/talon 

Note: It’s pretty rare to see Filipino actors in superhero roles so I thought it would be interesting to have one play a former Court of Owls agent turned Batman ally.

glengi submitted to superheroesincolor:

“Not quite traditional superheroics, Light Earth Defenders is about a team of super robot pilots (a kind of superhero in their own right) and stars an ensemble cast including Coby Caulfield, a black Canadian, Eva Bello-Banderas, a hispanic girl, Dr. Yamamoto from Japan, Wayne Fong of Taiwanese descent, and Lilya Matapang, mixed-race Ukranian-Filipino!”