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Saturday Afternoon at Fez Moroccan Restaurant. 

I always walk around Serendra and hanging out at Sonja’s or Sentro for a wonderful dessert in the afternoon. I’ve never noticed this small restaurant sandwiched between two fine dining restos but last saturday I got to try their food. As simple as it is from the outside, the interior of Fez is extremely extravagant and exotic, with Middle Eastern lamps dangling from the ceiling and the warm and homey feel of the couches with a dimly lit bar, I fell in love with it.

As I sat down, i was served Foamy Iced tea in which I thought it was 70% foam and 30% Liquid but then as I took a sip it was foamy because of the crushed ice and you could still drink a lot from one glass. After the drinks, they served us appetizers, Crispy Papadums with Greek Yogurt. Really yummy, it has a good punch of heat in it which would get your appetite going.

Then they served us Beef and Chicken Kebabs with Basmati Rice topped with butter. Mmmmm…. butter… rice… two of the best side dishes I want together in a dish. Since I grew up in Dubai and I know legit Middle Eastern Food when I taste one and surely their Kebabs had passed my quite discriminating palette. Their beef kebabs were cooked medium rare, just the way I like them. And if youre expecting your chicken to be dry since the outside is all burnt well, fear not! Their chicken was just perfect and still juicy inside.

As we progress to the next dish which is their Merguez Pizza, I reminisce on how much I miss the Middle East. So, their pizza is a definite must try, must order, must finish and must not share! The toppings overwhelms and overflows yet their crust is still crispy and could still hold everything together despite being rolled thin. YUM!!!

And here comes the piece de resistance, The Moroccan tagine. Slow cooked in the traditional tagine clay pot and served along with it are three other small tagines containing spices wherein you should mix the spices to your liking. Fez Serendra artistically deconstructed the tagine stew by segregating the ingredients instead of a mash of ingredients. Inspired from a Filipino resto in New York which created a deconstructed Kare-Kare. 

The dish is just so good. Flavors are bursting with different spices and very soft, fall of the bone beef is simply divine.

Overall, my Fez experience is really amazing and quite nostalgic. Legit Middle Eastern Flavors right in the heart of Bonifacio Global City.

Come visit them and enjoy a Pizza or the Tagine most specially.

Fez Gastro Pub is at the

Serendra Commercial Strip

26th St.Fort Bonifacio


Tel. No. 901-1840