filipino merchandise


Here are the goods sold in the Chiral Live 2017 for rhythm carnival event. Its only sold during the day of the event (June 16 and June 23) from 11am to 7pm at Pasela Resorts AKIBA Multi Entertainment 1st Floor. You’re allowed to buy even if you don’t have a ticket for the event.

1. Yamada Uiro “Dekinu” Character Trading Badge (山田外朗 できぬキャラトレーディング缶バッジ) (300 yen)

-there are 20 designs and 1 secret design. It is sold randomly and you can buy max 20 items. 

2.  Dramatical Murder Morphine Parka (DRAMAtical Murder モルヒネパーカー 復刻版) ( 8,500yen)

-This parka was also an event good for the Nitro Chiral’s 10th year anniversary event “ Nitro+CHiRAL Fes.”

You can click the link in source below to check the event’s website.