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oh also, one thing i noticed is casting directors don’t seem to realize that asians can be cool, which is weird, because mean girls did, in like…. 2004. they’re like, alright, we need an asian guy for our nerd character, and then they cast a guy who clearly is in w the jocks, wears snapbacks, gets lit at parties, and could probably get a girl pretty easily if he tried. like have you seen the edge of seventeen? that guy was supposed to be a nerd and you could see his pecs through his shirt. why

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But isn't that kind of similar to the whole "Bellamy is white, Bellamy is a moc" discourse? We know that Bob is but Bellamy's ethnic is kinda tbd? I've seen fans consider him to be a white male because of the child version of him and some milk packages JRotty once tweeted about but the GA would consider him to be a male of color, wouldn't they?

Bellini’s ethnicity is not TBD. Look at who they cast to play him as a boy:

That is not a Filipino kid. You don’t have to look further than that. Y’all love to ignore the things that the shows put in front of you. Y’all are doing the same thing with the new comic show on the CW. The white passing main kid might be POC in real life, but when they cast his parents as Molly Ringwald and Luke Perry they’re telling you he isn’t an MOC on the show. Actors don’t have to play their race on TV/Film. These are just two examples. 


Happy Asian Invasion Day bishes. 

I’m Filipino and proud af and here’s my story: I moved to the UK from a young age, and at the time of my arrival, the Filipino community at the time, from what I can remember, was tiny compared to now (I didn’t know any Filipino kids of my age). So I felt completely alone and I did enter this phase where I guess it felt weird to be so different. I mean, at my 2nd school, all the children were white except for me and my friend who I’m still friends with now, and her family is from Sudan, and looking back from now, that really did screw up with how I saw myself. This just goes to show how important representation and diversity is in our everyday lives, given the fact that the world we live in is constantly changing and evolving in the way it is today. 

But moving on to now, and it’s so different and I did change, and I did get out of that self-loathing phase, and I love, accept, and celebrate the heritage I was born with, and along with parts of the culture I absorbed growing up here. I see myself as an amalgamation of both cultures and I don’t really care if people think otherwise because I’m happy with what I’ve achieved and with how I’ve represented the cultures that I will always be proud to be a part of. I hope I can become the person that my younger self needed to learn from and aspire to be to avoid the poisonous self hatred. 

RENEWTHE100 for all the Filipino kids who grew up never having a Filipino character to watch on TV

RENEWTHE100 for all the disabled kids who grew up never having a character with a disability to watch on TV

RENEWTHE100 for all the bisexual kids who still hardly ever see a bisexual character on TV (and never until now saw a bisexual lead)

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B Boy battle



Even the guitar player is good! Nicely done, both of you. :)

When I was really small, I remember my school having maybe two other kids of color beyond myself and my brother (we lived in rural Maine at the time) Kids used to ask me “What are you?”.
On one such occasion, I after I replied “I’m filipino,” the kid scrunched up his nose and responded “full-of-peanuts??”

It still makes me laugh.

I’m gorgeous and full of peanuts.