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12/29/16 - I got sleepy while trying to read cases so I decided to make an oreo frapuccino and I’m so proud of myself! It tastes great! I didn’t even try to measure anything and just placed everything in the blender. 😂


081917 - bujo spreads from the last week of summer and the first week of school.

p.s. i have to finish my scholarship application next week. also, it’s my best friend’s surprise bday celebration on the 26th and i’m one of the people in charge. i’m going to lose my eyebrows by the 27th

🎵: balisong (revival) - the juans

In Filipino/Tagalog we don’t say “You got what you deserved” we say “Ginisa ka sarili mong mantika” which roughly translates to “You got fried in your own oil” and that amuses me and makes me hungry at the same time.

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October 4, 2017

Unfortunately, I’m sick and I wasn’t able to go to class today (which sucked because I had a ton of notifications in my phone from google classroom). But of course, I’ll do my best to keep up. Say hello to my notes about Limits in Basic Calculus!

돈을 많이 벌고 직위가 올라가는 것이 성공이 아니다. 남들이 보는 성공이 아니라 그게 반드시 본인이 생각하는 성공이어야 한다.

Success is not about earning money and winning over others. It’s not about what the others think, but it has to be something that matches your own definition of success.

—  Strong Woman Do Bong Soon (힘쎈여자 도봉순)

September 15, 2017

Sooooo it’s term break which means that I have 1 week off and I’m using it to study for ACET (Ateneo College Entrance Test). I bought a new binder (the plastic one this time) in MUJI because my bujo and my academic notes can’t fit in one binder anymore whoops + I also got memo blocks! It’s a good alternative for flash cards because it’s small. I’m going to use it for vocabulary in English (because ACET really focuses on English) and in French (I didn’t practice French that much anymore ever since I left France).

My version of hobbits look considerably similar to the movies with certain differences.

  • Hobbits are as strong as ten strong men. They don’t know about it though and they just assume that what they’re doing in their everyday lives is normal like shoving fallen trees off of paths.
  • Even then, they’re very peace loving so fighting and killing is a no go for them.
  • During the Fell Winter, some hobbits fought against the wolves and orcs, Bilbo was one of those hobbits.
  • They don’t really have close minds, they just really aren’t fond of adventures. (A wise hobbit once said “Nasty, uncomfortable things, makes you late for dinner!”)
  • Hobbits are fine with any relationship from polyamory to hetero to same sex, anything goes. Just please no sinning on the flowerbeds pls
  • Hobbits dance the Itik-Itik and Cariñosa.
  • All hobbits whether gentlehobbits or not, are required to help farm for ten years before their majority
  • Hobbits love to toil on farms or their own gardens, their sense of pride and honour is evident whenever someone points out the muck and dirt that seems to be permanently stuck on their feet. (the ones doing the pointing out are really just concerned)
  • Hobbits wear bakya or sandals made of hard wood on occasion. But only rarely. 
  • They have rice fields, sugar cane plantations, and other such farms. 
  • All hobbits are born with male and female reproductive organs and they have until their late tweens to decide what pronouns they’d prefer.
  • Hobbits like to give courting gifts of flowers, foods or items crystallised in amber.

There are times you feel unloved. Worthless. No one tries to listen. Yung tipong bawat panliligaw, busted ka, yung naka ilang “Hi!” kana sa crush mo di parin pinapansin ni, worst eh mala seenzone pa ang sistema niya or yung galawang nalulunod kana emotionally yet no one cares just to even say “Kamusta ka?” With mala Liza Soberano’s voice.

“Hindi ba ako kamahal mahal?”

The real question is, what makes us feel worthless or feel unloved?
It is either the situation tells us so or the the way how people treat us. Nako po. Ang nega natin dito but it’s the truth. Depression eats us making us blind sighted that in reality we are loved and has a worth. We try to just focus on the problems or the treatment of other people.

Bago ka pa maluha luha kababasa nito, I need to tell you this to make things clear between us. “You have worth. You are loved.”

Siguro iniisip mo, “Kuya! Bat mo yan nasabi?”

Simpleng sagot mga kapatid, because the God who created everything, gives His life just for you to live. God died in fulfilment of the scripture just for us to recieve the gift of grace-Salvation. Minsan I have this thinking that why would a God die just for me to be save? Isn’t it dramatic. If a God can die for you in the cross, then why would you feel unloved and worthless?

Siguro, hindi pa nag sisink in sayo, una, ilagay mo muna sa sistema mo ang “Awe factor”, set aside mo muna yung sistema ng Knovela. Just for this moment. Ahahaha. Are you ready? Close your eyes after you read this whole pharagraph. Imagine the BEST place you have been that makes you appreciate the nature. Close your eyes. Imagine. Open it after 10 seconds or longer, wag ka lang antukin. Game!

Tada! Buhay ka pa. Now keep reading. Korny ko dito, last ko nayun.

There’s beauty in His creation at mapapa WOW ka nalang sa galing ng Panginoon that makes you worship Him. Minsan nga I overheard someone habang ninanamnam ang moment to appreciate the beauty of nature saying, “Ang galing ng Panginoon.” I’m just like that person too. Minsan the nature is enough to dictate the existence of God, for everything seen and unseen belong to Him. Taray! Napaka creative yata ng Diyos ko.

Kulang parin, you still feel unloved and worthless?
Let us have it this way, technologies evolve also as the time moves on, so as satellites that are sent on outer space. According to research, there are 350 billion galaxies (approximate pa lamang po.) and we still did not yet the limit. Makes me awe once agaib saying “Wow! My God is indeed BIG!”>

Sagarin na natin ang awe factor na yan bago pa bumalik ang sistema ng Knovela sa buhay mo.
Have it this way. Do you believe that God is creative?
Si Lord, kayang gumawa ng saging. That’s normal for Him. Pero to make hundreds of different kinds of it? Awesome! Actually, hindi naman niya kaylangang gawin but He did.
God didn’t have to create different kinds of laughter (as you are right now), pero pinili parin niya.
Halaman takes the Carbon dioxide we generate, (masama sa atin), and produce oxygen( which is kaylangan natin)
Lastly, a seed in its own little size can grow bigger hundred times it original length.
There are a lot of it to be awestruck actually, it’s for you to find out, start it in the obvious matters.

Why am I saying all of this?
The reason for such creativeness, and the unreachable limit of the universe, sa earth, sa kalooblooban ng katawan mo, points directly to His glory. What God did, reflect who He is that leads your real worth.

So kung di mo parin magetszxzd bosxsx, at kung iniisip mo parin na worthless ka at unlovable, nagkakamali ka. The God that created the whole universe, choose to die para masalba ka. Your life is worth a sacrifice. Nung sinambit niya ang “It is finished!”, God did not shout it as a sign that He lost but rather a shout of victory. Why? Because He redeemed you. Mahal ka niya more than anything that you can think of.

He broke the veil so that we can directly talk to Him in our prayers. He breaks bad traditions. He breaks every chain that makes us unloved and worthless because it is you whom He matters the most. Kamahal mahal ka.

If you are in the situation that makes you feel worthless - the waiting zone - the nothing is happening zone - GOD CARES FOR YOU SO MUCH. SLOW DOWN. TAKE TIME! BREATHE! Surely, He will reveal what is to come. The thoughts in His mind are always higher that it is hard for us to comprehend. Hindi ikaw ang may alam sa plano ng buhay mo, only God knows the masterplan. Keep trusting. Be courageous.

Sometimes, sa mundo, ang basehan kasi ng worth ay kung gaano kalaki ang bahay mo, ano natapos mo, lisensiya, pera, itsura mo which all of it don’t matter the way how God’s worth for you is. Mali ang focus natin. For our worth is not in this world, but in Him.

God cares for you so much. He died a death that we should have died and we live a life that He should have live.

Spread the news. Pass it on.
You have worth!
You are loved!
You are always on His mind.

Additional reading:
Jeremiah 29:11
John 2:19
John 3:16
John 19:30