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May I please have some head canons for todo, izuku, and kacchan who have S/Os that are from a different country and tend to speak their native language when they're excited or watching their favorite shows? And the boys get quite interested in the language so they learn a bit to be able to understand them?

!!! thanks for requesting! that’s indeed an interesting request you’ve got there my bro im so proud 


  • she was telling her best friend over the phone about how adorable this ball of sunshine was on their date! 
  • “omg bes hindi siya gwapo, pero ang cute-cute niya! ang cute niya mag-salita, at ang talino pa niya!” (TRANS: omg dude, he’s not handsome, but he’s very adorable! the way he speaks is cute, and prior to that, he’s smart as well!)
  • izuku was indeed puzzled, but he was fascinated that his s/o actually spoke her native language other than japanese!
  • kinda kinky tbh but oh what does izuku know he’s an innocent bub
  • the kind of guy to be determined to search up japanese-filipino dictionaries and study them the whole night, successfully learned a tad of words the next day 
  • “magandang umaga sa iyo, s/o-chan! ready ka na ba?” (TRANS: good morning to you, s/o-chan! are you ready?)
  • his s/o is shocked and offended by how cute he sounded with that poorly accented filipino, but she ends up bombarding izuku w many filipino questions that izuku swears his head is about to explode 


  • here’s how it went down: despacito. 
  • it was 10am in the morning, clearly not the time for bakugo to wake up just yet. he grumpily storms down your room and slams it open, only able to find you blasting some weird ass spanish music with you reciting it with pure strength. 
  • “what the flying fuck are you mouthing, you dumbass?” 
  • “sorry, katsuki! it’s my native language.”
  • tbh he ends up reciting amazingly good spanish as the days progress, and now, every time despacito comes on, the two basically wake the neighborhood 
  • “despacito! quiero respirar tu cuello despacito, deja que te diga cosas al oído, para que te acuerdes si no estás conmigo!” (TRANS: pls search it on google im too lazy u know the song anyway might as well sing it) 
  • “damn kids with that despacito song. when i was your age, we played the classics! the spanish classics to be exact!” 
  • “welcome to the 21st century, dad.” 


  • oh yea this is my shiteu
  • okay lets get things straight here, you can agree with me that shouto is a closet romantic or u can step out
  • and when i mean closet romantic, i mean stargazing at the stars on top of a breezy hill with idk who’s car’s parked on the tree
  • his s/o, being a native french, had seen such a view like this back at her hometown, therefore resulting her to speaking in french breathlessly. 
  • “les étoiles sont magnifiques ce soir!” (TRANS: the stars are magnificent tonight!) 
  • shouto hums, and stops to think about what he wants to say next. surely, he knew that it was french his s/o was speaking, and not japanese. 
  • he figured he’d pull some of his cards. 
  • “mon amour, ce n'est pas aussi belle que toi.” (TRANS: my love, it is not as beautiful as you.) 
  • shouto is rendered embarrassed, considering that his s/o is giggling. it’s probably from his accent
  • his s/o looks at him, the same sparkling stars that reflects both of their eyes as his s/o smiles, brushing a stray bang out of his face.
  • “ et pourtant vous êtes le plus beau dans ce domaine d'étoiles.” (TRANS: and yet you are the most beautiful in this field of stars.) 


  • god i swear kaminari is my memey son fite me
  • dont get me wrong, i can totally see kaminari watching game of thrones and learning dothraki just to speak to his s/o, who is purely japanese, and doesnt even know dothraki 
  • “the jalan ki tih atthirar, are yeri hurt?” (TRANS: the moon of my life, are you hurt?)
  • “kaminari, what?” 
  • “god you are so beautiful.”
  • “okay…” 

August Selfie Challenge — Day 11: Freebie

For today’s freebie challenge, I’ll be using it as a catch up for a day I missed when I was busy packing and getting ready to go home from vacation. AND I’ll be combining it with Microreviews Round Seven! I’m such a genius, right? Also don’t I look great? I literally woke up from my nap and went straight to take these pictures.

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