filipino carlos

Uhm… I have this really long headcanon about Carlos and radios and stuff, so… uhm… yeah. Hope you enjoy this longass headcanon and fanart I made about it.

BROADCAST (Carlos Headcanon)

As a young boy growing up in a quiet province in the Philippines, Carlos has been a big fan of the AM radio. Every day before sunset, Carlos rushes into his own little room, listening to the daily news on a small radio that he borrowed from his mother involving weather forecasts, current events, editorials, and the occasional live broadcasts.He would also occasionally listen to radio dramas ranging from superheroes to comedies to romances and to the supernatural and the weird.

On his 9th birthday, he was given a portable shortwave radio from his foreigner father who is currently researching in the southern part of the country. With it, Carlos wrote down all the broadcasts he listened to: number stations, foreign language stations from other countries, and amateur stations from far and wide.

One day, as he was tweaking the dials on his radio during a summer afternoon, Carlos picked up a man’s voice… a strangely high-pitched, gravelly voice buried within static and noise, introducing the young boy with an unusually morose greeting.

“Greetings from Night Vale….”

Carlos started to listen intently. Night Vale? Oh what an odd name for a place. He listen to the broadcasts that happened to the day and spent about 20-30 minutes delving in into this odd little town that had things like a scary government, puppy infestations, and something involving blood-stone circles. And the Weather… why is the weather just music? What is their weather there? It’s certainly not jazz music. 

At the end of the broadcast, the broadcast returned to plain static. Carlos grabbed his paper and pencil from his desk and started copying down the coordinates of this new show, hoping to listen to it again when the time comes.

He didn’t find the broadcast again until his return to his hometown after 25 or so years in America.

Things have changed. Carlos became a scientist. He has an upcoming research opportunity somewhere for a year or so, and he hadn’t seen his home town for so long. 

As he was looking around in his room, Carlos once again picked up an old radio. After a few tweaks and some new batteries and maybe a little cleaning, the radio once again worked. He also found a notebook full of frequencies and stations that he used to listen to and followed its coordinates. Some were gone and some were still there. Some were replaced, and some where not.

He then saw the notes about a town he will visit and turned on the dials. 

“– Welcome… to Night Vale.”

The voice on the radio sounded different now.  The broadcaster was now deeper, more melodious, more…calming.

Carlos looked at the radio and smiled after so long of finding this unusual broadcast that he would one day be entwined to.

“I’ll be there soon.”