filipino cakes

Yooo since Filipino rep is as rare as a blue fucking moon, I’d like to introduce y'all to the real ube cake. It’s actually really good, and the cream isn’t too sweet. Go find some. Eat some. Tell your friends. Tell people about Filipinos for the love of god, we literally get zero rep on tv 😂😭

And shout out to SU for continuing to be a bomb ass show.

Hierarchy of Ube

Look at the moment Steven sees Lars’ scar(on his eye) Steven’s a smart boy, he know what happened. Unlike us, he saw it all. He knows that the robot exploded, he knows what happens when robots explode. He sees Lars’ scar, he knows that the shrapnel went through his eye, past his brain. He knows his friend who about a week ago was baking some Filipino cake thing for a potluck, died. Hes a child, who knows that it’s his fault. Steven didn’t mean to but it’s true that he gave a list to peridot, it’s true that he didn’t force Lars to go home when he had the chance. Steven just brought that kid back to life. This is fucked up.

AHH so he’s SUMAN-KUN or you can call him Su-kun ww
suman is a Filipino rice cake made from glutinous rice cooked in coconut milk and steamed wrapped in corypha leaves and eaten sprinkled with sugar ( >//u///<)

some infos:

  • - Ummm Genki Guy ( very energetic guy .. always with everyone/sometimes stick with someone he even don’t know ww
  • - he thinks he’s popular tho he’s not 
  • - hides to his scarf (leaves ww) when he’s mad.. no he’s easily gets mad w
  • - very sweet and kind person 
  • -  crybabu

well that’s it maybe ;u; and I can ship him with other rice cakes or filipino desserts www



Victorino’s Restaurant

My family had our weekly Sunday lunch at the Quezon City area today, so we had coffee/tea and dessert at Victorino’s Restaurant, which served traditional Filipino fare as well as desserts by the well-known Filipino pastry chef Heny Sison. I enjoyed all the cakes we ordered, but I enjoyed the Old-Fashioned Chocolate Cake by far. My siblings and I unanimously vote that chocolate cake to be the best among the 4. (Actually, I think that chocolate cake is one of the best I’ve ever tried, ever!) 


We celebrated the 35th birthday (again) of communications mama (a.k.a., my sister from another mister) with some yum Filipino eats, including pork sinigang and lumpia, as well as some deloycious carrot cake!