filipino cakes

Yooo since Filipino rep is as rare as a blue fucking moon, I’d like to introduce y'all to the real ube cake. It’s actually really good, and the cream isn’t too sweet. Go find some. Eat some. Tell your friends. Tell people about Filipinos for the love of god, we literally get zero rep on tv 😂😭

And shout out to SU for continuing to be a bomb ass show.

Hierarchy of Ube

I’ve talked about su not mentioning stuff like race and gender before and having that weird disconnection from the real world and I think I know how to word that better and make it way shorter

why not have the humans mention, say, stevonnie being nonbinary? or stevonnie saying it themselves. a human saying that they’re into the same gender, or other genders! we don’t really have canon lgbt humans so it’d be nice to stop the show from treating being nonbinary and gay as an alien race thing. and this is an obvious one but HAVE CONNIE TALK ABOUT HER CULTURE. SAME GOES FOR LARS (I always knew he was mixed and poc but apparently he’s Filipino because of the cake)

like su in addition to your treatment of black characters, butch girls, etc, please stop treating the VERY FEW Asian characters that you already have, so poorly