Brown Beauty

Growing up, I was raised to always stay indoors to keep my skin from getting dark. My relatives who traveled all the way from the Philippines bring pasalubong, and I have gotten the infamous papaya whitening soap as a gift.

When I visited the Philippines, the people portrayed in media look nothing like me, and instead are replaced with the mestizos/mestizas who are pale or light skinned, and are the beauty standard. Colorism is unfortunately still a big problem, and it’s so ingrained in our culture that I’ve struggled to even be proud of being Filipino. How can I when society tries to erase my brown skin?

I dealt with a lot of self-hatred, (still kinda do) but I recently decided to change that by drawing these girls. I wanted to draw badass and confident women that I could look up to, but most of all I wanted them to look like me: Brown, Proud, and Beautiful. 

So yeah, fuck whitening soap.

just filipino things

  • your parents telling you you can’t have a boypren/girlpren until you finish college
  • and your relatives always asking if you have a boypren/girlpren yet
  • parents yelling ‘KAIN NAAAAA’ every 5 seconds and always forcing you to eat even when you’re full and when you don’t finish your food they’re like ‘wag mo sinsayang pagkain ang daming humihingi ng pagkain sa kalsada’
  • all the students waiting for class suspensions when there’s a typhoon in the philippines
  • playing ten-twenty or chinese garter before class starts
  • parents always telling you to do nursing even if you don’t want to
  • friendster days
  • parents are superstitious of everything so you can’t put your chin on your hand because that’s bad luck or you can’t sleep with your hair wet because you will go blind
  • seeing a moth and adults thinking it’s a dead relative visiting them
  • wearing your tsinelas everywhere in the house (which are also used to kill cockroaches and flies)
  • going to parties and meeting a lot of titos, titas, and cousins you didn’t even know existed or were related to you
  • some of your relatives have nicknames that have no connection to their actual names whatsoever
  • your whole entire family watching pacquaio fights or miss universe pageants
  • karaoke and kamayan at filipino parties
  • ‘putangina kang bata ka’
  • your parents always telling you not to read in a car or watch the tv too close cause your eyesight will go bad
  • parents telling you not to point with your index finger and them using their lips or eyes to point where something is (but like where?)
  • getting palo with tsinelas or belt or walis when you were younger
  • ‘susmaryosep ang tigas ng ulo mo’
  • using banana ketchup instead of tomato ketchup when cooking
  • having religious shrines in every room of the house
  • parents never calling you by your name and instead yells ‘anak,’ ‘ine,’ or simply, ‘HOY!!!!!’
  • or sometimes they just ‘psssst!’
  • when you get sick it’s because ‘palagi mong hawak yang cellphone mo’
  • always late to everything because filipino time (appointment’s at 9? ok i’ll leave my house at 9:30)
  • you still have curfew no matter how old you are
  • your parents taking all the toiletries from a hotel as souvenirs
  • also bringing rice cooker to every trip you go to
  • ‘isarado mo ang pinto lalabas ang aircon!!!’

Here’s my Miraculous themed Brazo de Mercedes cupcakes that I made as a sample for a commission. These will be added on my online bakery page later on (minus the toppers)

Speaking of toppers, my printer ran out of ink that’s why they ended up lighter (/ω\)

Ladybug’s flavor was Strawberry with Chocolate Krispies while Chat Noir’s flavor was Peppermint and Chocolate.

Brazo de Mercedes is a Filipino dessert made of soft, pillowy meringue with rich custard filling. These are normally served as a jelly roll, but you can improvise it just like what I did with mine. I can’t share you my own recipe for business reasons, but you can google the recipes and choose which one you find easier

Here’s a pro-tip (which you can apply on all Brazo recipes)

  • Don’t make these during humid days
  • Treat these babies like how you treat Pavlova
  • Use gel as your food coloring. Liquid food colorings has water and will make your meringue to sag
  • If you have a quirky oven, rotate your pan after 15min for even heat distribution
  • Let your white eggs age on your counter for at least 2 hours for better meringue

White supremacy benefits from the low voter turnout of Asian-Americans. Why? Because when we do vote, we have the potential to make up the winning margin.

This Election Day, Fil-Am Man wants you to #FlipTheHouse. Vote on Nov 6!

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Anti-Aircraft Unit: Manananggal

The manananggal is a self-severing witch creature that takes flight at night to prey on unborn fetuses and newborn babies in the Philippines. They leave their vulnerable lower half safely hidden when they hunt.

A few Manananggal aided the Huk rebels against the Japanese Yokai invaders as anti-aircraft units, taking down Japanese bombers and Tengu soldiers.