filipina vegan bikini bodybuilder

Here I am, again, the morning after a great weekend of competing.  But this time, I have a trophy to take home:)  2nd place in my height class.  I thought I’d post another Before and After to remind myself that, though I’m still on a journey, I have come a long way already. 

I’ve gained a lot of respect for bodybuilders.  They’re sculptors.  Their own bodies are the molds, discipline is their studio, nutrition and iron are their tools.  It’s amazing to watch the showcase of their accomplishments.  We all got a special treat when Phil Heath, Mr. Olympia 2011, made an appearance.  That man is HUGE!  Great night.

Of course, the day of waiting for our division to be called up, prepping, primping, pumping up, was exhausting.  With hours of pre-judging in the morning and doing it all again for the actual show later that evening, I was, once again, questioning whether or not I would want to compete in the future.  This routine of falling asleep saying, “Never again,” then, grabbing the laptop first thing in the morning to sign up for the next competition will probably continue to happen for … a while. 

Competing keeps me healthy and active.  The discipline and challenge allow me to see what I’m made of.  I have enjoyed seeing and feeling the changes in my body and attitude.  I want to keep it going and I want to continue proving that you can do it on a vegan diet.

Many people don’t realize that, as an active vegan, I can increase my consumption of high protein food without also taking in the increased saturated fat and cholesterol that meat contains.  So, I have quite an advantage as a bikini bodybuilder and I believe that my plant-based diet has played the biggest role in the progress I’ve made over a short period of time.

I plan to enjoy the holiday season thoroughly, so I will take a longer break before the next competition, as I focus on family, friends, short film projects, and voice overs.  This doesn’t mean that I will “let myself go.”

Eating what’s good for you and being active should be as routine and necessary as brushing your teeth in the morning, but as enjoyable as a massage … or a trip to Disneyland.  Go for a long walk with your family.  Take a hike with your besties.  Don’t feel like you have to drag yourself to the gym, if you’re not up for it.  It’s as simple as a walk around the block with your dog, which can progress to a 30-minute walk, then a light jog.  Your body will thank you, I promise.

Anyhow, taking a break really just means that I won’t be competing for a few months, but I will most definitely continue to eat healthy (with the occasional holiday treat) and use those quality calories as fuel for my hikes, runs, and weight training sessions. 

Here’s to a great rest-of-the-year!  Cheers!