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Hot Asian, Filipina glamour model CJ Miles looking beautiful with red hair and doing lovely moves in pink panties and bikini top.

who is lilymaymac?

I’m making this post because I get a lot of asks about who lilymaymac is and what is her relation to Joji, and I know that even though I’m making this post, I’ll still get a lot of asks about her lmao. And DISCLAIMER: I don’t mean for this to be a witch hunt. This is just an informational post.

lilymaymac is a Filipina model associated with 88rising, a label that concerns itself with music and videos relating to Asian artists. She may also be related to modeling companies, but I wouldn’t know about them.

Upfront, I will say that I don’t like her. Not for her association with Joji, but for what she does and how she is as a person.

Even though Lily has tried to assert that she is half-Asian half-European, she is actually full Filipina. She is ashamed of her ethnicity, and when people point out that they can see that she is Filipina, she feels bad and basically says that it’s awful to be Filipina. By putting down her ethnicity and even disowning it, she is insulting the Filipino community and its culture. It makes me sad, really, because she is a famous and successful Filipina, and for her to say that sends out a message of “it’s bad to be Filipino.” It’s upsetting. I think this is the thing that bothers me the most about her, to be honest.

She is vain and materialistic, pretty fake af. You can see this on her twitter and her instagram. There are posts on tumblr floating around, and they are collections of tweets and things that she has said and done that reflect this.

She also attempted to fuck BRTHR, one of Joji’s friends, while he was dating another girl.

There are other things, but these are just the main points I want to hit on. Like I said, there are things compiled on tumblr and other sites about the things that she has done. Check those out if you want to know more.

And now her relation to Joji. There is a rumor going around that she and Joji are dating. The reasons for this are that recently 88rising and she posted a picture of them posing together and that she has been liking and commenting on his instagram posts. Not only that but Joji has also been liking her stuff on instagram. As far as I know, that’s pretty much it. Not a lot of evidence to say that they are dating. People say that they are a) dating, b) friends with benefits, or c) just friends/acquaintances.

My opinion is probably b or c but leaning towards c. HOWEVER. The one message that I would like everyone to be clear on is that Joji can do whatever he wants. He can date her, he can fuck her, he can be friends with her, and it’s really none of our business. Am I a hypocrite by making these posts and answering these asks? Probably. Maybe. But my opinion is my opinion. He can do whatever he wants and what he thinks will make him happy. I think she’s a bad idea, but hey. That’s just me, you know?

Added note and to reiterate, this ain’t no witch hunt. IMO she’s terrible but she doesn’t deserve people harrassing her about Joji. Ya feel me?

tl;dr she is a bad lady but oh well good for joj,,,

also feel free to add shit