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Chibs having a crush on you would include :

(Woooo more prompts! Woooo Chibs 😏😏Hope it is as requested and you all like it :3 Gif not mine/found it on google/credit to the original owners.)

-Him realizing he has a thing for you after he got jealous from seeing you being so close with one of the other Sons

-Him finding it hard to keep his eyes off of you whenever you are helping out in the clubhouse, especially when you are behind the bar and serving drinks, only to always wink at you whenever you would catch him

-Him stealing glances at you whenever you are wearing something rather revealing, only to make a silly comment to make you smile as you’d catch him

-Him casually inviting you over back to the clubhouse or even his house whenever he “accidentally” runs into you while you’re shopping, only to gladly offer you a ride back

-Him enjoying to look at you tie up your hair and exposing your neck, as you’re about to work or help out with stuff, only to start having dirty thoughts about you

-Him getting startled to suddenly feel your hand brush against his, only to stare at you in wonder for a moment until you’d wake him up with your laughter and questioning

-Him letting you touch and sit on his bike to leisure as much as you want, especially during parties as he always plans on offering you a ride

-Him always being the first to offer you a cold beer or coffee whenever you walk into the clubhouse, as he wants to ask about your day

-Him always joking around with you more than often as he wants you to trust and like him as well

-Him never really saying that he wants you but suddenly just grabbing your hand as you’d drive, hinting at you his feelings

Families, eh?

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Request: Can you do a os of Chibs/oc that’s a single mom of 2 teenage boys who need a dad around??? 😚

For: @mamareadstoomuch <3
Words: 2,439

Chibs x Reader

Gemma slid the pack of cigarettes over the bar to you, you thanked her, took one and lit it. It was odd seeing Gemma, head Old Lady, behind the bar but she got you each a beer and then you came around to and sat on the bar stool beside you.
“So, what have the little darlings done this time?” She asked you, her ever perfect eyebrow quirked with curiosity. You took a long drag of your cigarette and pinched the bridge of your nose; you didn’t know where to start.

The current, and almost always, cause of your stress was your teenage twin sons, Matt and Noah. Their father had been your high school sweetheart, you’d married young and had the twins quickly, they were around before their father had even got his patch with The Sons of Anarchy.
Then the fucking idiot decided to try to rat on the club when he got caught and threatened with jail time. You made your loyalties known, you cared more about the club than you had done him in the end, they often pulled together to help you with the kids and you’d help them with theirs. They helped especially when he’d spent the mortgage money on booze. You’d all but been separated from him when he’d been arrested anyway because he’d come home one night and hit Noah.

You jumped in the way and he’d beaten you, Matt and Noah had ran from the house and down the road to get their Uncle Clay and Auntie Gemma. Gemma had kept them with her, you had thanked her endlessly for that. You wouldn’t have wanted them to see you broken like that. Clay along with Jax and Opie, who were both prospecting at the time, dealt with your husband and Chibs, who had been having a drink at Clay’s, tended to your wounds.

Chibs had stayed with you for two weeks after that, sleeping on the sofa and helping you around the house and making you and the boys feel safe. That was the first time you felt your heart pull towards Chibs, who for years had only been a friend and club brother to your husband.
After your husband had been arrested, excommunicated from the club and ultimately battered to death in jail, you and Chibs had briefly pursued a relationship and you’d been happy. Your boys had loved having him around and you were glad that for once they had a positive role model. Then the Sons pissed off a mob boss and Old Lady’s started to be threatened, Chibs cut off ties with you and the boys to keep you safe.

Still you were close to The Sons, you were still kin to them and after a few awkward months you and Chibs fell back into your old friendship, both brushing away feelings for safety. If your biggest mistake in life was marrying that asshole then the second was letting Chibs walk out of your life.
That was years ago now and if you both of you were honest, neither of you knew why you were still denying your feelings for one another; maybe it was easier to stay in that habit?

But back to the problem at hand, your lovely twin boys.

You took a swig of your beer and another drag of your smoke before telling Gemma, “Someone called me a MILF so they beat him up and smashed his car in, I have a sneaking suspicion that Tig probably helped.”
Jesus, you’d have gone mad years ago if it wasn’t for Gemma and Chibs as Tig often took it upon himself to act like your third child which was the last thing that you needed. Gemma tutted and shook her head, “You know they never gave you this shit when you were with Chibs.”

You rolled your eyes at her and stubbed out your smoke in the ashtray, she was constantly trying to get the pair of you to pull your heads out of your asses and face the fact that you still had feelings for each other and she wasn’t above bringing your kids into it.

She wanted you to be an Old Lady again.

“Gemma, stop it. I’ve got bigger things on my plate, like how to control my kids.” You groaned and swigged your beer, as if on cue Tig and Chibs entered the clubhouse, they stopped in front of you and Gemma.
Chibs put his hands on his hips and nodded towards you with his head, he spoke to Tig, “Well, go on.”
Tig held his hands up in defence, “Whaaat? What are you talking about?”
Kozik, almost sensing a chance to mess with Tig, wondered in with his hands in his pockets, “He’s talking about you helping the boys smash that guys car in.”
Tig glared at him, “Y/N isn’t going to believe you, you rat.”
“If he’s ratting then he must be telling the truth.” You cut in and Tig’s face fell. Kozik came around the back of the bar and gave you a high five over the bar.
“Okay, okay, alright, stop the witch hunt.” Tig sighed, “All I’m saying is that I helped the boys out. They were going to do it anyway. I just helped them not get caught.”

As if the universe was ready to screw Tig over further, Clay and Jax walked in shouting your name with Unser in tow. Tig sighed at his luck.
“Y/N I’m sorry to have to do this but I’m going to have to take in Matthew and Noah.” Unser told you.
“Why?” You asked innocently enough trying to plead ignorance until you could think of a plan.
Unser sighed, “I think you know why Y/N. They beat up a man and smashed his car. I gotta take them in.”

“When was this?” Chibs cut in.
Unser eyed him wearily, “This morning.”
“In that case I’m sorry to tell ya but you got the wrong boys.” Chibs stated with absolute certainty. When your head whipped around to face him, he folded his arms and leaned back on the bar with ease, like the matter was settled simply because he said so.

“And why is that?” Unser sighed and waited for the bullshit story that he’d have to feed back to the station.
“They were with me,” Chibs stated with utter certainty, “I’ve been trying to help them with their mechanics. They both want to try and get jobs here so that they can pay rent at home. It was a surprise for their mum that you just ruined.”
You placed a hand on your heart and feigned surprise, “That’s my boys. What would I do without them?”
“Live longer.” Kozik muttered behind you.
The clubhouse door opened and your darling twin boys fell in, pushing and jostling each other. They stopped dead when they saw Unser, you and The Sons watching them. Chibs spoke before Unser could, “Boys, Unser seems to think that you’ve been up to no good. Don’t worry, he knows that you’ve been trying to get jobs to surprise your Ma and pay rent.”
Noah’s face scrunched in confusion but Matt was quick on the update, “Yeah, it was supposed to be that. A surprise I mean. Thanks for ruining it.”
“My lovely boys.” You smiled but your eyes burned with the promise of punishment.

Unser held his hands up in defeat, “Well I looked into it, that’s all I can do.”
He left with Clay and Jax, no doubt to talk about club business. Matt let out a low whistle, “Thanks for that Chibs.”
“And just what the fuck do you two think you were playing at?” Chibs snapped at the boys and they both straightened their backs but their expressions remained sheepish. Noah glanced at Tig but Chibs spoke again, “Don’t even think about it, Tig’s already been told. Now we told Unser you were working to help your mum out and that’s exactly what you’re going to do.”
“And how are we going to do that?” Noah snapped like a typical teenager.

“Don’t speak to Filip like that.” You interjected, “Do you have any idea how much trouble you could have been in if it weren’t for him? Do you really think I like knowing that you boys are getting your fathers temper?!”
The twins looked down at their feet and mumbled an apology to Chibs.
“It’s not me that you have to apologise too. Now you’re going to find jobs and sort your own mess out.” He told him, “You know that I’ll help you if I can.”
“Well you could always mentor them.” Gemma added helpfully pulling out another smoke, “If you were serious about them being good mechanics, we could always use a few more of them around here.”
You gave Gemma a half glare, as much as you loved her for giving your boys a chance and making the story that you’d told Unser almost true, you could see that she was just using it as a ploy to get you and Chibs closer again.

“You’re serious?”
Your twins asked in unison, the promise of being close to The Sons and their bikes too exciting. Chibs gave you a sly wink and you mouthed ‘thank you’ to him.


True to his word over the next few months, Chibs taught your boys all they needed to know about engines and bikes but he worked them hard and kept them busy so by the end of the day they were too tired to cause any trouble. Chibs, on the other hand, found himself free most of the day now as the boys were doing most of his work and barely needed his instruction anymore. So, when he wasn’t attending to club business, Chibs found himself in Gemma’s office pestering you while you were trying to help Bobby with the accounts. He’d throw paper planes at you, walk past and playfully pull your hair, tap his pen insistently against the desk and, when he was being really demanding, he’d lift you straight from your seat and carry you into the bar and force you to have a drink with him.

In short he seemed desperate for your attention and Gemma and The Sons all found it hilarious how obvious he was being.
Today he just annoying you, you snapped, “Chibs will you just leave me alone?”
You reached up and out of your chair to try to snatch back your pen from Chibs who was sat on your desk holding it out of your reach. He inched the stolen pen out of your reach again and you dropped back into place with your arms crossed and pout firmly in place.
“Aww, will you look at that face.” Chibs teased and reached down to pinch your cheek.
You slapped his hand away, “How can a man who has done so much to help my kids be such a child?”

He grinned mischievously, “You’d be surprised how often one of those things helps the other.”
“Idiot.” You joked. He laughed, tucked your pen inside his pocket and pulled you by the hands so that you were stood in front of where he sat on the desk.
“Fil-” You started but he cut you off.
“When are me and you gonna sort ourselves out?” He leaned close to you and whispered the words across your lips. Your cheeks flushed instantly, this was the Chibs that you remembered. The alluring, charming man that you’d had a relationship with.

Damn you’d missed him.

“It wasn’t me that called it off.” You mumbled.
His expression dropped for a moment and he brought his hand up to play with your hair, “Aye, I know lass. It was my fault, I was stupid. I only wanted to protect you.”
The weight of the moment quieted your words so you only whispered, “How do I know you won’t do it again?”
Chibs moved his hand from your hair to your cheek and gently ran his harsh thumb across your soft cheek, “I thought distance would keep you safe but I was wrong. If I want to keep you safe, and those boys safe because you know ah love them, then I need to keep you close.”

You both fell quiet for a moment until you realised that he was waiting for a response. You swallowed hard, “I do want you Chibs, I want us again. But,” His face fell at the word but you continued, “Let’s keep it between us for now? I don’t want to upset Noah and Matt if it doesn’t work out.”

He nodded and, with a large grin, leaned down to kiss you.


It took two weeks, three days and an hour for Chibs to drunkenly announce his love and your relationship to the club. But it came as a shock to no one because it had taken your boys and Gemma only a few hours to realise something was going on between you and Chibs and they were thrilled.
“Jesus, Chibs.” You put your face in your hands to hide how intensely red it had gone.
He dropped himself down beside you on the couch, wrapped his arm around your shoulders and pulled you to him, “C’mon darlin’, when I have a lass as wonderful as you I just want to tell people about it!”
You didn’t remove your face from your hands so your words came out muffled, “Shut up or I will kill you.”
“Don’t you kill our new Da!” Noah laughed with an exacerbated Irish accent.
“What was that boy?” Chibs shouted and the Sons laughed.
Noah blushed, “Sorry, I just meant that we think of you like –”
His twin saved his babbled apology, “You just did an Irish accent you idiot. He’s Scottish.”
If you could you would have buried your face further into your hands but as it was you’d gone as far as you could, honestly this lot would be the death of you.
By the time you dared look up from your safe haven, Chibs was wrestling with Tig and your boys around the clubhouse and Juice had taken Chibs’ seat beside you. Juice passed you a beer, “Families, eh?” He offered.

You took the beer from him and watched Noah swing on Tig’s back while Chibs had Matt in a headlock, you clinked your beer with Juice’s. You grinned and agreed, “Yeah families.”

Mo Leannan

Chibs x Reader where Chibs stands the reader up on their one year anniversary.

A/N - Mo leannan means my love/my sweetheart in Scottish Gaelic x

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You curse under your breath, promising to what ever God is out there, that if the moron outside doesn’t stop pissing you off, you’re not going to be responsible for your actions.

A further two minutes, and the banging continues. Slamming your book shut, you make a loud noise of agitation, stomping your way over to your bedroom window and throwing it open. “Stop throwing rocks at my house, you twat!”

“I will once you let me explain!” Chibs retorts, a small stone being tossed from one hand to the other. His ass is plonked comfortably on his Harley, his sunglasses over his eyes as he looks up at you, a slight smirk on his lips at your rage.

“Come back when Hell freezes over!” you shout, slamming your window shut forcefully, the vibration rumbling through your house. You close your eyes, breathing deeply as you try to calm yourself, your body shaking with anger.

“Fucking Scottish prick.” you mumble, another small boulder bouncing on the brickwork of your place. You knew he wouldn’t give up, that you’d eventually have to go down and talk to him before he started howling Gaelic love songs, but you’d be dammed if you didn’t leave him stewing for as long as you could manage.

You see, last night was yours and Chibs’ one year anniversary of being together. You hadn’t wanted to make a big deal, knowing that things with the club were hectic. However, your idiotic yet totally romantic boyfriend had told you he was taking you to your favourite restaurant in town, so who were you to deny him?

Wanting to look and feel your absolute best, you’d spent most of the day yesterday prepping and getting ready. Your hair was perfectly curled and your makeup as flawless as could be, the red lace dress you’d brought especially for the occasion adorning your figure. If only it hadn’t gone to waste.

You’d sat in your house, waiting ever so patiently, from seven pm to eleven pm, just waiting. Nothing. No phone call, no text. Nada.

By the time you’d took all your makeup off - well, mainly cried it off - it was around one in the morning, your phone bleeping loudly just as you’d curled up into your sheets.

Only, it wasn’t your apologetic boyfriend on the phone. No, no, no. It was your highly intoxicated boyfriend, who’d rang you to tell you he was going to stop at the clubhouse, the celebrations from locking down a difficult deal interfering with his inability to drive.

After you cussed him out and told him what a complete asshole he was, you’d ended the call and somehow fell asleep, waking up this morning to thirty seven missed calls, twenty eight messages and a heavy banging on your front door.

Pulling yourself back to the present, you decide to try and distract yourself, grabbing the basket of dirty clothes from your room and trudging down the stairs.

You almost jump out of your skin when you see Chibs leaning up against your washing machine. “How many times have I told you to lock the back door, love? You never know who might get in.”

“Thanks for the lecture. Now if you don’t mind, piss off.” You move around the kitchen, completely ignoring his presence, which is easier said than done when you can feel his eyes watching your every move.

“How many times do I have to say I’m sorry?” Chibs says softly, like he knows how easily you break when he sounds so down. “I’m an idiot, I know I am-”

“You can cut the whole ‘feeling sorry for yourself’ thing, because it’s not gonna work.” He sighs deeply from behind you as you aggressively scrub your cutlery clean, your eyes threatening to cloud over out of anger and frustration.

You throw the scrubbing brush into the bowl of soapy water, turning to face the man you wish you could dislike, your fingers gripping the wooden edge of the counter. “I sat here for hours, Filip. I was so excited to spend some proper time with you, and I just waited and waited-”

You place your head in your hands as your eyelashes dampen with tears, heavy breaths leaving your mouth as you try to control your emotions. A shuffle of feet sounds in the room before you feel calloused hands on your elbows, gripping gently, attempting to move your hands away from your face.

“M'so sorry, mo leannan.“ he whispers, his expression full of guilt as you let him pull your arms down, silent teardrops slipping down your cheeks. He wipes them away carefully, his hands cradling your face. “I fucked up, but I promise I’ll spend eternity making it up to you.“

You sniffle, looking down at the floor and refusing to meet his eyes. “It feels like I never see you anymore. I don’t want to lose you.”

He shushes you quietly, as his arms wrap around you and pull you into his warmth, you letting him as you rest your head on his shoulder. “You’re not gonna lose me, lass, I’ll never let you go.”

You don’t respond, instead choosing to snuggle in further to his chest as he rocks you slightly, eventually calming you down. “How about you go run a bath? I’ll be up with a cuppa in a few.”

“Get me something stronger, please.” you ask, pulling back and resting your hands on your boyfriends chest. You smile shyly, placing a soft kiss upon Chibs’ lips. “You gonna join me? The bath is big enough for two.”

“Aye, princess. Bit of wine and a cuddle sounds perfect to me.”

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Chibs flirting with you would include :

(Woooo more prompts! Woooo Chibs :3 Hope it is as requested and you all like it :3 Gif not mine/found it on google/credit to the original owners.)

-Him repairing your car with his sleeves all rolled up and while doing his best to make it look like some hard work, just to get your attention

-Him offering his hand to you whenever you have to get up, whether it be at the bar or your car, he’d always be the first to do so

-Him tucking your hair away from your face whenever you’re all tired and exhausted, only to tell you that it’s better this way as he can see you clearly

-Him waiting for you at your work or your house, only to offer you a ride to where you need to go, as he wants to feel your arms around him

-Him putting his hand on your thigh as you’d sit very closely to him, only to draw light circles with his thumb as you’d both have a casual talk

-Him loving to help you look for whatever you need, only to stand extremely close to you and whisper in your ear, making you shy from his raspy voice and thick Scottish accent

-Him stalling his time from leaving your house, only to make you laugh and smile at his different actions

-Him casually complimenting on your outfit and whole look, as he eyes you up and down, making you blush

-Him always having a lingering look at you whenever you’d say goodbye to each other, only to make it harder for you to do so

-Him kissing your cheeks and holding your hands as he’d welcome you into the Clubhouse or any club event


“and how was your night?” Tig grinned as Chibs walked out from the room area into the bar. 

Chibs rolled his eyes. it was no secret that you and Chibs had recently become exclusive and you had him completely wrapped around your finger like no one had ever seen before. “had a lovely night.” 

“we heard.” Tig and Opie grinned at each other, “you’d do anything for your old lady, wouldn’t you?”

“yeah i suppose i would.” Chibs sighed, “unlike you sore sons of bitches, i know what love is.”

“ouch.” Tig laughed, “if i had a woman who looked like yours-”

“dont even think about it.”

Colors -  Chibs Imagine

Concept: Chibs imagine based on the song Colors by Halsey

Taglist: @yourcroweater @soaimagines

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“So you’ll be okay on your own?” Your boss Gemma asked, her hand on your shoulder.  

“I think so. I mean, I can always call you if I’m stuck right?” You asked nervously. You had only been working at TM Motors for a week now and you were still learning.

“Of course darlin. You have my number. I’ll be back in a couple hours, should be quiet.” Gemma said before grabbing her purse and walking out the office door.

You swallowed hard and looked at the mountain of paperwork on your desk. You didn’t even know where to start. You needed a small break before you started your work so you stood up and walked over to the small window of your office. You leaned against it and watched the men in the garage, fixing the cars and messing around with each other. Your eyes searched for the one who always caught your eye. You saw him leaning against a busted up car, his blue jeans hugging his figure nicely. He ran a hand through his grey hair before lighting up a blunt, plumes of grey smoke falling from his mouth. He was far too old for your eighteen years but you couldn’t help yourself but to drool over the masterpiece of a man. You bit your lip hard as you watched him. Every move he made was like a motion picture. His lips wrapped tightly around the blunt and his throats contracted as he inhaled. You leaned forward more, trying to get a better glimpse. The door opened and shocked you, causing you to stumble and nearly fall. The person grabbed your arm and steadied you. It was Jax Teller, Gemma’s son and resident hottie. You found him gorgeous, but not as gorgeous as the man you knew as Chibs.

“Steady there darlin’.” Jax laughed, t your arm. “Did I scare you?”

“Startled more like it.” You chuckled.

“I’m about to head off for the day but I wanted to see you before I left.” Jax said, looking at you through his eyelashes. “We’re having a huge party here tonight and I think you should come. Lots of beer, lots of weed. You can be my company.” Jax winked.

“Jax I’m underage, you’ll get in trouble if the police come.” You sighed. You hated being eighteen.

Jax shrugged. “I’ve been in trouble for worse things. Make sure you’re here by eight.” Jax kissed your cheek and headed toward the door. “I might just introduce you to Chibs too.” He winked.

You flushed beat red and swatted Jax’s chest before he quickly left the office. Your heartbeat increased as you thought about the party tonight. You were excited and nervous and terrified all at the same time. You sat back down at your desk and started the paperwork. You wanted to get home and start getting ready as soon as possible.

You stood at the gate of TM Motors in the dark cold night. You could hear the jeering of people and the loud rock music blaring from the clubhouse where the guys hung out. You had never been in there but you had always wanted to. You decided to call Jax and get him to escort you inside so you didn’t get lost. You wore a black shirt dress with a deep V neck, platform black ankle boots and a black fedora. You felt incredibly overdressed but you also felt hot. You just wanted to impress. You dialled Jax’s number on your cellphone and he picked up immediately. He promised he was on his way and you hung up. You were lucky to have a friend like Jax. He was the reason you had the job at TM. Your friendship was a mixture of family and flirty and it kept you on your toes. You knew you could count on Jax. Jax met you at the gate and looped his arm through yours.

“You’re looking hot.” He said. “All dressed up for Chibs?”

“Can you please shut the fuck up?” You sighed. “Will you ever let it go?”

“No.” Jax laughed and shook his head. “The fact that you have a grandpa fetish is hilarious.”

“I do not have a grandpa fetish!” You yelled before slapping Jax’s chest.

“I’m going to introduce you to your dream man.” Jax chuckled with mischief.

You began to protest and fight as Jax dragged you towards Chibs. You felt embarrassed and scared and anxious. You weren’t good with new people, especially if you were attracted to them. Chibs was sitting alone on a picnic bench just outside the clubhouse, a blunt in his hands and his head turned to the floor.

“Chibby.” Jax spoke which grasped Chib’s attention.

“Jacky boy.” Chibs said with little enthusiasm in his Scottish accent. You may have melted a little when you realised he had an accent. Chibs was clearly sad and that made you curious. What was haunting the beautiful Scotsman in front of you.

“I realised I haven’t introduced you to our newest member of TM Motors. This is (Y/N), she’s working with mom in the office.” Jax let go of your arm and gestured to you.

Chibs outstretched his hand and you took it. You expected him to shake it but he brought your hand to his lips and pressed a gentle kiss to the surface, his deep eyes never leaving yours. Your insides began to quiver at his touch. “I’m Filip, but you can call me Chibs.”

I’ll also be calling you Daddy, you thought.

“I’m going to grab a beer, (Y/N), Chibs, you want anything?” Jax asked.

You shrugged. You never drank alcohol so you trusted Jax to surprise you. Jax winked at you before walking into the bustling party.

You took a seat next to Chibs on the picnic bench and tried your hardest not to drool at the man next to you.

“I’m sorry I haven’t introduced myself to you earlier.” Chibs said finally, breaking the silence.

“It’s alright. I’ve only been here a week. I’m holed up in the office most of the time anyway.” You explained.

Chibs lit up the blunt and inhaled deeply. You hated the smell of weed but you could put up with it to sit next to Chibs.

“Should’ve introduced myself to a pretty girl like you. Just haven’t noticed anything recently.” Chibs almost growled, blowing out the smoke. “You want a puff lass?”

You shook your head and scrunch up your nose. “Weed isn’t my thing.”

“How old are ye?” Chibs asked.

“Eighteen. I’ll be nineteen soon.” You smiled with pride.

Chibs coughed in shock. He thought you was at least twenty five. If you were older it wouldn’t be so creepy for him to want to fuck you. “Christ.” He shook his head. What was he going to do? “You’re more inexperienced than I thought.”

You were a little shocked at what he said. Was he implying that you were innocent and naive? Filled with courage and offence, you ripped the blunt from his fingers and inhaled deeply. You exhaled the smoke and hated the taste and held back the need to cough. You had to prove a point. Chibs watched you and licked his lips. Not only did he think you were gorgeous, but he loved how easily he could get a rise out of you. You were young and impressionable and easy to play with and in the depressive state that Chibs was in, he needed a girl like that. He could tell you had a huge crush on him and he wanted to use that to his advantage. Chibs shuffled closer to you, your leg touched his and you looked over to him, catching his eye.

“Feisty one aren’t ye?” He chuckled, taking the blunt from your hands and throwing it to the ground.

“I’m not a kid.” You said, almost in a way a child throwing a tantrum would. He was condescending but you kind of liked it.

“Oh love I know.” He chuckled again, his palm finding your exposed leg, stroking the soft skin of your thigh.

The weed and his unexpected touch was making your head swim. Your body reacted immediately to his touch, shuffling closer to him. Your breathing increased as you looked into his lust darkened stare. You shuddered as his hand moved further up your thigh, your hand flew out to grip the knee of his blue jeans. His hand moved from your thigh to your face and he held your jaw tightly.

“You’re an interesting one lass.” Chibs whispered.

You didn’t care if this man ripped you apart and left you for dead. You felt such a deep emotional and physical draw to him. It was as if his body radiated blue, he was sad and mysterious and deep and you were red, all passion and fire and desire. You wanted him to touch you, for the electric spark to pick back up.

“Kiss me Chibs.” You whispered, puckering your pillowy lips in anticipation.

He cocked you a half smile and pressed his lips forcefully onto yours. You gripped the back of his neck while his hands gripped your hips. You darted your tongue through his and he groaned into your mouth as you pulled his hair. He was surprised and incredibly aroused at your eagerness and fearlessness when it came to pleasure. He needed you, and he needed you now.

“Take this back to my place?” He whispered when he pulled away from the kiss.

You shook your head. “Mine.” You stood up and straightened your dress before walking away, making a spectacle of shaking your hips as you walked.

The next morning you woke up with the sunlight streaming through your window. You pried open your eyes to reveal the beautiful Scotsman by your side. You were sore and sweaty and a little sticky but you didn’t care. You were so happy that you could see this masterpiece next to you first thing in the morning. He was a vision. You felt incredibly connected and almost spiritual looking at his sleeping form beneath you. He looked peaceful and rested. You studied his ageing face and the scars that decorated the corners of his face. You knew he had stories to tell and you weren’t sure that you wanted to hear them. You felt him groan and stir awake. His hand moved from your naked torso to his face, rubbing his eyes. He looked at you and smiled a small smile before rubbing your arm.

“Mornin love.” He said in a croaky morning voice. “Thanks for last night.”

You shrugged and rolled back over to your pillow. “Thank you for last night.”

Chibs looked at you as you picked up your phone from your nightstand and scrolled through. He could notice the features on your face that showed your age. Freckles littered your skin, not a winkle or smile line touched your face. Your skin glowed with youth and was still incredibly soft, like baby skin. Chibs couldn’t deny that he liked you but he also couldn’t deny the fact that you were far too young for him. His own daughter was your age and he couldn’t fathom a man of his age touching her. Chibs felt disgusted in himself but you were blissfully unaware. You were still high from last night. You were surprised that Chibs was even attracted to you, let alone slept with you. It was a passionate and heated night that you wanted to happen every night. You fantasised about Chibs taking you on dates and buying you gifts and showing you off around the clubhouse as his girl. Chibs removed himself from your bed and began to get dressed. You sat up and watched him in confusion.

“Where are you going?” You asked, holding the sheets to cover your chest.

“I gotta go.” Chibs said simply, not making eye contact.

“Oh okay. Do you need me to drive you anywhere?” You offered, still very confused at Chib’s sudden change.

“Nah I’ll walk.” He wanted you to desperately stop talking. He felt guilty for treating you like this but it was for the best. He couldn’t get wrapped up in you, even if he wanted to. It felt so wrong.

“Are you going to tell me why you’re acting weird towards me?” You quizzed. You weren’t going to be treated like a hole to fuck. You were a person and he was going to treat you like one.

Chibs exhaled deeply. She was a challenge already. He turned to you and looked into your eyes. They were wild and innocent and angry. Everything you did reminded him of a pissed off toddler. “Last night was a mistake. I shouldn’t have slept with ye.”

That stung deeply. “Well that makes me feel amazing Filip.”

Chibs smacked his lips together. “(Y/N), you’re so fucking young. My daughter is your age. You probably just graduated high school for fuck sakes. I can’t let you get caught up in this shit.”

You swallowed hard. He was right but you didn’t want him to be. “Fine. So what? When I get to work on Monday we’re just going to act as if nothing ever happened? Act like strangers?”

Chibs nodded. “Just don’t go of your way to talk to me.” Chibs felt disgusting but he knew it was for the best. He did like you, but the age factor was killing him.

You chewed your lip in anger. “Fine. You’re a stranger in my home so get the fuck out before I call the cops.”

Chibs was enamoured by your passion and fire but he couldn’t do anything about it. He walked out of your room without another word and you buried your face into your pillow and cried.

Weeks dragged past and all you did was work and sit at home alone. Every time you saw Chibs your heart hurt. You felt incredibly disrespected by him and you felt stupid for thinking that you two could work. He was too old for you but you didn’t let that affect you. You really wanted him and you always get what you wanted. You had to stop Jax from killing Chibs after you told Jax everything that happened. Chibs tried his hardest to not look at you or think about you when you worked but it was hard. He would glance into the window of the office and watch you as you worked hard. He loved watching you. He felt guilty and horrible for fucking you and leaving you and he wanted to fix it but he just couldn’t. His morality spoke louder than his desire and for that he was grateful. It was a late night for you which was uncommon but you had a mountain of paperwork to get through. The sky outside was dark and all you had was the lamp to illuminate your work. You were the last one here and you were a little scared to be on this huge lot alone. You were startled when your office door opened. You clutched your chest and started breathing heavily in shock but you calmed down when you recognised the face as Chibs. Your shock turned into anger as he looked at you with sheepish eyes as he leaned against the door.

“Hey.” He nodded.

You folded your arms across your chest and looked at him coldly. You didn’t have time for this today. “What do you want?”

Chibs smacked his lips together and looked down at the floor. “I’m the last one here and I wanted to make sure ye be okay on your own.”

“I’m fine. I can look after myself. I’m not a kid.” You huffed. “See you tomorrow when you’ll no doubt ignore me again.”

He sighed deeply and walked toward you. He spun your desk chair to face him and he held the seat in place so you couldn’t move away. His face was dangerously close to yours. You could smell the tobacco on his breath. “Can you stop fucking punishing me please? It wasn’t like we were dating for two years, it was a one night stand.” Chibs didn’t care if he sounded heartless, he just wanted you to stop being a bitch to him.

You reached forward and slapped him across the face. You were hurt at his words. Maybe you were too young and naive but you thought that he liked you more than just a one night stand. Chibs blinked in shock.

“That was quite childish (Y/N).” Chibs almost taunted. He shouldn’t be playing with you but he loved your quick reactions and fiery temper.

“You’re a prick.” You hissed. “Get out of my office.” You were aroused at how close he was but you couldn’t let that control you. You had to stay strong and not let him break you down. He was playing you and you knew it but you just wanted him to touch you. You wanted to be in control, you wanted to win this battle.

“I’ve been here a lot longer than you lass. This is my territory, not yours.” He countered, his hand moving from the arm of the chair to your exposed thigh.

You crossed your legs and trapped his hand between your thighs. He looked at you in surprise and you cocked your eyebrow. Chibs smirked as he crawled his fingers up your thigh and into your panties. His fingers delicately moved through your folds.

“Wet already love? I haven’t even done anything yet.” He smirked and chuckled, his lips pressing softly to your cheek.

You scowled at the realisation that your body had betrayed you. You remained stone faced as his fingers continued to work through your core. It was difficult to keep a straight face but you succeeded.

“So you’re going to be like that are you?” Chibs scoffed, removing his fingers and standing up. “See ya lass.” He walked toward the door without a second glance.

You flung yourself out of your desk chair and grabbed him before he could open the door. You gripped his shoulders and slammed him against the wall. You stood on your tiptoes and smashed your lips to his. His hands gripped your hips and he groaned into your mouth as you ground yourself against his bulge. You bit his lip before dropping to your knees, unbuckling his belt and pulling down his jeans to expose his hard cock. You took it in your mouth immediately, working hard and furiously with your tongue and hand. He was quivering above you and you were enjoying every moment of control you had over him. Your tongue caressed every part of his length and your hand twisted furiously.

“I’m going to cum if you’re not careful.” Chibs spluttered out. You could feel his ragged breathing and his hand pulled at your hair desperately. You took him out of your mouth and stood back up, pressing kisses to his neck and biting down, leaving your mark.

“Bend over that desk right now.” Chibs demanded and you did as he told you.

You bent over the desk, pulling up your skirt and reveal your ass. You reached back and pulled your panties down. You felt Chibs’s hands roam your bare ass and hips. He loved the view that you gave him.

“Try and keep a straight face through this lass.” He whispered before slamming into you as hard as he could.

You squealed and gripped the edge of your desk. Your stomach clenched tightly and your eyes squeezed shut. You felt as if an earthquake had rippled its way through your body. Your breathing increased as you shimmied backwards, wanting him to fill you again. He began to thrust in and out of you, his pace rapid and his force powerful. You moaned and squealed with every stroke. Chibs pulled your hair and left fingerprints in your skin. The sex was angry and fiery and passionate. Chibs’s thrusts became sloppy and you knew he was close to releasing. You swirled your hips and moved yourself back and forth to guide him. He gripped your hips tightly as he released into you and you moaned and bit your lip in response. Once you both finished panting and started breathing normally again, you stood up and put on your panties and rolled down your skirt. You threw your hair into a messy bun and gathered all your things.

“Where are you going?” Chibs demanded, sitting down in your desk chair.

“You’re right Chibby. The age difference is just too much for me.” You sneered before walking out of the office, slamming the door behind you.

Number one//Chibs Telford

Info: Trying to announce to the club that you’re pregnant, but no one will let her finish her sentence. Eventually she just blurts it out.

Warnings: swearing

Originally posted by hauntedduckdefendor

Y/n always watched Chibs with Jax’s kids, it warmed her heart. What made her even happier was knowing she was pregnant and knowing that one day, he’d have his own kid to play with and love. Chibs had one daughter, but she was an ocean away, but having one here with him could be good. Y/n and Chibs hadn’t had much talk about children but she assumed he’d be happy.

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He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not

Chibs x Reader

@samperv Chibs’ birthday challenge

Contains:: swearing and I wanna say fluff (I’m terrible at writing fluff so bear with me here)

We had never gotten in a fight before. We bumped heads sometimes but never more than that – we always managed to work things out just by talking.

But Chibs was getting annoyingly possessive since we started dating almost five months ago. I didn’t mind it at first, I actually kinda liked how protective he was, how jealous he was of my guy friends, I always thought it was sweet. If he was jealous then that meant he had feelings for me. Yeah, he hadn’t exactly professed his love for me yet. And I wasn’t one to put pressure on him, I wasn’t going to say the three-word-phrase if I wasn’t absolutely sure he felt the same way. Also, scaring him away wasn’t exactly on my plans.

But he was the one who ended up pushing me away. He always came by at my work without a heads-up, eyeing my boss, Hugh, suspiciously. I could understand that, Hugh had been making passes at me since I started working as his assistant, but when Chibs started checking up on me to know my whereabouts when he was on a run, calling me at weird hours on the landline to make sure I was at home – well, I got fed up. 

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Sons of Anarchy Preference "How they react to you being clueless to their constant flirting"

(Wooooo more SOA preference this week :3 Some fluff this time!!! Woooo Clay for being addedHope it is as requested and you all like it :3 Gif not mine/found it on google/credit to the original owners.)

Jax-When he’d come to realize that you were utterly clueless to his constant flirting, he’d be baffled and would have the need to talk to you openly about it at that point, getting you alone with him in his room at the clubhouse. “You don’t notice me flirting with you, do you? Yeah i’ve been flirting with you for like months! How the hell can you even miss that?!”

Opie-When he’d come to realize that you were utterly clueless to his constant flirting, he’d laugh and be taken aback. He’d have a moment with you and would openly ask you if you were serious about all of it before being honest with you. “Wait…Wait…You don’t realize that i’m flirting with you…Y/N, how can you not?! I thought it was pretty obvious!”

Chibs-When he’d come to realize that you were utterly clueless to his constant flirting, he’d complain loudly and plainly to the others all while you’re in their company as well, making clear to set the record straight. “It’s a real pain the arse, when beautiful Y/N right there doesn’t notice you! I get that i’m an old man but we can make it work or the least she can do is just reject me kindly…”

Tig-When he’d come to realize that you were utterly clueless to his constant flirting, he’d have a breakdown in front of you and everyone in the clubhouse, screaming in despair and slowly drop to his knees, thinking as to how you can even miss his point. “Wait…You don’t realize…That i’ve been flirting with you this whole time…How? Why? Why is this happening?!”

Juice-When he’d come to realize that you were utterly clueless to his constant flirting, he’d find you too cute and would just accept happily for the moment before his brothers would notice and tell him to keep it up as one day you’ll realize it. “No…It’s nothing, i’m just thinking about Y/N…I don’t think she realizes i’m flirting with her…but it’s kinda cute so i’m okay with that…”

Happy-When he’d come to realize that you were utterly clueless to his constant flirting, he’d be concerned with himself and rethink his methods. He’d be even more quiet and would only voice his problem when the others would be worried over him. “It’s not that serious…Just Y/N, she doesn’t notice me…i’m starting to think I just don’t know how to approach girls like I used to…”

Kozik-When he’d come to realize that you were utterly clueless to his constant flirting, he’d laugh so hard and would confuse you. Finding you too cute, he’d just be more obvious and would grab you closer to him to set the record straight. “You can’t be serious, Y/N! You really don’t think of anything else of me! Alright…How about I make it clear…Come here…I’ve been flirting with you since I met you!”

Ratboy-When he’d come to realize that you were utterly clueless to his constant flirting, he’d be nervous about it and would feel like giving up. He’d suddenly be absentminded while helping out with work, only to admit his worries to the others. “S-Sorry…I-I was just distracted…It’s cause of Y/N…I’ve been trying to get with her for the last few months but I don’t think she realizes i’m flirting with her…”

Half-Sack-When he’d come to realize that you were utterly clueless to his constant flirting, he’d oddly get embarrassed about his lack of skills and would just try to brush it all off, only for the others to cheer him up to keep going. “Yeah, I did wave at you, actually. I mean i’m just trying to get your attention…But it’s fine! I mean a lot of people wave at you and stuff…”

Clay-When he’d come to realize that you were utterly clueless to his constant flirting, he’d get oddly turned on and would actually continue flirting the way he does just to see as to how you’d keep it up. “Alright, Y/N…So you like playing hard to get, i’m fine with that! Oh don’t act innocent, you know what I mean…Come on you’re a playing a game with me…”

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Them reacting to your pregnancy (Sons of Anarchy Preference)


Originally posted by fandomnationwhore

  • Jax would be over the moon for Abel and Thomas to have a sibling
  • Him getting even more excited when you find out it’s a girl
  • Starts picking up girl stuff waaay before your due date
  • Bragging to all the boys about how he’s gonna have “daddy’s little angel”
  • Always putting his hands on your stomach when around you
  • Being extra protective


Originally posted by imaginealotofthings

  • Him being surprised
  • Thinking he’s too old for a baby, but warming up to the idea
  • Calling Fiona to tell her
  • Him being excited that Fiona is excited and wanting to meet the baby when it’s born
  • It being a baby boy


Originally posted by sammykruegher

  • Clay doesn’t want a baby
  • He’s already stressed enough with having to run the club
  • You constantly crying and refusing to give your baby up
  • Him settling, but not wanting to be a “dad”
  • Jax being more of a father figure to your son


Originally posted by missgreeene

  • Him being wary at first, but accepting it because he sees how happy you are about it
  • Worrying about being a “cool dad”
  • Worrying about judgment from the guys since he’s older and you’re younger
  • Eventually telling them to fuck off and spoiling your little girl


Originally posted by come-join-themurder

  • Happy is happy to start a family
  • He had never been the cuddly type, but he wants to work on it for your unborn daughter
  • Making you stay on bedrest even if you don’t need to
  • Being overly worried about the club and you
  • Eventually settling into family life and trying to become less violent


Originally posted by soaimagines

  • Juice never thought he’d live long enough to have kids, but being excited when you tell him
  • Picking baby names as soon as you tell him
  • Him being excited for your little girl to arrive
  • Calling her princess and you the queen while he rubs your swollen pregnant belly
  • Gives you lots of massages
  • Does anything you ask, even more so than normal
  • Being super happy overall


Originally posted by samcroimagine

  • Tig thinking you’re joking
  • Makes jokes your whole pregnancy
  • Him hiding his excitement for the baby
  • You seeing right through it
  • Him being happy it’s a boy
  • Can’t wait to be the “soccer mom” and “beat all the mom’s asses”
  • Him promising to be a better dad than he was for Dawn and Fawn
  • The girls gushing over the baby when he arrives


Originally posted by kellylambert01

  • Kozik finally settling down with you when he finds out you’re pregnant
  • He knows he has to man up and be a great dad to his son
  • Him being excited to have a baby boy
  • Him wanting to go to parenting classes so he can learn


Originally posted by samcroimagine

  • Opie is already a family man, so he’s excited for the new addition
  • He sees that you’re a great mom to Kenny and Ellie
  • Telling you not to worry about anything
  • The kids being super excited for their little brother
  • Being a happy family
Crush//Chibs Telford

Info: Opie’s younger sister comes into Charming to reconnect with roots and get away from city life but a son catches her eye.

Warnings: swearing, smut

Originally posted by samcro-redwoodoriginals

y/n was Opie’s younger sister by a year, making her thirty years old. After she turned eighteen, she hit the road, seeking city life. Charming was a small town, everybody knows everybody, same stores everyday, nothing changed. Big city, the big city has thousands of people, ever changing stores and landscapes, that’s what eighteen year old y/n craved and got. But after a while, it was tiring and maybe sleepy ol’ Charming was what she needed. Reconnect with Opie, her nieces and nephews, even the sons. Opie had kept her up to date, joining the club, its members and everything else, they were close. Sure the members may have changed, but Jax had to still be there, at least she’d know him alongside her brother.

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“Defiance - Part 1”

Chibs Telford x Reader

@girlwithdreamsandablog here is psycho pissed off jealous Chibs. Just for you darlin’ 😚😚😚
“Yer not goin’ an’ thas that,” your old man stated matter-of-factly. Your company had an end of the year party every year. It was a big thing, they would rent out a local sports bar right next to a hotel and everyone would go, no spouses or family allowed. The company felt it was hard to let loose if your family was with you, so they nixed it altogether. Your boss even rented out a block of rooms for those who got a little too tipsy, or flat out too drunk, to drive. Oftentimes your coworkers would hook up, scurrying off to a room together when the night ended. That’s not why you wanted to go of course, you loved Chibs, but your entire office was going and you had friends at your job. You didn’t want to miss out on all the events they’d be talking about for the next year.

“Chibs, please?” you begged him, “You go all over the place for your ‘job’, having Lord knows what hanging all over you when you’re out at night and I’m stuck here at home, but when I have a chance to go out and have a good time without you, it’s off the table,” you pouted, folding your arms.
“Aye. I know wha’ goes on a'those parties,” he raised his eyebrows at you.
“You don’t trust me?” you argued against him.
“Not when ye set out ta get hammered. No.”
“This is Bullshit!” you threw your hands up in the air, marching off to the bedroom where you stayed until Chibs came in to kiss you goodbye.

By 9 o'clock he hadn’t made it back home and the party was starting in an hour. Quickly you made the decision to defy your old man’s direct orders and go to the party, just for a little bit, he probably wouldn’t even know you had gone. You threw on a cocktail dress, curling your hair and doing your makeup just in time to step out the door at 10.

You quickly drove to the party, parked, and sauntered inside, finding your friends at a booth inside the bar area. You were being conservative with your drinking, only having a couple before cutting yourself off and switching to water. Your friends on the other hand, chose differently. They were definitely feeling their buzz when some dance song came on and they all jumped up to run to the dance floor.
You, being sober, had no intention of humiliating yourself so you opted to stay back, keeping the booth secure. You glanced down at your phone. It was already 11:47 and you thought you should be getting home soon when a shadow cast over you, breaking your attention away from the time.
“You’re (Y/N) right?” the tall handsome salesman from the seventh floor spoke.
“Y-yeah,” you stuttered, cursing your nerves and smiling to him.
“I thought so,” he smiled sliding in the booth opposite you, “We’ve been in the elevator together a couple times but never officially met, I’m Brian,” he held out his hand to shake yours and you let him, but suddenly you felt bad. Chibs didn’t even know you were here and this extremely handsome guy was now sitting with you. Your guilt started to overtake you but suddenly you heard shouting.

“Ge’ offa me!”

Your head whipped around so fast it might have flown off as the man beside you also gazed over his shoulder.

“Oh Lord. Looks like an angry husband coming to ruin his wife’s good time,” he chuckled looking back to you, taking in your shocked expression.

“Oh no. Is he–”
“–mine.” you responded as Chibs’ jealous glare landed on you and he stomped to where you were sitting, grabbing your arm and jerking you up from your seat to drag you out of the venue. You didn’t even protest, you knew you had fucked up good this time.

“Keys.” he demanded when you got outside and you handed them to him. He snatched them and hit the unlock button, throwing open the passenger door and pushing you inside before striding to the drivers side and getting in, starting the vehicle up and peeling out of the lot.

“What about your bike?” you asked shyly.

“S'gonna hafta’ fuckin’ stay ‘ere since I can’t trust tha’ ye will go home if I let ye drive yerself!” he growled, never taking his eyes off the road.

The rest of the way home it was completely silent, when he pulled into the drive your stomach was in knots. He had never hit you, but if he ever was going to, you disobeying him and him finding you sitting with another man would be a pretty good reason for him to finally let himself go there.

He shut the engine off and got out of the vehicle, striding around to your door and opening it, you must’ve sat still for a little too long because suddenly he lunged into the car, reaching across you and unbuckling your seat belt before grabbing your wrist and hoisting you out of the car, dragging you up the sidewalk and in the front door.

Your lip was quivering, now that you were behind closed doors, you were actually afraid of the consequences that would come.

Chibs locked the door and tossed the keys on the counter, turning to you with anger in his eyes and stepping towards you,

“Wha'n'th'ell ’s a'matter with ye!” he bellowed, his accent so thick you almost didn’t understand him.
He stepped closer to you still and you began to retreat backwards away from him as he advanced on you until you were backed up against the living room wall and he slammed his fists in the wall at either side of your head making you flinch and whimper waiting for his hands to connect with your face, but they never did.

He was breathing hard and fast, his face only inches from yours, his seething look making you that much more afraid of him.

“I… I’m sorry,” you squeaked, finally mustering the courage to say anything at all.

“Who was th’ bastard ye were sittin’ with?” he growled through clenched teeth.

“His name… is Brian. He works on another floor. He had just sat down, I was about to excuse myself when–”
“–Shut up,” Chibs spoke over you and you stopped talking, “Am I too old for ye? Too borin’? Am I no’ n'tha right profession?”

You shook your head vigorously in response, still pinned to the wall with Chibs’ arms boxing you in.

“Wha’ is it? I don’ show ye I love ye enough?” he narrowed his eyes and you shook your head 'no’ again.

“Are ye cheatin’ on me, lass?” he accused through gritted teeth.

“No. Chibs, I would never do that,” you spoke with sincerity in your voice.

“Do I need ta remind ye who ye belong to?” he growled again, pressing up against you.

You swallowed hard, “I’m yours. I know that baby.”

“Don’t ye go callin’ me baby as if I’m gonna forget seein’ ye sittin’ with tha’ arse in the bar!” he scowled at you, hitting the wall beside your head again making you jump and look down at your feet in embarrassment.

“Look a'me.” he ordered, reaching behind your head to grab a fist full of your hair and yank your head up, “Ye. Are. Mine.” he stated and you nodded as best as you could before he plunged his head down to you, smashing his lips against yours, kissing you roughly, his hand still wound tightly in your hair as he pressed you against the wall.

Chibs Being Insecure About Your Age Difference Would Include:-

Originally posted by samcroimagine

(GIF not mine, but i wish the guy in it was! a request for anon!)

- Chibs would never tell you that he felt insecure but you know him too well and you can just tell

- He always coldly eyeing any younger man that you talk too, even if it’s a cashier in the store

- He can’t believe a “beautiful young lass like you” would be with an old man like him

- He has the constant worry that you won’t be there when he gets home because he is convinced you’re going to have realised that he was too old for you and leave

- But you never will because you love him

- And when he sees you humming while you’re cooking in the kitchen or just lying around on the couch in your pyjamas he feels better

- You catch him staring at you when you’re doing the smallest things like painting your nails or brushing your hair 

- Because you look so pretty even when you aren’t wearing makeup

- You constantly reassure him that he is the most handsome man you have ever seen and you couldn’t possibly imagine being with anyone else

- He would always have his hand or arm on some part of you when you’re out together, it gets a bit restricting but it makes him feel better

- He makes sure to kiss you in front of everyone, especially when younger men come up to try and chat you up 

- The sex is great because he wants to prove to you that he can make you feel just as good as anyone half his age could do

- And he isn’t afraid of trying new things to make sure it’s never boring

- You can teach this old dog new tricks (in the bedroom, he won’t do a back flip no matter how hard you beg)

I need a nurse - Chibs x Reader.

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From the young age of five years old, you knew exactly what you wanted to be when you grew up. A nurse.
You worked your ass off for years to make sure you were able to get your dream job. So when a job offer came after you’d gotten your degree, you jumped at it. The job was in a hospital called Saint Thomas, in Charming and that’s where you had lived and worked for the last six months.
Over the six months you became good friends with one of your co-workers, Tara. She took you under her wing and the pair of you quickly became friends. It was Friday night and your 12 hour shift was finally over, you had gathered your things ready to leave when Tara walked over with a grin. “Hey, Y/N. You off home?”
You nod your head, all you needed right now was your bed. “Yep, the Salvatore brothers and a bottle of wine are waiting for me. ”
Tara let out a chuckle. “How about you grab a drink with me instead? I’ve been trying to get you to the clubhouse for ages now!”
It was true, she was always asking you to go for a drink with her. But because you spent most days working ridiculous hours, you were constantly tired.
One of the reasons Tara wanted to bring you along to the clubhouse was because she was sneakily planning on setting you up with one of the bikers she knew. Tara had always talked about them to you but you hadn’t yet met any of them.
Just as you were about to turn her down for the 100th time, a voice interrupts you. “Ayyy lassie, Jax sent me to pick ya up.”  Said a beautiful older male from across the hall of the hospital. He had a thick Scottish accent and wore a leather jacket covered with patches and a set of rosemary beads.
Tara turned to face him, she began enthusiastically waving him over. The male with dimples and scars on his cheeks walked over slowly. Gosh he was gorgeous, you thought to yourself. “Chibs, meet Y/N. ” Tara smiled as she spoke.
“Nice to meet you darlin. ” He held out his hand for you to shake.
You gave him a smile. “ and you…Chibs. ”
“I was just trying to get Y/N, to join us at the clubhouse for a drink, but I’m pretty sure she was just about to say no.” Tara said with a smirk.
“We can’t have that now can we?” Chibs said to Tara but his eyes never left you. Both of them were looking at you, waiting for answer.
“Fine fine!” You gave in, your arms going up in the air as you spoke. “Let’s go. ” They both highfived before following you out of the building.


A few days had passed since you went for a drink at the clubhouse You had 3 hours to go before your shift ended.
It was Tara’s day off so you found yourself spending most of your day being rushed off your feet and not socializing at all. You just made it to reception when the doors flung open and in rushed Chibs.
His eyes scanned the room and lit up as soon as he saw you. Tara had said he hadn’t shut up about you since meeting you which shocked you a little. But also made you a little happy.
You walk over to him quickly “Hey what’s up?”
“I need a nurse.” He gave you a little smirk before pulling you down the hall and into an empty room.
Once you were both in the room, he let go of your arm and smiled down at you.
“Are you crazy?” You shouted a little, you had no idea what was happening.
“Crazy about you.” He smirked again and you couldn’t deny the feeling it gave you.
You playfully hit him, shaking your head as you did. That was so cheesy… But cute. “I have to get back to work” You told him.
“Wait…” Chibs pulled your body towards his. Inches apart for each other, he looked down at you. “I mean it though, I haven’t been able to get you out of my head Y/N, I feel like I’m going crazy…I know we only just met but…”
You cut off his rambling by pressing your lips against his. You couldn’t help yourself. At first he was shocked but it didn’t take him long to return the kiss and take control of it.
A couple minutes of breathlessly making out had passed and you pulled away from the kiss, you looked up at him and smiled “Wow” was all that left your mouth.
“I think I’m gonna need a nurse everyday” he smirked before crashing his lips against yours.


Losing your virginity to Chibs would include :

(Woooo more nasty prompts! Woooo Chibs 😏 OMG I LOVE HIM! Hope it is as requested and you all like it :3 Gif not mine/found it on google/credit to the original)

-Him chuckling as he finds it amusing to hear you admit to him that you’re a virgin, only to stop the instant he realizes he made you nervous

-Him cupping your face and looking you in the eyes, to tell you that he’ll be gentle and that everything will be alright before gently pressing his lips to yours

-Him gradually building the kiss up to go rougher, making you moan into him and for him to remove take off your clothes

-Him teasing you with his words, only to start leaving hickeys over your neck and gradually going lower to your body

-Him trailing his hands down as well only to touch you where you need him before fingering you

-Him wanting to hear you let out your voice even more and encouraging you to do so, only to start going down on you

-Him chuckling even more and giving you all he’s got to make you come as he holds you tightly

-Him rubbing his cock in between your folds just to tease you and prepare you for him, only to slowly ease himself into you

-Him holding you tightly to him and whispering into your ears that he’ll wait for you to be ready, only to admit to you how much he loves you

-Him thrusting at a slow and harsh pace, making you moan from both pain and pleasure only for him to apologize for the meanwhile

“Defiance - Part 2”

Chibs Telford x Reader


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He grunted into the kiss as he ground his hips into you and you wrapped your arms around his neck. He released your hair and moved his hands down to the side of your dress, hiking it up before his lips trailed along your jaw to your throat and he found your panties, ripping the fabric off of your body, not bothering to pull them down.
He returned his hands to your dress again while his lips were still on your neck, pulling it up and over your head as he bit down harshly on your collarbone causing you to gasp and wince. He licked over the bite, soothing it with his tongue before picking you up and smothering himself between your breasts as he walked to the bedroom.

You knew better than to show him you were enjoying this, this was punishment sex, and he was going to be rough with you regardless, but even more so if you even cracked a smile.

He threw you on the bed, shrugging out of his kutte and shirt and setting them on the dresser before undoing his belt. It was hard not to stare as he stripped down, this man of yours was so damn sexy you never once thought of another man in all the years you had been together. He whipped the belt out of his belt loops and unbuttoned his jeans, pulling them off, stepping out of his boxers to reveal his already stiff cock as you waited for instructions.

“On your stomach,” he ordered and you did as you were told, flipping over and poking your butt in the air, closing your eyes.

You felt him kneel on the bed behind you between your legs, his hands rubbing down your back and over your ass, his right palm resting on your cheek, his left hand breaking away to stroke himself, as his right thumb ventured down to your center to feel your wetness, his fingertips pressing firmly into your butt cheek.
You kept your face buried in the pillow, trying to keep quiet and avoid moaning as he dipped his thumb inside you, pulling it out to spread your juices all over the outside of your tight pink slit. He did this a few times, each time dipping his thumb in deeper and he grunted with impatience as you turned your head to look back at him.

Suddenly and without warning he plunged himself into you, filling you completely with one long hard stroke that forced a scream from your throat, before stilling himself, completely buried within you, and placing both of his hands on your lower back. He began to pull out of you slowly again but only barely before he slammed into you again using your lower back for leverage, making you bite your lip to keep from crying out. He did this over and over again before he finally let himself fall over you, his chest resting against your back and his mouth attached to your ear as he rocked into you slowly but still deeply, looping his hand under your arm at your shoulder and gripping your throat with one hand while his legs moved out to straddle you and push your thighs together, his dick still moving inside you, while his other hand reached down underneath you at your center to allow his fingers to circle your clit.

“Ye want ta moan, love?” he growled into your ear, his hand still grasping your throat,

“You can moan, let me hear it,” he coaxed, slowly moving in and out of you as his hand worked on your most sensitive area.

“Mmm…” you let yourself groan and he gave an amused scoff.

“Whose pussy is this love?” he whispered, stilling himself in you again awaiting your answer.

“It’s yours baby…” you breathed, the feeling of him deep within you coupled with the exhilarating feeling of his fingers winding around your clit making you weak.

“Say ma name.” he ordered, grasping your throat tighter and slamming into you roughly.

“Ohhh! FILIP!” you screamed as his dick plowed into you.

“Thas right, (Y/N). Thas right, love. Don’t forget it,” he bit your skin between your shoulder blades and leaned back up, releasing his hand from your throat but his other hand was still attached to your clit as he began stroking into you quicker but equally as rough as before, his breathing labored as you began to feel your stomach tighten. Before you knew it, you were ready come around his dick, his hands giving you the extra stimulation you needed to tip you over the edge as you gasped and moaned into the pillow, pushing your butt up against his hips, your walls tightening around his member as a devilish grin stretched across his face and he removed his hand from your core.
He then without warning brought it up to slap you powerfully across the ass, making you jump, squeal, and clench your muscles just as he slammed into you one last time, spilling himself into you and thrusting through his orgasm, muttering Gaelic curse words as he stuffed himself inside you and stayed there for a moment, enjoying the twitching your body did involuntarily around him.

He pulled out of you and fell onto the bed beside you, both of your chests heaving as you struggled to catch your breath after your orgasms.

“No more disobeyin’ me, (Y/N),” he huffed, staring at the ceiling.

You rolled over you cuddle into his side, breathing his scent as you smiled against his skin.

“Yes sir.”

Similar In Scars

Chibs imagine based off the request;

“I was thinking an imagine where the reader works at chibs favorite diner. She has major facial scaring because of an incident with a nasty ex. She doesnt know the reason he comes in every day is just to see her. One day he hears a few male customers talking about her making her cry. He takes care of them. Confesses his feelings and takes her home maybe end it with some smut??”

It was like clockwork.

Seven thirty seven every evening. The same man. The same booth. The same black coffee and the same dreamy smile.

He’s been in everyday over the past two weeks, and he stays until you clock off, wishing you a safe drive home and going his way as you go yours.

But you’re not an idiot. You see the MC branding on his jacket, you know what sort of life he has. The life of drugs and crime, killing and slaughtering, but also the kind of life where loyalty is at its strongest. Where everybody protects one another, loves one another. The kind of thing you’ve never had but always yerned for.

You can’t lie, the Scotsman intrigues you. The scars on his face, similar to your own, the mysterious aura he carries around with him, the beauty of him that you find so alluring yet you’re unsure to as why. You’re supposed to be scared, run away from the dangerous gang member and never look back. But you couldn’t.

Today it was Friday, and you couldn’t wait to spend the whole weekend relaxing. The thought of wine, films and food made you want to throw off your apron and leave right now. Shaking your head, you look at the clock. Only two hours left of your shift.

The door chimes, the familiar figure walking in. He takes off his glasses, folding them up and putting them in his pocket as he walks to the booth in the corner. The same booth as always. You roll your eyes, smiling to yourself as you watch him get settled.

It was a pretty quiet night, people probably getting ready to go out drinking and dancing rather than coming to a lonely diner just off the highway. There is a young couple to the right of the place, maybe eighteen, wrapped up in each other in a small booth, a table of three men talking loudly in the other direction. Other than that, and Chibs of course, it was empty.

Walking over to the regular customer, you open your notepad, getting ready to jot down his order. The process was unnecessary, his choice probably being the same as always.

“Welcome to Sal’s Diner. My name is (Y/N) and I’ll be your server today. Are you ready to order?” You spew off the familiar opening lines, Chibs smiling as he knows you have no choice, your boss perched just behind the bar.

Of course he knows your name, it’s been brandished in his brain since the day he came in here, spotted it on the way back from a run and decided to pop in for a break.

“Come on, lass. You should know what I have by now.“ He teases, grinning to let you know he’s joking. You roll your eyes, not being able to control your smile.

“You know it’s protocol, Chibs, you’re no different from anybody else.” You flirt, him raising his eyebrow in question. “But let me think. Black coffee, two sugars?”

He folds his hands in front of him, nodding to let you know you’re correct. As you’re jotting it down, you hear one of the men from a few tables away whistle.

You look up at the customer, your forehead scrunching. Was he seriously whistling to get your attention? What are you, a dog? Rolling your eyes, you look back at Chibs.

“I’ll be back with your coffee in a few minutes.” You smile, his gaze harsh on the men, before he turns back to you. You walk away, heading towards the rowdy group.

“Can I get you anything?” You force a fake smile onto your lips, even when the men nudge each other and whisper, laughing quietly to each other. They stare at you, your cheeks burning as you realise they’re laughing at your scars. Your stomach burns in anger, your eyes threatening to fill up with tears.

If only you weren’t in work, you would’ve gave these bastards a piece of your mind. But with your boss hanging over your shoulder, and your bills calling in the back of your mind, you will yourself to be calm.

“Nah, we’re good.” The dude who whistled says, trying to contain his sniggers. You glare at him, spinning around on your heel to go to the bathroom.

Staring in the mirror, you lightly trace the permanent lines on your face. The one above your eyebrow, the one linking your ear to your lip, and the one just under your eye. The marks are rough, jagged, sunken in, and angry.

Closing your eyes, you tilt your head back, trying to keep the tears at bay. You take deep breaths, the feeling of the knife ripping in to your skin so fresh, even though it happened over 2 years ago.

A relationship that started out so beautiful, so wonderful, yet ended so horribly, so life changing. Stop it, you tell yourself, shaking your head as if it would free you from your mind set.

Looking at yourself, you dab under your eyes, trying to smile at yourself in encouragement. You can do this.

Chibs watches you enter the bathroom, his fists tightening. He witnessed the whole encounter, his blood was boiling at how these pricks had treated you.

He watches as they get up, laughing amongst each other. They each throw a few bills down onto the table, walking past him towards the entrance.

“Damn, she’s ugly as fuck.” The ringleader says, his friends agreeing. He listens for the chime of the door, before sliding out of his seat and heading in the same direction of the men.

Once outside, he sees them leaning on the wall at the back of the diner, smoking and chatting. They looked in their late twenties, but Chibs didn’t give a fuck anyway.

“Oi, shithead.” He walks up to the men, their gazes turning to the angry biker walking up to them. He reaches them, seeing the fear in their eyes. Chibs smiles sadistically to himself, enjoying the effect he has on them.

“Can we help you, old man?” The main one asks, laughing and looking to his friends for back up, but they stay quiet, looking down at the floor. The ringleader looks lost, gulping.

“Aye, you can start by losing the fuckin’ attitude.” Chibs demands sharply, getting in the man’s face, the two of them about the same height. “Does it make you feel tough, picking on a lass? Get you going?” He asks, grabbing the man’s crotch in his hand and squeezing.

The man immediately groans, curling over in pain. He tries to pull Chibs’ hand off his crown jewels, only making Chibs squeeze harder in response.

“Now, if you wanna give some poor wench a wee bairn someday, I suggest you go in there and apologise.“ He twists his hand, the man squealing in pain. “And you better mean it.”

“Alright man! I will, just let go.” The man manages to wheeze out the words, Chibs continuing to hold for a second, before he let’s go. The man falls over in pain, covering his junk with his hand, rolling from side to side and moaning. Chibs spits on him, turning to walk back into the diner.

He slides back into the booth, his timing perfect as he sees you walking into the kitchen.

Walking out of the bathroom you go to kitchen making a black coffee two sugars and carrying it out.

“Your coffee.“ You gently place the cup down on the table, Chibs looking up from his newspaper to look at you. “You sure I can’t tempt you to try one of our famous pies?” You try to joke, your mood a lot more sad than it was before.

Before Chibs gets a chance to respond, the door chime goes off, your eyes widening as you see the three men from before coming in. Probably here to take the piss some more, you think.

You look at the main man, confusion hitting you as you see him cradling his crotch like it was going to fall off. They walk towards you, eyeing Chibs nervously.

“We wanted to say sorry for earlier.” The main one says as he reaches you, his body slightly bent over. “We’re sorry for being disrespectful, we’re just a group of pathetic lowlives.” Another man chimes in, not giving you eye contact.

You raise your eyebrow, confused as to why they’ve suddenly come back to apologise. You look at the men closely, their eyes shifting quickly to the Scotsman before looking back down again.

You look at Chibs, him taking sips of his coffee as he watches the men menicingly. Did this have something to do with him? Your heart warms at the idea, your brain telling you not to get ahead of yourself.

“Erm, thanks I guess.” You say, the men nodding and practically running out of the place. You look back at Chibs in question, his expression giving nothing away as he meets your gaze, a gleaming twinkle in his eye.

“Enjoy your coffee. Just give me a shout if you need anything else.” You turn away from the table, walking to serve a woman and a little girl who have just came in.

As you recite your familiar lines, your mind is elsewhere, thinking about the biker across the room.

Walking out of the diner, your shift finally at an end, you rustle around in your bag for your car keys. Managing to find them, you get into your car, putting on your seat belt and starting the ignition.

Well, trying to start the ignition. Today just wasn’t your day, it seems, your car deciding to splutter and choke instead of actually working.

Groaning, you slouch in your seat, sighing deeply. Could this day get any worse?

You almost jump out of your skin when there is a knock at your window. You see Chibs on the other side, chuckling slightly at your fright. Blushing in embarrassment, you open the door, stepping out of the car.

“Jesus, Chibs. You scared me half to death.” You hold a hand to your chest, trying to calm down your racing heart. He smirks at you, his face glowing under the beam of the street lamp. “I thought you’d already left.”

“I was just having a smoke. Good job I was, your motor giving you trouble?” He asks, his hands in his pockets. You smile sheepishly at him, nodding as you run your fingers through your hair.

“Yeah, I’m not sure what’s wrong with it. The engine keeps turning over when I try to start it. I’m just gonna call my brother to come pick me up and I’ll get it towed tomorrow.” You lean into your car, grabbing your bag from the passenger seat. Chibs feels his pants tighten as you bend, your ass plump and round in your jeans.

“Don’t be daft, I’ll give you a ride. I work at a garage, I’ll have someone come get it, it’ll be fixed up by tomorrow.” Grabbing your phone and your keys before pushing the bag under the seat, you lock the car, turning to him.

“You don’t have to do that, I’m sure you’ve got better things to be doing on a Friday night. I’ll be fine.” You insist, even though you really want to take him up on his offer.

“I wasn’t askin’, lass. Come on.” You shiver, his voice holding a hint of dominance. He starts to walk before you can reply, so you just follow him.

As you reach his bike, your heart stops. You’d never been on a bike before, but not wanting to seem like a wuss, you take the helmet he offers you and slide it on your head.

He does the same, before mounting the bike and gesturing you to get on. You put one leg over the bike, sitting down, not really being sure where to hold.

“You might wanna hold on to me, sweetheart, unless you wanna fly off.” You laugh, cautiously sliding your arms around his waist and holding on.

You can feel the heat of his boduy through his kutte, as you inhale the scent of him. Aftershave and smoke, just what you imagined. It was as intoxicating as he was, your mind foggy due to your close proximity.

“Where am I heading?” He asks, revving the engine. You tell him your address, holding on to him securely as you pull off.

Pulling up to your house, you step off the bike. Chibs kills the engine and does the same, running his fingers through his helmet hair. You take off your own helmet, handing it to him smiling.

“Thank you, Chibs.” You tell him, his fingers brushing yours as he takes the helmet from you. You feel a jolt of electricity shoot through your body, his touch igniting flames within you.

“It’s no problem, love.” His voice is quiet as he looks at you, the tension between the two of you evident.

Biting the bullet, you shove your nerves to the bottom of your stomach. “You wanna come in for a drink or something?” You slap yourself internally as soon as you ask, you’ve probably burdened him enough tonight.

“Sure.” He accepts, your heart skipping a beat as he does. You smile, turning to walk up your path. He falls into step behind you, your hands fiddling with your keys once you reach the door.

Once you’ve unlocked the door, you step in, holding the door open for your guest. Locking it behind him, you turn on the lights, telling him to take a seat in the living room and make himself comfortable.

You go into the kitchen, your hands shaking slightly as you grab two glasses. Butterflies are swarming madly in your stomach, your throat closing up with nerves. You tell yourself to calm down, pouring some wine into the two glasses.

“I wasn’t sure what you wanted to drink, so I poured some wine. I’ve got tea or coffee if you want one of those instead, don’t want to encourage drinking and driving.” You walk into the living room, him sitting on the couch, his jacket laying on the table.

“I can handle my liquor, lass, don’t worry about me.” He takes the wine glass from you, taking a sip as you sit down next to him.

You curl your feet up under you, your trainers discarded on the floor. “Can I ask you something?” He turns to you, nodding as he takes another taste of his drink.

“I could be completely off the mark here, and it might just be me thinking things but I have to ask or else it’ll drive me crazy.” You laugh nervously, looking down into your glass. “Did you say something to those guys earlier? The ones at the diner?”

Your question throws him off, him placing his wine glass on the table and sighing. He doesn’t know whether to be honest with you, as he doesn’t want to come on too strong or scare you away. But this is who he is, and he doesn’t want to lie about that.

“Aye, I might’ve spoken to them. Is that a problem?” He asks, his defence already up. He’s grew up surrounded by criticism and judgement, so as soon as anybody questions him, he’s immediately on the defensive.

He doesn’t know what to say when you smile at him, your beautiful eyes softening.

“You didn’t have to. I mean I’m thankful that you did, and it means a lot,” you ramble, pushing a hair behind your ear, “but I didn’t expect you to, you didn’t have to.”

“Listen, I know what it’s like to have people look at you different, whisper whenever they see that your skin has a few more marks than theirs.” Your heart warms as he opens up to you, your attention completely on him.

“But I just want you to know, I think you’re stunnin’, scars and all. Just don’t want horrible bastards making you doubt it.” A crease forms on his forehead as he talks, him wishing he would’ve done more to the men than just hurting his baby maker.

You watch him, his gaze drifting behind you before he meets your eyes. Tears are brimming the surface, your body tingling as you take in his words. Placing your glass on the table, you slide slightly closer to him.

You see his gaze flicker to your lips, your face near his as you admire it from this closer distance. The wrinkles around his eyes, his pink lips, the faded yet visible scars that adorn his cheeks.

Throwing caution into the wind, you slowly start to move in, not wanting to move too fast and ruin the moment.

You close your eyes, your lips touching his, just resting there. He makes no move to reciprocate, so you start to pull away, embarrassed.

However, he kicks into gear, his hand sliding into your hair as he pulls you towards him, locking his lips with yours. The kiss is deep, slow, both of you gently caressing the other as if they would break.

His tongue slips into your mouth, massaging softly as he explores the new territory. You pull away slightly, biting on his lower lip teasingly.

He pulls your hair lightly, a small groan leaving his lips as the kiss gets more heated. You straddle his lap, your hands moving to his hair as his settle on your hips.

Biting and sucking, the kiss is fiery, fierce, hot. The opposite of what it was a couple minutes ago, but neither one of you is complaining. His hands move to your ass, a palm on each cheek as he squeezes, rolling your hips onto his prominent bulge.

He watches you as you take control, grinding onto him as your eyes close in pleasure. Your core is throbbing, your panties already wet. He feels so good as you move onto him, his hands slipping under your jeans to feel your ass with no barrier.

Your cheeks are soft under his hands, him pulling them apart as you roll, the feeling making you moan. The noise makes him crazy, his own crotch aching for some attention.

“Are you sure about this?” He asks, his lips peppering kisses on your neck. Your nod of consent is all he needs as you’re suddenly picked up, your lips latching back onto his.

He carries you towards the staircase, slamming you against the hallway wall. He places you down, deciding he’s not going to make it to the bedroom without ripping your clothes off.

He quickly goes to work on his jeans, undoing them just enough to pull his hard cock out of his jeans. Your eyes widen at the sight of it, it being bigger than anyone you’ve been with.

His hands pull down your jeans quickly, your feet kicking them off and across the room. Your hands pull him by the shirt, your lips hovering over his as he pulls your thong to the side desperately.

The air is knocked out of you as he slides in, your wet, warm walls stretching to accommodate him. You squeeze the fabric between your fist, your head dropping back as you wince in slight pain. It’s been a while, but damn he feels good.

He gives you a minute to relax around him, his cock pulsing inside you. He pulls out completely, sinking back into you as he places his hands on the wall beside your head. His eyes are locked on yours, his gaze so intense that you almost come right there.

He starts to fuck you, your back slamming against the wall as he drives deeply, in and out. You’re a moaning mess, his movements undoing you bit by bit. The whole thing is so erotic, so hungry as he takes you against the wall, the neighbours probably being able to hear your shouts of pleasure.

His mouth covers yours, your lips slightly sucking on his tongue, a deep moan leaving him as he ferociously drills you, bringing you closer and closer to the edge. You never wanted it to end, the feeling of him inside you being one you would happily feel for the rest of your life, but you knew your orgasm was fast approaching.

“Fuck. Tell me how it feels, (Y/N). Tell me.” He pleads to you, his thrusts slowing down, destroying you just as wonderfully as before.

“You feel so good inside me, Chibs. Oh god, right there.” Panting, you squeeze your eyes shut as he hits your gspot, his cock perfectly hitting it everytime he slips back into you.

“I’m gonna come.” He manages to force out the words, the rasp and desperation in his voice making you reach breaking point, your orgasm hitting you as you scream. The pleasure is so intense, so powerful, that your eyes close, not being able to keep them open.

Your high drives his, his cock tensing before you feel his juices shoot inside of you, his teeth biting into your shoulder as he comes, his lips suckling the mark he’s left.

He pulls out of you, your body feeling empty as you feel the mix of your juices start to drip down your thigh.

“Jesus Christ.” He utters, his hand wiping his forehead as he pulls up his boxers and jeans. He disappears for a second, returning with his kutte. He moves back to you, grabbing your face as he kisses you deeply, your body tired as you manage to kiss him back, still reeling from your orgasm.

“I’ll see you tomorrow.” Your face is still in his hand as he looks into your eyes. You nod sleepily, his lips curling into a smile as he kisses your forehead.

And like that, he’s gone. You slide down the wall, your heart rate finally slowing down as you try to understand what just happened. You smile to yourself, deciding that whatever did just happen, you’re more than happy for it to happen again.

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Professor Telford

A former student of Professor Telford, you never forgot the sexy instructor as you went into your adult life. Now, several years later, you are going back to college to get your masters degree, and your favorite professor is once again igniting your most hidden fantasies.

Part One

Professor Filip Telford x Reader

@sam-samcro​  @yourcroweater​  @laur-n-peace​  @soamagicreality​  @samperv

     It had been years since you’d been in college last. Work was getting impossible to advance and your boss told you directly that you needed a masters to get the job you wanted. Finally, you’d made the decision to go back to college. You weren’t sure how having more English Lit classes was going to help, but when you’d seen the list of professors, your irritation had waned.
    Professor Telford was listed among the names for the classes you needed and had promptly told your advisor you wanted his class. Years before, you’d taken your English core credits with him and had really enjoyed being in his class. It hadn’t hurt that he was a stone-cold fox. Even as a younger man, he’d had prematurely gray hair that would fall about his face and glasses, causing you to fantasize about brushing it out of the way… among other things.

Keep reading