Blood is thicker than Water

TITLE: Blood is thicker than Water
PAIRING: [Fili/Míreth(OC)]
CHAPTER: One-shot
SUMMARY: Míreth is a half elf/half dwarf traveling with the company and Thorin doesn’t really approve of his nephew’s feelings for her.

The Company had stopped for the night.

Thorin was still wary of the half-breed traveling with them, but she had proven herself the night he had dueled her in Rivendell.

Fili helped her down from her horse.

“Fili, Kili, stay with the ponies”, Thorin told his nephews.

The two nodded.

Míreth kissed Fili’s cheek and left him with the ponies.

Thorin was eager to get the young half-breed away from his nephew. He could see that Fili had feelings for her, but he was not going to let the line of Durin be sullied by elven blood. 

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