fili go away you are drunk

IMAGINE Fili saving you from drunk dwarves

I hope you  like it. :)

It was a nice late afternoon; you were on your way to have a few drinks by yourself, nothing that you haven’t done before. It was a chance to be away from the Durin brothers, they were your best friends and you liked having fun with them but sometimes they got annoying.

As you entered the bar you could see some dwarves chuckling, others seemed to be on some serious business. You sat on your usual spot and ordered your drink. Two more followed that one, you weren’t trying to get drunk. You thought about Fili and Kili. Honestly you kinda fancied Fili a little, he was a bit more reserved than Kili, and that’s what you liked about him. He was only your best friend and that’s the way you wanted  to keep your relationship.

You were halfway of your third and last drink when you saw a group of male dwarves. “May I be of your services gentlemen?” You said courtly. The men started snickering and sharing looks between themselves. Then one spoke. “You may as well be, darling” Then another. “What’s your name, darling?” You hesitated about talking to them the more they laughed, that’s when  you realized they were drunk. Oh no. This was going to get nasty if you didn’t leave now. “Y/N. That’s my name” You said and immediately hurried to the door.

Once you were outside you noticed it was really dark. You had never stayed till this time in the bar. You were about to take your leave when you heard the door open an saw the drunk dwarves. “Oi! I told you she will still be there!” One of them exclaimed and the others cheered. You backed away carefully not wanting to catch their attention as they cheered.

“Hey lass! Where are you going? The *hic* The fun is here!” Another shouted merrily as he grabbed your upper arm and pulled you into them. “Hey! What do you think you are doing?!” You struggled to get away but they got closer to you. “Leave me alone!” You shouted and attempted to grab your small knife that you always carried in your pocket. It was no use. One of the drunk dwarves removed your outer cloak. “NO! LET ME GO!” You screamed and kicked one of them. “Oi! Let go of her!” You heard a familiar voice shout. All of the drunk dwarves turned to face him. “Or what?” one spat.  “I will have your head.” Fili said with a smirk. He took out his swords. The dwarves were no match for him. One, Fili was an expert with his weapons.  And two, they were drunk. Fili didn’t really use his swords a lot; it was just to scare them. He knocked all of them out with a few but hard kicks to the face.

 “It was good that you put them to sleep, I don’t know what I would have done without you.” You said smiling. Fili chuckled as he approached you. Suddenly his expression changed from happy to a really worried. “Y/N, where have you been?” He said as he hugged you firmly. “Don’t scare me like that again. I know you always come here but not this late” He whispered. “I am sorry. I didn’t mean to cause trouble” You apologized and he hugged you closer. When he pulled back, you could see the worry in his eyes. He brushed some of your hair from your face with his thumb and pulled you for a sweet kiss on your lips. You felt like if your heart leaped in the air. “Let’s get you home” He whispered against you lips and linked his hand with yours.

Wait What: Imagine being engaged to Fili/Kili but getting drunk at your bachelorette party and waking up the next morning in bed with Thorin


        You blinked your eyes groggily as your head pounded in time with the loud knocks on the door. 

            “Not now…” you mumbled, hoping whoever it was would just go away.  You squinted your eyes as you tried to remember the night before.  You’d been drinking quite heavily, and the last thing you could remember had something to do with dancing on the table.  You groaned and rubbed your head as you turned over.  Next to you was a mess of dark hair.  Kili? You wondered, staring at the sleeping Dwarf next to you.  What day is it? Are we married already? Your groggy, hungover brain was in no way prepared to figure out what was going on.

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