fili go away you are drunk

Wait What: Imagine being engaged to Fili/Kili but getting drunk at your bachelorette party and waking up the next morning in bed with Thorin


        You blinked your eyes groggily as your head pounded in time with the loud knocks on the door. 

            “Not now…” you mumbled, hoping whoever it was would just go away.  You squinted your eyes as you tried to remember the night before.  You’d been drinking quite heavily, and the last thing you could remember had something to do with dancing on the table.  You groaned and rubbed your head as you turned over.  Next to you was a mess of dark hair.  Kili? You wondered, staring at the sleeping Dwarf next to you.  What day is it? Are we married already? Your groggy, hungover brain was in no way prepared to figure out what was going on.

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