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To those of you who have siblings:

Whether you’re best friends

And you never go anywhere without each other

Or you fight all the time

Or don’t know each other that well

Or even at all

Even when they annoy you

Or take your stuff

You have someone who you were born to love

And someone who was born to love you

You have someone who would probably die for you

Even if they wouldn’t admit it

So tell your sibling that you love them today

Even if they look at you weird

Cuz you’ll never know how lucky you are

Until you don’t have them.

With Love, 

An Only Child

New Girl

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Request:  Can you do a fic maybe with Kili and Fili being adorably overprotective of reader being the newest member of the company?

Answer: Hi Anon! I had fun writing this and I hope you enjoy it!

Warnings: None

“New girl” God you hated being called that. Even though you were the latest addition to the company they should at least call you by your name, or much less learn it. The company had finally stopped to make camp and you stood still for a moment watch everyone rush around you, setting things up before the sun set. “Erm… new girl, tie up the ponies. Fili! Kili! Make sure she doesn’t lose them!” Thorin yelled. You sighed, discouraged by the label you’ve been stuck with. 

Fili and Kili make their way over to you and notice your saddened expression. Fili nudges you to pull you from your thoughts. “What’s wrong?” Kili asks. “Why must everyone call me ‘New Girl’? Why can’t they just learn my actual name?” you ask. Fili wraps his arm around you and holds the bridles of the ponies in his free hand. “Cheer up, Y/N” Kili says as he does the same as his brother. 

“It’ll be fine” Fili says as you all begin tying the ponies to a few trees. “You tend to worry about the little things don’t you? Well it makes sense for a Runt” He adds. They nicknamed you Runt because you were the youngest and shortest. Even shorter than Bilbo. You found it annoying and cute at the same time. You shoved him causing him to loose is balance and fall, getting tangled in a few of the bridles. 

You and Kili laughed as Fili struggled to untangle himself from the ponies. “Shut up!” Fili shouts as he is finally able to stand again. “What I was going to say before you pushed me was that new girls are always very attractive” Fili says. You roll you eyes at him and finishing tying the last pony. “He’s right they always are” Kili adds. You frown and say, “Thanks guys, not exactly the pick me up I was going for, but I guess that’ll work for now”

They both look at each other and then frown at you. “What?” you ask. “It really makes you upset doesn’t it?” Fili asks. Kili studies your face, “It does” he confirms. That seemed to flip a switch in them. You knew all about that switch and you knew that you couldn’t flip it back. “Here we go” you mumble. “I refuse to let them call you that again if it makes you feel like that” Fili states. “Yeah, you won’t have to worry about being called that ever again after today Y/N” Kili adds. Oh no.

The two brothers were marching back to camp, anger radiating off of them. “Guys, you really don’t have to do this” you say. No effect. “Seriously guys it’s fine just leave it alone” you add. This made them stop. “It’s fine? Y/N It is not fine they’re continuously hurting your feeling and we’re putting a stop to it” Fili states. They starts marching off towards camp again leaving you standing there. You knew that they would end up starting something like they always do when they get all protective of you. You were worried about the fact that this might not end well.

By the time you catch up they were already standing over everyone around the campfire. They were scolding the group and telling them how you were offended by the label they had given you. “You should’ve seen how upset she was earlier!” Fili shouts. “HEY!” you yell getting everyone’es attention. “Guys just stop” you say. “They hurt your feelings Y/N” Kili says. You take a deep breath and say, “You guys are very protective of me and I love that, but you’re pushing it.”

“We just-” “I know, but I’m a big girl and I can take care of myself” you interrupt. There was a moment of silence between you and the boys. “We did not realize we were offending you Y/N ” Thorin says. “Yes and we won’t call you that again las” Bofur adds. The rest of them fallow suit and add in their apologies. Fili and Kili smile feeling father accomplished and roll your eyes at them. You loved how they cared, but they tend to go overboard like the idiots they are. Either way you knew you always had someone who was there for you no matter what.

Here’s a passage from The Hobbit, let’s analyze what’s really going on:

(Spoiler Alert - it’s Fili and Kili at the door!)

So Fili and Kili rang the doorbell…twice (and loudly!). The best way to interpret it is that they each rang it. Think about how utterly precious (and unnecessary) that is.

In the movie, they only ring it once, because I think it’s safe to assume this happened:

Imagine Fili’s and Kili’s reaction when they hear that you will join them on their journey. They would first be a bit concerned that this would be too much of danger for a lady, but then come to the conclusion that Gandalf wouldn’t have invited you, if he wasn’t sure that you could do this.
“So, you are our number 16, lass?”
“I think so. I’m Y/n”
*under his breath* “Well, I guess I have a new lucky number”


-Anon request


“I’ll get it, Uncle!” you called to your uncle, Bilbo Baggins, trotting over to the round oak door. Swinging it open you raised an eyebrow at the two -attractive- dwarves stood on the front step. “Yes? Can I help you?”

The one with the long dark hair looked you up and down slowly with a wicked smile on his face and a mischievous glint in his eye, before saying, “Yes, I think you can.”

The one next to him with blond long hair and beard elbowed him in the ribs and smiling pleasantly at you. “We were looking for Bilbo, does he still live here?”

“Of course,” you told him with a friendly smile, stepping aside to make room for the two of them to come in. “Please, he’s in the kitchen.”

Directing the two dwarves into the kitchen, you called to Bilbo, “Uncle, umm, you have visitors?”

The middle-aged hobbit turned around, a plate still clutched in one hand. “Who is i-?” he stopped midsentence. “Ah,” was all he followed with. Then a smile broke across his face and he opened his arms wide and the two dwarves bounded up and clapped him on the back. “It’s good to see you again, Fili, Kili,” he laughed. “After all this time, as well.”

Interrupting the odd greetings, you cleared your throat loudly and raised an eyebrow when they turned to you. “Umm, we haven’t been introduced?” you encouraged.

“Of course, of course,” Bilbo smiled, jovially, “Y/N, these are my friends from my time with Gandalf: Fili and Kili.”

With a warm smile, you grasped each one of their firm, calloused hands in turn and gave them a, “It’s a pleasure to meet you, Uncle seldom discusses his time with Gandalf.” You shot your uncle a look then, that said ’but you will be’.

“Fili, Kili,” you addressed them, “Do you want to come through to the living room while my Uncle makes tea?”

“Sounds good,” Kili smiled, striding through doors at random.

After you’d shown them into the living room, you retracted back to the kitchen where you eyed your uncle and said, “Are they going to be staying?”

Bilbo look shocked. “Of course not, why should they?”

You rolled your eyes and set him to work on making tea for four. “Because, they’ve come all this way and it’s polite to offer,” you told him sternly.

He just grumbled something about untidy dwarves.

Would you rather...

play beach volleyball in team with Thorin, Kili and Fili or

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Thranduil, Legolas and Tauriel

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LIke for  Thorin, Kili and Fili, reblog for Thranduil, Legolas and Tauriel!!!!