files were just too too big

You told yourself you could stop whenever you wanted to. You only wanted to lose a little bit of weight and gain a little bit of muscle to start out with… Only wanted to learn a little bit more about sports and fitness… Only wanted to change up your wardrobe a little bit… Only wanted to start wearing a little more athletic gear and spending a little more time at the gym.

The turning point for you was the first time you searched for muscle growth hypnosis files on the Internet. You didn’t think they would really work, of course… And, anyhow, you could always just stop listening to them once you started seeing some of those small changes you were looking for. You weren’t going to take it too far… You weren’t going to change too much… You weren’t going to get too big… That’s what you told yourself…

But looking back on it, maybe you didn’t realize just how fast the files were going to change you, and that’s why you couldn’t have stopped yourself, even if you had tried. And you liked the changes that you were seeing in yourself, didn’t you? You liked the attention you were getting each day that your muscles were getting bigger and bigger. You liked the confidence that you were gaining along with that sculpted new body of yours…

Some people have told you now that you’ve changed too much, that you need to stop listening to those hypnosis files… 

But you’re not going to stop now… Are you?

Something’s Gotta give. ( Taehyung / OC) Chapter One

Eight years.

At first thought , it seemed like a long time.  Technically it isn’t. People celebrate 25 years and 50 years of being together and eight years is pretty meager by comparison. Love is timeless, after all? 

 And honestly , some days, i look at Taehyung and it feels like just yesterday, we were standing in the rain and taking our vows.  I’d met him for the first time, at a dinner hosted by a mutual friend, the popular idol with the too wide smile and the beautiful face. We had sneaked out to pet the hostess’ dog, in one of the secluded rooms and I’d realized how incredibly down to earth and sweet this man was. 

He’d been the same age as me but so innocent and happy and so kind. So beautiful. So beautiful that whenever we walked together in public, people would stop short and stare. His beauty was just so arresting, so dazzling and I didn’t even mind the looks that came my way… the looks that said, “ How did someone like her land someone like  him?” 

i loved him and he loved me and that’s more than what a lot of people get in their life, so i was grateful . 

But still , Eight years meant a lot of things. A lot of changes and arguments and broken promises and forgotten dates. apologies not made right, forgiveness not given . Words spat out in a moment of anger, only to be regretted for months. Hurting, being hurt. 

Realizing that it’s not always easy to like someone always, just because you’re in love with them. Realizing that sex isn’t enjoyable when you have to shut your eyes because you’re still mad about the fight you had last week. Realizing that re-heating dinner after waiting for your husband for three hours makes you feel like you failed at life. 

Taehyung and I have been married for eight years. 

I gently lifted the small framed photograph off his desk, wiping down on the glass surface with the small cleaning rag, spraying some cleaner and then rubbing it again till the suface sparkled. The light from the window bounced off the reflective glass, tossing patterns on the wall and it was bright. But not as bright as our smiles in the photo. We were both young, then : Twenty one.  

Young and in love and so confident in our own immortality.

  Let’s get married. Have babies. Buy that pretty house with the white picket fence and three dogs and two cats and let’s just make everyone else jealous … Make them years for a love like ours. So much love I have for you , baby girl. i love you so much.  

It didn’t really work out that way. You see, sometimes love is enough. Sometimes it isn’t. 

And a marriage does not contain love. A marriage only contains what you put into it. If you don’t put love in marriage , and then try to draw love from it, it’s like drawing water from a dried up well. Just because you’re parched, desperate for a sip, doesn’t mean water is going to miraculously materialize. 

the same with love, really. 

But still, 

Eight years. 

The next photograph is from our rehearsal dinner, with the rest of his band. There’s Jung Kookie, bunny smile bright as he threads silly string through my hair, there’s Seokjin tugging on Taehyung’s arm and nuzzling his neck , There’s Jimin , arms around his fiancee , Yoojung but smiling fondly at his best buddy. There’s Namjoon bright, happy and so proud of Taehyung. There’s Hoseok, on his knees on the floor, carrying a grinning Taehyung who’s happily astride on his shoulders. 

And There’s Taehyung, happy. Smiling. His fingers linked with mine, his smile wide and boxy and uncaring. And There’s me, not gorgeous by their standards but pretty : bright pink skirt and ruffled white blouse, hair dyed a ridiculous burgundy . I looked happy. It was jarring, seeing the warmth in my smile. I hadn’t seen that face in a long time and in her place was a woman with grey tinged eye bags and lank hair. 

And the woman in the mirror had long turned into a stranger. A frowning, confused, lost stranger who didn’t know what was wrong with her marriage or how to fix it. A woman who went through the day in a trance, busy without getting anything done and in love with a phantom. 

i don’t know exactly when it started : this downward spiral. A year ago, he got a movie with Lalisa Manoban and began to work over time. 

Taehyung didn’t come home on most nights and even when he did, it was to awkward silences and cold food. We didn’t talk much, him perpetually tired from working and me perpetually worried about how tired he was. Any time i voiced my concern , he chewed me out .

 Someone has to pay the bills!

this is what i do, Raemi !!

You knew about my schedules when you married me!! 

i can’t drop years of hardwork, just because you’re feeling lonely, Raemi. why don’t you get a job? Why don’t you keep yourself busy. You can’t expect me to give you all the comfort you need!!

 “You should talk to him” Yoojung had said, when one day, I’d felt incredibly saturated with insecurities and fears and then the damning words had just spilled out of me like dirty water from an overflowing sink. 

“Yoojung what if he’s tired of me?” 

And for a brief moment i considered it. 

I had considered, talking to him. Maybe even taking a break.  Moving to my parent’s house, maybe. but i couldn’t. what if something awful happened. What if , me leaving , just convinced Taehyung that he could live without me? What if he realized that he didn’t need me after all? 

So I stayed. Even though we weren’t us, even though my husband was taking all the love from our marrage and putting nothing back in for me to receive, i stayed. 

One day, he asked me to dress for a dinner date. With friends, he said. But just as I got ready , just as we were about to leave, he stared at me, his face oddly calculatiove as he took in my dress and my hair and just me. 

“Maybe , we should hire a few maids.” He said softly. 

I had been so startled. 

“What, why?”

“The house looks like a trash can. What do you do here all day, anyway?”

I had been stunned speechless. He had never talked to me that way. Had never talked to anyone that way. Taehyung had a name for being kind and considerate. He stood there, staring at me, not a hint of playfulness or kindness or even affection on his face.

I couldn’t stop the tears that spilled over and I had turned on my heel and walked back into my work room and slammed the door shut. He didn’t even bother checking up on me, instead leaving for the dinner by himself. 

That night, for the first time in a long time, I slept in the guest bedroom. Turns out i didn’t even have to. He never came home. 

And then the rumors began. 

 Star Actor Kim Taehyung affair with Lalisa Manoban?Visual couple dazzle on the ramp but is there something going on behind the scenes and under the sheets?

 Tabloids. Sleazy words and sickening rumors. Because that’s what they were : rumors. Taehyung would never cheat on me. Lalisa may have perfect features, a lithe , lissom body and those slanted , gorgeous eyes but i had his name and that ought to mean something, right? 

i placed the photograph back and sighed. 

Past the framed photograph, there were things that i don’t usually touch. The huge file with all his movie scripts. it’s thick and big and it just served as yet another reminder that to Taehyung, his work would always come first. The past few years, he has been successful, not just in Korea but overseas as well. I was proud of him. Of course i was. Who wouldn’t be? He was handsome, successful and talented and respected : Koreas’s Treasure. 

His friends were all successful too, most of them married ( except for Yoongi and jung Kook ) They still have comebacks . They still do music. But they have their own families too. Once a month we  meet up at one of our houses for a day of bonding.  The kids would run around and play ( they all had kids. Except for me and Taehyung. A familiar pang. A pain that refused to be dulled by time. He loved kids. We both did. We had wanted them so badly but eight years is a long time , when you’re trying to have a kid and failing. Sometime after the sixth year, we had given up. ) and we would all talk about the old times, the new times. 

The future.

 It was odd, but Taehyung had long since  stopped talking about  us  as in me and him, when we were with our friends. 

it was always “ I’m going to take a script with…” or “ I’m going to Jeju Do to film” 

Like I was no longer a contributing factor in his future , short term or long term.  

I made to go back to our bedroom but suddenly the room looked too huge and empty and the bed looked massive. Too much for just me. Swallowing the dread that rose up inside me , I shut the door and crept back to the  living space, past the small hallway and onto the room that I used to paint and write. I grabbed the fluffy white throw before  curling on the carpet at the foot of the easel.. i was feeling a bit peaky the past few days. A steady sort of exhaustion that was creeping up on me .

the kind of bone weary tiredness that comes from everyday monotony. 

The phone rang and i jumped a bit. 


“Raemi?” His voice had always been  unique. Deep and slightly rough. Completely at odds with his face. Familiar as as my deepest secrets. 

“Are you back? When are you coming home?” I asked softly. 


“There are a few scenes i wanted to discuss with the Director. He’s invited me to his place tonight.” Taehyung sounded genuinely apologetic. 

What a fantastic actor he was.So much improv, no need for a script. 

 “ Okay. Will you come home tomorrow?” 

“I’ll try. Are you okay? Did you get some rest with me gone ? ” And the concern is not an act, i thought vaguely. Taehyung cared , even if he didn’t care enough. 

“Sure … I’m fine. Tae,  take good care of yourself. Come home soon, okay.”

“Okay, Rae.See you soon.”

“I Love you. “ It’s almost a reminder , at this point. To him and to me. Don’t forget i love you. Don’t forget you love me too.  We act like we don’t, but we do. 

A pause. 

“I love you too, baby.”

After eight years, Taehyung lies without missing a beat. 

 Author’s Note : Yup, i don’t know if i should even continue this.. It sounds so bad? Ugh. 


Part 2

Masterlist <—- Full series warnings there.

IMPORTANT! First time seeing my work? Read THIS first.

For chapter - Bucky x Reader x Steve, Pietro x Wanda

1860 words

Summary - The twins don’t remember what happened at first, and when they do, they’re afraid of what’s going to happen to them.

Final Warning [chapter] - mini smut [NSFW gifs], drug use, implied incest, polyamory, Russian taken from google


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Brooklyn 99
Pairing: Jake Peralta x reader
Warnings: Makeout session.
Request: Would you do a joke peralta oneshot possibly please? Maybe like she’s Terry’s niece and works in the 99 with them all and is like the only one who rosa actually tells anything(so they’re really close) and y/n and jake always tease/flirt but start sceretly dating and maybe terry finds them making out somewhere and kinda freaks and rosa goes super over protective mode over her too please?…🙈 maybe Boyle being like a super shipper of it all and cheesy stuff please.
A/N: It’s always fun to write Jake imagines, he’s just a big lovable dork, gotta love him. I hope you like this one! ♥

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Roommates - Part 1: Room D103

My new College!AU series that you guys voted for ages ago, is finally here.
I´d like to say that I will most likely upload this once a week and that I don´t really have a concrete idea on where this is going but I hope you guys don´t mind and enjoy the ride.

I have to warn you though, this is going to be full of clichés, weird coincidences and all in all the flufflyest fluff in the world of fluff, paired with the occasional smut.
If that´s your thing, than have fun reading Room D103

When you arrive at college, everything is supposed to change. You want to become a new person, leave behind the things that happened to you in your hometown and try to make some new friends and fit in.
But what happens if you end up with a roommate, who is not only a guy, but also a handsome football player/most annoying jerk on the whole planet?

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Length: 1722 Words

Warnings: fluff, smut (not yet but in later chapters)

Originally posted by bitch-jerk-moose


You couldn´t have been more excited to finally leave for college.
This was what you had been dreaming about for four years now. Especially after all the crap that happened to you in high school.
But you were done with this now. Your decision to move over 1000 Miles away seemed more right than ever.
You were pulling up into the driveway of the Michigan State University, your small car full to the top with all the stuff you brought from home.
In the end it had been more stuff than you expected but you hoped your new roommate wasn´t going to mind.
You had been kinda excited to meet your new roommate for weeks now, especially since you were usually a little shy around new people.
But this was going to be the start of a new life, a new you.
You were going to become a teacher and you were going to become a whole other person.
The sun was shining, and even though it wasn´t exactly warm, you were enjoying it.
It was pretty busy out in the parking lot and when you opened the trunk to get out the first of your boxes, someone immediately stumbled into you, making you loose your balance and fall onto the sidewalk.
“Shit, I´m so sorry, didn´t see you there”, that someone said and you grabbed the reached out hand before looking into the eyes of a small redhead that was looking at you in worry. 

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Mother Nature Hits

Requested by an anon

Summary: You get your period(not for the first time) at the Curtis house.

All day you felt the familiar pain in your lower stomach yet Aunt Flo still hadn’t shown. Figuring that she’d visit tomorrow morning, you forgone any absorption methods and went to the Curtis house as planned, not thinking any more of it. After a couple pain pills not even the pain bothered you or prohibited you from focusing on the night ahead of you.

You headed up to the Curtis house and bounded up their porch stairs before busting through the door. You were the first to arrive and were greeted by three heads popping out from various rooms to see who just barged in. They each shouted a greeting when Soda came out of his bedroom and flopped onto the couch next to you before you got up to decorate a bit.

That night you decided to throw a party for the gang, school finished and Two-Bit finally graduated and you organized a big shindig to celebrate. The rest of the guys slowly filed in, except for Dallas who had to work a rodeo that night. You understood and your feelings weren’t hurt, it wasn’t like he was just blowing it off to blow it off. In all honesty you were surprised that Steve showed up because he usually expressed that your parties were too juvenile.

Granted, they did include pizza, pop, your homemade brownies, cheesy movies, card games, and barely any alcohol. Honestly it was a surprise Two-Bit showed up too, but you assumed he did it for the food, and tonight because it was being held in his honor. They were always pretty boring in the beginning but after an hour or so you were all laughing and the whole house was loud.

Towards the middle of the party it died down a bit as everyone waited for their second wind. In that time you decided to go to the bathroom and went as white as a ghost as you noticed the blood below your border. Grumbling in embarrassment already as you cleaned yourself up and took a deep breath.

When you opened the door, you shuffled to the front door and mumbled, “I have to go…”

“Go?! Where the hell do you have to go that’s more important than here?!” Two-Bit questioned from the couch.

“Uh…my mom called.”

“In the bathroom?” Steve said almost mockingly.

“What’s going on, (Y/N)?” Soda asked curiously as he stood up.

You sighed in defeat, “I got my period. I’m going home to grab…uh…stuff…”

“That’s pretty far for you to walk in the dark…” Ponyboy spoke up from the dining table.”

“Let me just drive you to the drug store!” Soda offered cheerily.

“I’ll go too,” Steve smirked, thinking a late night drug store run would be fun.

“Let’s take my truck,” Darry spoke up from the kitchen, listening to the whole thing as he cut your brownies up.

So at a half hour before midnight you all went to the drug store, Darry, you and Two-Bit squished into the cab of the truck as the other four guys sat in the bed of Darry’s truck anticipating raiding the drug store. when you arrived you all filed out, a permanent blush on your cheeks because of the situation. Darry and Johnny followed you to the feminine hygiene aisle, not having anything else better to look for.

“Pads, or tampons?” Darry asked, the only thing he really knew about absorption “tactics”.

“(Your preference.)”

They both narrowed in on the area where they were located, leaving you no room to just grab the box you normally got. One by one they listed off the different brands and curiously read off all of the variations between brands as you tried to stop them.

Johnny pulled out a box and showed it, almost as if it was from outer space, “They’re colorful?” he questioned, utterly confused.

“Well, what’s the point of that?” Darry asked.

When you saw Soda and Steve approaching the tampon and pad area you slightly shoved Darry aside and grabbed your box, not about to even start a conversation about pads and tampons with those two. After you successfully had your box in your hand you nodded at the guys before walking towards the main aisle.

“This is what I always use.”

“You use the same thing every time?! But there’s so many others!” Johnny said meekly in amazement.

“Where’s Two and Pony?” Soda questioned you three as if it was your job to look after them.

You shrugged and all of you looked around, finding Two-Bit and Pony in the back of the store by the cough syrup as Two explained what types of medicine really got you high to a curious yet mortified Pony. Apparently it was surprising to him that you could get high off of something that was so off the wall.

After finding them and dragging everyone to the register so you could check out the gang filed back into the truck. When you got back to the house you went straight to the bathroom and after you thanked the guys. It took a bit, but the party went back into full swing as you all pigged out on the snacks Steve got at the drug store. Dallas even showed up after he was done working and you guys didn’t fall asleep until the sun came up.

anonymous asked:

35) things you said that made me feel real

There are only so many small things in the world. At least, with his arm bent under his ear and his cheek pressed against Scully’s motel pillow, that’s what it sounded like the National Geographic channel was preaching. The television played on low, humming with static.

“So many small things?” he said. Scully glanced back at him from the edge of the bed, spine curved over some thick manila folder. He tried to locate his glasses for a moment, as though they would help him to hear better. 

“Are you talking in your sleep or do I need to check you again for head trauma?”

Her hair was falling into her eyes, lips pressed against the rounded end of a pen. He squinted and located his glasses perched on her nose. She’d let them fall down a bit, and he wished he was awake enough to remember and repeat the legend of Theia, goddess of sight, because sometimes Scully did things like steal his reading glasses and then he didn’t know how to talk to her like a normal person. Sometimes he thought if he died here, or his apartment, and they dusted for evidence, she’d be the first suspect. Her fingerprints scattered over everything like snow.

He gestured at the TV. “The show. It said there were only so many small things.”

She was the one who would know, because she knew things like that. What the TV had meant and if the science was right and when their flight out of Tennessee was tomorrow. If there were a select number of small things in the world, she would be able to count them up for him. She leaned back so her palms held her weight, rolled her neck and her eyelids fluttered. 

“I haven’t been paying attention,” she said. She meant: I’ve been working. Her hair cut messily against her cheeks. There was no malice in it. Her voice or her smile or the way she carried herself, all straight lines and clean knees.

“Is it true?”

A sigh as she looked back at her work. “Is what true?”

“That there are only a certain number of small things in the world.”

“There’s a certain number of everything, Mulder. Very little is truly infinite.” 

On the TV, they were showing footage of babies and snails. Terrestrial animals. Those that crawl. So many crawling things? It was, he decided, a less interesting question. He watched her hunch closer to the file resting in the cradle of her legs. 

“But what about small things?” He stretched out further across the bed, letting his knee come into contact with her hip. Sometimes his nearness unnerved her, like he was following stage directions in a script she had forgotten to read. He’d touched her in little ways since the cancer, specific places, like localized anesthetic. She kept her hands to herself but his glasses on her nose.

“I don’t know.”

He made a little disbelieving sound that made her want to pinch him. His faith in her was gentle and heavy, slung warmly across her shoulders.

“They didn’t teach you about small things in school?”

“I’m a physicist, Mulder. ‘Small things’ are not their own category. There’s mycobacteria, germs, things so minuscule you can’t see them without a high powered magniscope. Atoms. There’s not just one definition.”

He went quiet, like he was considering this. “So it’s just a feeling? Like if I say, this motel is big but you’re small – that’s not science, just intuition.”

She shrugged. “Basically.”

He allowed her just enough silence for the next five minutes that she deluded herself into believing she was going to be able to finish this report and then claim his motel bed as her own.

And then: “You’re not just a physicist.”

The pen made a clattering sound as she rapped it off his closest leg. 

“Are you trying to make sure I don’t get this report done? Is it because you don’t want Skinner to know that you got hit over the head with a pan by a 76 year-old woman you mistook for a Valkyrie?”

She turned back towards him. He looked up at the ceiling, letting his arms rest out wide on either side of him. He looked pinned to Styrofoam, a study in faith, delusion and farsightedness.

“You’re also a doctor.”

Her sigh was long-suffering, like the kind the husband on Bewitched used to let out at prime comedic moment. You see what I put up with? You think it’s easy to live with someone who can wrinkle their nose and turn the world on its head?

“Yes, correct. Thank you.” 

“And an FBI agent.” 

“Are we listing my resume now?”

“And a sister and a daughter.”

This was the problem with him, with them, really. He did this, talked inanely at her and watched the ceiling like it had stars on it and she put her files on the floor and surrendered into it. The Bewitched-husband sigh again. A sound like water as the files slid off the slick motel covers. She rolled onto one side at the foot of the bed, her socks brushing against the side of his ankles. Eyebrows raised like she couldn’t wait to hear the end of whatever story he was telling.

He glanced down the length of the bed at her. Wondered if this qualified as consorting, falling asleep in her bed and talking to her like this. He crossed is fingers over his stomach like he was presenting hard evidence.

“You’re my best friend.”

There were times when Scully looked at him with a fierceness he couldn’t place, some unmoored intensity. He remembers brushing past her in his mother’s hallway, her cheeks flushed and angry even though he was the one who had been slapped. He wished he’d known her when he was a kid. There is no good way to explain that you wanted to grow up and then grow old with someone. Wished for a backwards progression of love.  

Her cheeks went peach colored, an unfinished red. She ducked her head. “Mulder.”

He smiled, the hesitant, half-way he did when she checked him for injuries, prodded for broken bones. Waited to see how badly he was hurt. “Scully.” 

It reminded her of grade school, the blacktop sincerity of it. She pictures Mulder at ten, eleven. Curious and tall, looking at her with the same smile. Taking her hand and dragging her into the forest after him, explaining with wide-eyes that they were looking for small things. Things to keep in their pockets and up their sleeves. Her grade school self has too many freckles and a gap in her teeth, but her adult voice speaks through her lips: There are a select number of small things in the known world, Mulder, but no science in it. No textbook definition of what criteria qualified a small thing. Of how many little things could add up, multiply, become something larger, too big to hold or understand. 

In her head, they were young and small and strange together. Just for a moment and then it was gone.

She smiled down at the ugly pattern on the motel bed, intersecting lines, weaving tighter and tighter. “You’re my best friend, too.”

He nodded when she looked back up, closed his eyes like he was satisfied. She watched him for a moment, her cheek on her fist. The TV crackled and whirred through a whole commercial break before she turned back. Picked up her wayward files, pushed his glasses higher up on her nose and tried to count all the small things in the universe.

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anonymous asked:

Would you ever consider making the 'God n' Gabe' design into a wall tapestry for Society6? or for that matter your 'Get Along Cage' into one as well? cause I know I would love one =D


I WANNA SEE ONE OF THESE IN PERSON??? imagine lugging this to a con. or. you could probably use this as a blanket. construct a tent

ANYWAY, i’ll toss up a get-along cage one too soon! i totally forgot this feature was available. photoshop has a tough time handling so many big files at once for me, though!

Anonymous said:

i’m SO excited you’re selling charms again. i got a Mockumentary Jared a while back and i definitely need a little Dean or Jensen to go with him. all your stuff is just too cute and i love it

i’m excited about it too, seeing the race yesterday was insane! i did not expect that! i hope you were able to get one! i don’t have any of the mockumentary designs on me anymore, but i do have plenty of deans. if you weren’t able to grab one yesterday, there’ll be more up of the same designs on friday!

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