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AU where Adult Reborn is the one who is mute. Tsuna, for some reason, is well verse in body language and sign language (from anything and everything to Nana is deaf to Tsuna wanted to learn and Nana encouraged him) is so use to the fact that he automatically starts signing whenever he speaks to someone and can easily answer the unspoken question just by glancing at the person. 

So much so, that it takes Tsuna a few weeks to realize that he actually has never heard Reborn speak (while everyone else around him is wondering why this young man is carrying full conversations by himself).  

Reborn finds the whole thing amusing and slightly flattering. He’s never met someone who just instantly understands him as if he was actually speaking. 

-files this under things I will write even if it kills me- 

The King of Jealousy

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Title: The King of Jealousy

Pairing: Pride x Reader

Word Count: 1,014

Warnings: none?

A/N: I was gonna save this for Friday, but I was easily convinced to post it now. Tonight is a new episode of NOLA and I am PUMPED! Feedback is welcomed and appreciated! I love you all so much!! <3 This was requested by an Anon: Pride x Reader oneshot where Pride is jealous bc someone is flirting with the reader

Dwayne Pride’s friend, Jethro, was famous for his rules.  Pride on the other hand, didn’t have any rules.  Jethro would have scolded Pride for dating you.  He couldn’t help the feelings he had for you.  He loved you.  There was no way he was going to stand by as someone else had the chance to sweep you off of your feet.  He never regretted the day he made you his.

The hardest thing about being with you in this line of work, was the suspects and the random people you had to deal with.  Pride always tried to be in the interrogation room with you whenever it was possible.  Suspects often tried to sweet talk you and that made Dwayne’s blood boil.

The agent watched through the glass as you and LaSalle sat the perp down in a chair.  He had to admit, he did like watching you during interrogations.  You were great at getting under people’s skin.  

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just your monthly-ish/every-two-months-ish reminder to not associate with me whatsoever if you support the scp artist antipuff/stygiomedusiod. She’s my and several of my friends’ long-term harasser, to the degree of filing false police reports against me and stalking friends’ social media pages constantly/attempting to message them through blocks, and all of this is proven and referenced here. I’ve had to get some pretty severe things done in response to her offenses (including defending myself to police under false accusations of in-person stalking, or leaving my house because she/her friends were threatening to kill me at my home address) and it’s honestly ruined months of my life and I’ve only recently gotten closure, with the assistance of a counselor. So please make it easy for everyone involved and don’t interact with me if you support her, go ahead and unfollow me. all the evidence is here on my legal page in section vi as always. she has tried to cover this up, but she still stalks and harasses my friends offsite, the latest of which was only about a week ago. she’s still the same bad person. as always, I do not endorse her harassment whatsoever. All I ask is that you not interact with me if you support her.

thank you, and as usual this is the last/only negative post for a month or two and we’re back to shitposts now.

  • Mulder: *tearing through the hospital*
  • Mulder: Excuse me, I'm looking for a patient, Dana Scully.
  • Nurse: Look, Sir. You're going to have to calm down.
  • Mulder: I will calm down when someone gives me a reason to calm down. Now I'm looking for a patient who was admitted to the ER!
  • Nurse: Dana Scully. I have her in the ICU.
  • Mulder: Where is that?
  • Nurse: You're going to have to tell me who you are first.
  • Mulder: I'm her husband!

“You see a light at the end of this ugly ass tunnel, I don’t.”

Dean | 8x14

I’ve been re-watching season 8, and Dean’s speech here honestly made me cry a little, it’s so heartbreaking to hear him talk about himself like this with such a grim resignation, that he’s never been worth more than what he can give to Sam. But I’m also quite happy, because we’ve seen such change in him since then. Although still tentative, Dean is beginning to believe that this doesn’t have to be how his story ends, that he can do something more and that he deserves something more. He finally glimpses the possibility of a happy ending for himself - to experience things differently, not marriage or whatever but ‘something’, to be able to follow his heart and let the rest work itself out. It fills me with joy to see him with such a different outlook than this.

When the Water Rises

A/N: this is basically just the episode 1.03 with a little twist

Summary: you go on a case to a beach and make a bet with Dean

Warnings: water, drowning, spirits, language

Pairings: Dean Winchester x reader

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“I found a case in California” Sam announced walking into the library with a manila folder with files

“didn’t we just leave Texas like…yesterday” you responded

“yea but people need our help” Sam assured

“you and your people need help shit” you muttered under your breath walking to your room to get your still packed duffle

“what’s her deal?” Sam asked Dean who still hadn’t said a word while sitting there silently 

“we finally got home you have to make us leave can’t you just let us take a break” Dean answered in annoyment

“dude you seriously think we should take a break” he scoffed 

“I just got back from killing things and you want me to kill more things”

“well yeah” Sam said bluntly

“whatever we leave in 30″ Dean got up and headed towards his room to grab his half unpacked bag 

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what kills me about the 2x16 goodbye scene is that Bellamy saying “what WE did. you don’t have to do this alone” has a twofold significance. sure, he’s trying to reassure Clarke by telling her that he is there for her, but he is just as equally begging her “please don’t make ME do this alone. stay.” and that makes me want to set myself on fire:))) tbh

So in my university the way we do things is that the more advanced years give the less advanced years all the material they worked with the previous years. Then in turn that year passes on everything they got+everything new that they had to the year under them and this process goes on.

So anyways I was studying for biochemistry and I got through the files and I find this one:

So I’m thinking, surely they are exaggerating. So I open it up.