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Review Filem BUNOHAN

Bunohan (Kelantanese called it as Bunohe)

  • The audience was not as I expected, not hot cake coz I bought it kinda late already and I still got K7 and K8
  • This movie portraying for us, the reality that some of us may not known and some of us still not awaken by this flaw of our society.  
  • Actions is not the main thing in this movie (as I could comment) coz only 3 fighting of MuayThai.
  • But the main issue (BIG ISSUE) is corruption.
  • How their mind already corrupted with current needs, which is MONEY. how they will make an effort to corrupt others by manipulating other’s innocent needs. And how they corrupt their own blood stream.  
  • Now I have to agree, if your family foundation is not strong and fragile, you may not survive in this world, backstabbing by others is acceptable, but by your own food sharer and play ground mates, you just don’t know how it would feel. 
  • metaphor used by Director to introduce land (tanah 30 ekar) to emphasize that our rights on our own grand grand mother’s land is taken away, bit by bit.
  • and how got some people in kampung (even in bandar) still believe in using mystic (kuasa sihir) to hold their rights. How this thing should be changed a long time ago, you cannot just putting your hope into those kind of things. See what happen at the end of movie, not cliche I must say.
  • I dont want to spoil the mood of eagerism when watching this movie, just 101 things you should know else, you will get mindfucked until you reach your car and just like me, I stayed and ponder what a movie I just watched. 
  • This movie is a must watch movie, just dont eagerly comment on their plot, but try to blend in their issues and thoughts they tried to show to us, people. Human beings