when i started working, i also started using planners (starbucks-belle de jour) now i got hooked on this. started this year on that filed a5 size scribble #getfiled #filedph planner where in i personalized a bit i took out cover because i messed up on my calligraphy there haha! so i got the cover they do not have light purple lavender or lilac so whatever i love it anyways! next one is where in i noticed that #fauxdoris are hot haha tho they don’t came in my fave color so i made one errr mom made one i just designed it and voila she sew it hahaha! my #fabricdori. Next is #leatherettedori unsatisfied with my fabric one that i really want a similar next to #pelledori or #midori the pastel one, i bought a sheet of leatherette for 60 pesos and turned it into magic lol thanks to #studiobohemeph btw,turned out a bit nicer tho but not as good as the pelledori’s however i’m fine with it, then my newly arrived #lovedoki #dokibookph i bought from #memostationph which is not active yet oh as well as the other doris they are not active. for 2015 i’m using the #filed and the last one which is i carry everyday wherever i go the pocket #kikkik in lilac #kikkikph loving it so much :) it gone through so much modifications and one major inserts renovation. shout out to #legit and pretty cool to deal with sellers! @memostationph thanks again! @sggoodies where i got kikkik lilac @studiobohemeph for leather sheets @getfiled for scribble planner and cover #plannerph #plannersph #plannerlove #planner #planners