10x22 “The Prisoner”
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File this under ‘things no one asked for’: Berena recap part 1

Thoughts upon rewatch of Berena scenes from last night. (For the bazillionth time- thank you NatsAshes) This is part one because I had to take a little break because my heart was hurting

1. New stripy weird-colour blouse and loads of makeup? Sold. No but seriously I think she looks good. I hope with Bernie as a gf Serena will get complimented all the time because with Jason’s lovable honesty my ego would be low af

2. Latte with an extra shot. That is my coffee order too so I’m basically Serena. Strong and hot’s all we care about

3. Serena leaving her office with a cute face on. She knows she’s going to see Bernie at some point which is why she’s all adorable and giddy. Even when talking about draining a surgery wound. Which is gross.

4. YAAAAS! Throw his stupid book in the bin. Bye Robbie FOREVERRRRR

5. Onwards and upwards! Yes! Because Bernie is above Robbie in every way.

6. Okay bit harsh on Robbie because he was a pretty nice guy but he was boring as shit lesbe real

7. Awww Bernie looking round for Serena gets me right in the feels

8. Serena’s little happy face when she sees her! I just can’t

9. Can’t deal with sad faces. Moving on.

10. It’s on my calendar. Pause for how cute that is…

11. Bernie looks goooooooood

12. You do know how to show a girl a good time. First time I heard this I looked like Serena but I was squealing like a 4 yo girl

13. What happened between you and Robbie. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Jason I love you but that’s a major cock block

14. I thought she loved you but she obviously doesn’t. That’s cool. I wanted to be punched in the heart