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Lucifer Morningstar x Reader : Sticks and Stones.

Notes: I’ve finally finished this one. I had pieces of story written all over my phone and finally pieced them together resulting in this.

Summary: The reader is being bullied at work. She tries to hide it from her friend Lucifer but how long can she hide it before she breaks?

Word Count: 3216

Trigger Warnings: Bullying.


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X-Files AU

Another old-ish (finished, at least) thing for an AU that I thought about a lot but never drew out. More info under the cut again, but it got super long so:

TL;DR: Ross, Trott, and Smith were abducted together as teenagers but don’t remember/believe it until they coincidentally (or not) run into each other years later - all working for the FBI - and realize they have matching nightmares, matching scars, matching implants in their necks.

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I was looking through my old SWtor files and found this :P Something I made a while ago but never posted. I didn’t think it was a finished work but reading it now I feel like it’s good enough to post.

There’s 2 more pages under the cut. They’re not as important to the short story as those 9 pages, but it still fits with how in chapter 15 Arcann attacks.

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anonymous asked:

I have a question for your Au. How do each of them deal with finals stress? Does Karkat turn into a crab and hide under a rock? Does Dave rap out his study guides? does Jake and Dirk cuddle to avoid studying/while they study?

/Well, this isn’t something I’d have the time to draw something out for at the moment, but seeing that many of us are in the midst of finals right now, I’ll go ahead and try to answer with some of my headcanons. Lol.

  • Karkat would probably start on his final projects early, forget about them until the last week, and then haul ass to get them finished before deadlines. I imagine he’s the guy that goes up to the school the night before to sleep under the desk while his files are rendering on the school computer, then he just wakes up right when class starts, turns it in, and goes home to pass out.
  • Dave is probably the guy that everyone thinks is going to be behind, cause he’s always screwing around, and he never does his work in class, and he never spends time at home studying, but then he shows up on the final day and basically just kills it. Like, he never had to worry in the first place. Meanwhile, everyone hates him because they’re all breaking their backs over studying and rendering and putting presentations together, that they never get time to screw around like he does. Lol.
  • I imagine Dirk and Jake actually have to spend time apart to get shit done, because they’ll get annoyed by one another if they’re stressed, or they’ll keep distracting each other from getting anything done. Dirk probably studies at Dave’s during finals, and only comes home to shower and sleep. Lol. Jake probably tries to partner up with Jane, because she’s very motivational, and he’s easily distracted. Lol.
  • Tavros is probably the most sensible out of the group. He studies as much as he can, with flash cards and everything. He get’s plenty of sleep, and finishes all of his projects and presentations the week before they’re due. Probably because he get’s pretty anxious about presenting or actually taking the finals, that he wants to be as prepared as possible, to kind of relieve that stress.
  • Gamzee wouldn’t be taking finals. And if he were, he’d be doing the absolute bare minimum, and only RIGHT before it’s all due. If he fails, oh well, at least he tried!
  • Aradia is the one that tells herself she’s going to pace herself, so she doesn’t freak herself out over it, but in the end, all that means is she tells herself she has plenty of time, over and over, until it’s the night before, and she pulls and all-nighter to catch up.

Those are all of the ones I’m thinking of right now. Good luck with your finals, guys! I’ll be done with mine on Friday, so I know how you all feel! We can do this!<3