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Hello! I would love to open some art commissions, but I was wondering if you had any recommendations on how payment should be done(?) Would it be good to show them a sketch before they pay so they can get a flavor of what I will draw, or should I have them pay before I have anything done to protect myself from (literally) sketchy customers?

here is what i usually do:

  1. ask them for colored picture references, if they dont have any ask them to find you pallets and stock photos that outlines what colors they want and what the character looks like. 
  2. ask them for their email not only do you need this for paypal but people change their tumblr url a lot so its nice to be able to find them. 
  3. yes, absolutely provide a sketch before you ask for payment, this will help you more than them. people often try and “add” things in later that cost extra if you skip this step (one thing i get a lot after they pay is “hey can you put my cat in there to???” or “also can you put like 90 plants in it too”). also it will give you a better idea of the cost
  4. after they approved the sketch and the price send them the invoice and tell them you’ll start once its paid (i ask for half payment when its over $50)
  5. -have them pay with paypal (SEND THEM AN INVOICE dont let anyone pay through, have a full contract in the invoice as well, mine pretty much says “it could take up to 2 moths i can still portfolio it, feel free to sell it blah bla) 

some other tips:

  • if you do half payment, then show then a suuuper low quality jpeg with a huge watermark when you give them updates
  • set the number of revisions you allow and be sure to outline if its okay to ask for revisions of the lineart or not (i know this will mess some people up) i only allow 3 unless the com was under $10 then i offer one
  • sometimes it helps to ask them their budget before sketching or talking about a price, that way you can make them something that will take as much time as their willing to pay for, rather than everyone being confused on hourly cost.
  • have a day rate!!!, rather than hourly rate. why? its easier to divide up “how many of these can i make in a day” rather than “how many half hours will this take”, if someone asks me for something that will probably take me a full day of focused work, its $100, if they want something that will only take a quarter day then its $25. easy. (my rate is mega low because i work very slowly, if you work fast you should start at $300 to $500 imo)
  • dont take every commission, if you dont wanna do it, jsut dont do it, even if its not outlined in your commission guidelines !!! if you take comms you dont like you’ll get burnt out FAST. 
  • google drive is my best friend, its great to share finished pngs in and photoshop/aseprite files through. and its really easy to stay organized!!! i like to put a lil thank you note in the folders so i look like a cool professional B)
  • please at least charge a living wage for your work. if youre doing them “just for fun” then do pay what you wants, that way youre not normalizing paying people under living standards. you will be respected for charging a living salary and get more professional commissioners that value you and your art. 

im really passionate about this kinda thing because i love to see artists thrive, so feel free to ask anything else. dont forget commissions arnt the only way to make money as an artist, apply for conventions, submit your work to galleries, make merchandise, monetize your blog, use patreon, or try out youtube. i really hope this helps !!!

Love is Fiction

So this is over a month and a half belated, but Happy Belated Birthday to @snow-into-ash! It’s become a part of my daily schedule to talk to you, friend and I couldn’t be happier. 

Also including this in Day Seven of CS AU WEEK. Writer!Emma and Librarian!Killian(Soft M toward the end and roughly 9700 words)

“Excuse me, where can I find books written by Chuck Palahniuk?” Emma looks up from her laptop screen to see the two new main characters in her story. If she were writing in script format there’d be some stage notes like ‘Enters the beautiful heroine, long dark locks and a thin physic. Evidently beautiful, but just doesn’t know it yet.’ There’d be a spotlight on her, a bright white light casting a shadow behind her that vaguely resembles angel wings or a halo. Something that says ‘this girl is it.’

And off to the left, the gorgeous, brooding librarian who hates his job as a shelver. He would be described as ‘tall, dark and handsome’ despite being close to the same height as the heroine who is also brunette. His spotlight would have some cool gel to it, creating the ambiance that he’s so blue and melancholy. Once the two meet in center stage, the whole scene illuminates, a row of library shelves behind them.

“We all die. The goal isn’t to live forever; the goal is to create something that will.” The hero is British. Big plus, these accents are doing insane things to YA sales, as if the kids could actually hear them.

“What?” The heroine misses the obvious quote. Emma rethinks putting that in her notes. She doesn’t particularly want another ditzy novel where the male protagonist is so smart and the female is just hot. Sure, she wants it to sell, but she wants to also inspire a nation. A book that will, to quote the male protagonist(and Chuck Palahniuk by extension), ‘Live forever.’

“It was a…ah, it’s all fiction and organized by Author’s last name, so row 8 should be PAA-PAW. I would say mid row, the third shelf, but I may be off a book or two.”

“Oh, you were quoting him. Great, I’m gonna use that in my report.” Annnnnd the heroine is still in high school. Time to count her out.

Emma goes back to the story at hand. She’s in the middle of writing some post-apocalyptic thriller about a group of gifted kids, similar to the x-men only everyone is human-passing, who divide up what’s left of a nation and decide to rule. It came to her after a three-day cleanse her roommate forced her to go on. You think up the craziest shit when you’re starving.

“Oh, is this book taken?” an older guy, early thirties, takes a seat instead of the book. “I love this author, have you read Catcher in the Rye?” There’s a copy of ‘Nine Stories by J.D Salinger’ on the table but she’s not reading it.

“Did I read Catcher in the Rye?” Emma gets hit on from time to time by older men. They prowl the library for women reading books they can comment on. She’s not one of those women. She doesn’t come to the library to read, she comes to write, and more importantly, to people watch.

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Sitting at your apartment, you sipped your coffee. After everything that happened with Jimin, you decided to take a week off from work just to completely recoup. Scrolling through the news, your jaw dropped. An article popped up. How I put my brother in prison. You re-read the title a million times, but finally you opened it. It was a viral post that people were constantly sharing, but it hit incredibly close to home.

When I would do something wrong, I would twist the story and my brother would fight for me. He protected me from people that I didn’t need protection from, but he didn’t know that. I preyed on my brother’s unconditional love and his need to protect me from the world. Soon, I had completely forgotten that I wasn’t invincible.

Most of you may know my brother, Park Jimin, as a criminal, but I want to tell you that he had no idea he was committing a crime. I didn’t tell him about my crimes, I didn’t tell him I had fled the country, I hid all of my secrets from him and he suffered.

Jimin was only doing what he had promised when he was young. He promised me that he would always protect me. But what I want to tell him is that he shouldn’t protect me from the world. He should protect himself from me.

Your eyes stung with tears as you read the post. JiHyun had posted it and people were sharing it at alarming rates. They found it heartwarming that a younger brother was looking out for his older sibling, but also heartbreaking. Scrolling to the comments, you saw a ton that asked the government to relook into the case, many were pushing for a petition to be signed to get Jimin released, and some cried that he was still a criminal. However, most supported Jimin and hoped for him to be released. You picked up your phone, but before you could dial a number, your boss was calling.

Y/N. His stern voice threw you off guard.

Yes? You answered and he sighed.

I need to take you off the Park Jimin case. You’ve had too much involvement with his brother and now with this post, have you seen it? He asked quickly and you told him you had. Well this post is causing us nothing but grief, we need to vet that this is JiHyun and then we have to make a deal. But you can’t be there. He said and your mouth hung open.

Why? You muttered, but your boss was already complaining about the mountain of paperwork he now had to complete because of JiHyun’s post. You sighed and hung up the phone. You thought about calling the house, but instead you laid down and put a hand over your eyes.

A flood of memories popped into your head. The little things that Jimin would do when you came into the house. How he would smile at you and his giggle would light up your day. But now you dreaded what the government was going to do, how they would react, you weren’t there to protect him anymore. You couldn’t help the sigh that escaped your lips once more. It hurt to know that Jimin would probably blame himself for you leaving, he would assume that him and his brother were the cause, but you knew you couldn’t reach out to him. The tears streamed down your face. It’s not supposed to be this hard. You whispered into the empty apartment.

Jimin stood in your office as the movers took everything from your desk. He watched intently and with a deep scowl on his face as they packed up boxes of papers and journals. Stripping away the light and life that you brought into that place. He walked back to his room and Yoongi knocked on his door.

What? Jimin said and Yoongi chuckled.

Wow, show me how you really care. He jeered and Jimin didn’t break his angry gaze.

Y/N is gone. No note, no warning, she said she was going on a couple day leave, now they are taking her things. Jimin threw his hands in the air, but Yoongi shook his head. Pulling his tablet out from behind his back, he lightly tossed it at the angry inmate.

Things aren’t as black and white as you thought. Yoongi replied and Jimin scanned the document. It was your hacked file and under your reason for leaving, there was a simple message.

Forceful reassignment? Jimin read it aloud and Yoongi nodded from the doorway.

Guess her bosses thought she was getting too cozy with us, plus with your brother coming to join the house, I’m sure they just wanted a new, clean slate. Yoongi shrugged. And I was actually starting to like her. He murmured and Jimin nodded.

Jimin didn’t tell anyone, but he was not only starting to like you, he was really starting to fall. He saw you as an escape from the pain that the house brought, he saw you as a center of calm in the chaos that was his life, but now you were gone and he didn’t know what to do. Looking at the document, he looked up at Yoongi.

I can still forge. He quietly spoke and Yoongi raised an eyebrow. Maybe, her boss will listen to a more intense government official. Jimin contemplated the idea, but he could see you shaking your head vehemently in his mind. He pictured you looking at him with disapproval in your gaze, Yoongi tried to humor the idea, but Jimin shook his head. No, no. She would kill me if I broke the law now. Jimin murmured and Yoongi left the room.

Jimin wanted to make you proud, even if that meant you were not longer his doctor. Jimin would try to do the right thing, so he could look you in the eye as a free man one day.

A Quick and Dirty Guide to In-Game Achievements in Ren’Py

Disclaimer: I just barely figured this out myself. It may not be the best way to do it, I don’t know. But I had an awful time trying to find any help with constructing the actual screen to display achievements, so I want to share what little I do know! Also, this is only regarding in-game achievements, and will NOT sync with Steam. Also, my intention here is NOT to give you a complete template, it’s just to help you get started with a very rough base to customize.

So, with that in mind, here’s my quick step-by-step guide.

I’ll put this under a read more, since there are images that make it kind of long.

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is this not a visual representation of tumblr right now

The Game pt. 2

Originally posted by cuminmybatch

Fandom: Sherlock (BBC)
Paring: Sherlock, John x Reader
Summary: Part 2 was requested by a few of ya’ll! Read Part 1 here
You show up in the middle of London with no idea who you are or how you got there. The only thing you can remember, the only thought in your mind is one word: Sherlock. After finding your way to Baker Street Sherlock and John try to figure out who you are, who sent you to them, and most importantly why.

You sat in silence letting Sherlock and John go back and forth, or rather, watching John talk and Sherlock blatantly ignore him. 
“We need to call Lestrade. She could be a missing persons case.”
“He’s useless, he’d just drag all those files out and waste our time reading. She’s not a missing person.”
“How can you know that, you-you’ve read the files.” John sat down in frustration. He wasn’t going to get anywhere with Sherlock until he was finished picking you apart.
“Go on then,” John said motioning towards you, “show off.”

“You are a University Student. You can tell from the callus on your left hand, where your hand has dragged along a page taking notes. You’re not old enough to be a journalist and not clean enough to be a secretary. So student is the next reasonable thing.”
“Thanks…” you mumbled under your breath.
”But the mark has been washed away, indicating that you skipped class recently or more likely that whoever sent you to me washed it off your hand to throw me off. And if they know the kind of details I’d look for it means they know me very well.”

You thought you’d be grateful having Sherlock tell you these details about your life. Giving you information you couldn’t find on your own. But it also made you uncomfortable. He stared at you like he was reading your life story in the ends of your chipped fingernails or the straightness of your teeth. You didn’t know if you wanted him to know everything, especially when you knew nothing. 

“Your hair is not naturally that color.”
“Even I could’ve told you that” you said dryly, resisting the urge to glare at Sherlock. 
“But according to your dark roots it’s been that color for some time now. Which means they didn’t care to disguise you. They aren’t trying to hide who you are, just why you.”

A sudden flash of light made you jump, and even caught Sherlock off guard. John looked at the picture he had taken of you and uploaded into his web browser. “While he’s worried about why, I’m going to try and help you figure out who you are.” John said to you gently. You watched as he uploaded your photo into the search bar. “I’m just looking for similar images…” his voice trailed off. “…Sherlock.”

Originally posted by blogmyobsessions

The look on John’s face made your heart dropped. He had found something.
“What?” you asked, making your way over to him. 
Every single image in the search result was the same picture, the same person, the same pose. Sherlock was right, someone was sending him a message. But the faces that stared from the screen weren’t you…at least you were pretty sure they weren’t you.
“Who is that?” you asked. 
Sherlock glanced over at John and his laptop nonchalantly, “never mind sorting that out John we-” He did a double take at the screen. He hadn’t seen that face in a long time.
John just stared at him, silent and waiting. 
“The woman.”
“How can it be? I mean…memory wiping aren’t really her style. She likes to be remembered.” said John flashing back to the impression the woman had made on him, how she stood completely naked in her home as she carried on conversation like everything was normal. 

Sherlock turned suddenly and stepped right up to you, inches away from your face. He studied you intensely for a few seconds and then backed away with a smile. 
“What is going on?” you asked. You were very confused and starting to get upset again.
“It’s another message,” Sherlock said, clearly enjoying being the smartest person in the room again. 
“And what’s this one say?” you said, your voice shaking a bit. You’d only been in this ‘game’ for a few hours and it was already getting to you. You didn’t want to play anymore. You just wanted answers. 

“You’re name.”
John and you stared at Sherlock, shocked and confused. 
“Or at least that latter half of it.” He paused, waiting for you to catch on. “You’re sister was clearly the clever one in the family…” he said to himself. John started at you wide-eyed, trying to process what was happening.

Sherlock straightened himself and lifting his head high with dramatic flare declared his conclusion, “welcome to Baker Street, Miss Adler.”

tarot interpretations 🃏 (from a beginner)

filed under stuff no one asked for. When you’re learning to read tarot, it’s important to get to know the smaller patterns of your life and your cards. It can help you understand your decks on a personal level and fortify your confidence of a reading’s coherence.

None of these are from a source, they are examples representing their influence on me. If you disagree with it, all the better. I encourage you to follow your instinct! It plays such a keen role in divination~

Suits 🃏 show me what’s up
💭 wands : self, location, status - personal
💭 cups : people, reaction, change - influential
💭 swords : things, instinct, capability - circumstantial
💭 pentacles : metaphysical, growth, big picture - inevitable

Courts 🃏 we got business
💭 kings - you’re actually working for them
💭 queens - they will be painfully wise
💭 knights - fools who only want to help
💭 pages - fools who help themselves

Numbers 🃏 anatomy of a read
💭1 all that is/remains
💭2 personal interaction
💭3 powerful & tricky, read carefully
💭4 structure & composure
💭5 the struggle number.
💭6 give & take
💭7 manner of progress
💭8 similar to 6, reflection & buildup
💭9 funneling down & hindsight
💭10 the end.

Major Arcana 🃏 WIP ugh

Additionally, yes book definitions are important sources especially to the individual deck and it’s totally fine if you vibe with their respective meanings - but a personal list might help if you find yourself stumped with a reading or even an entire deck.

anonymous asked:

Hi there! I just have a quesiton about your patreon, when we donate we do we get to see everything posted before we donated? Or is do we only have access to everything after? I've never used patreon so I'm just wondering how it works :)

Generally speaking the rewards unlock as soon as the pledged amount goes through ! So that people don’t just put down a random amount, snag the files, and cancel ! 

(Note however; that the tiers are currently under construction since I am nearing my goal and I want to be able to provide more things for more people.)  

Anonymous asked: What about a fic where dean decides that, since his grace is dying, cas should sleep…. So he sleeps with dean. And then cas has a nightmare so dean wakes up a crying cas, and cas gets comforted…. And they just talk for the rest of the night.

Author’s note: I shall file this under ‘things I need on the actual show’. 

Not only was Dean Winchester a creeper, he was also a big fat hypocrite. He resisted the strong urge to laugh at his pathetic self as he shamelessly stared at his best friend, fast asleep on the other side of the bed. Cas was sleeping on his side, conveniently facing Dean as he steadily breathed in and out. Long lashes were resting against sharp cheek bones, pink lips slightly parted, dark hair fanned out against the pillow.

Dean was captivated by the perfect picture that the angel made, right here in his bed. And that was just it;  He was doing the very thing that he had scolded Cas for in the past, numerous times. ‘Do you get your freak on by watching people sleep or something?’ Dean cringed as he replayed the ancient memory in his mind.

Yeah, he could get it now. Could finally comprehend what could possibly be fascinating about watching someone sleep. Dean’s hands were aching to reach out and touch, but he still had just about enough common sense left to convince himself that he shouldn’t. He’d already been bold enough; Dean felt guilty as he thought about all the excuses that he’d made to get Castiel here in the first place.

‘You should sleep, you look like hell, man. Please get some sleep.’

That one hadn’t been a lie; Dean had been genuinely worried about his friend, who pretended that his fading grace wasn’t affecting him, even though it clearly was. Castiel had looked extremely worn out, dark circles under his tired blue eyes, as if he was about to collapse at any second.

‘We… We don’t have a couch here, and we haven’t had time yet to clear out any of the other bedrooms because we’re not using them anyway, so they’re all disgusting and barely accessible…’

Lie. The bedroom where Kevin used to sleep was decent enough.

‘It’s fine, Cas… We can share my bed, it’s not a big deal. Friends can share beds.’

Partly a lie. Sure, friends could share a bed, but Dean’s motivation behind it hadn’t been all that innocent.

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How do you do the glitch thing with your art??


this is sorta long so im gonna put it under a read more

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So here we go, starting the tradition of a BOTM, yay! :)

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Can you elaborate a lil? I kinda want to know what made you feel that way.

Alright. But I’m seriously elaborating. Haha

If you haven’t read A Holistic Approach to Kris’ Case, I suggest you go check it out. It makes some interesting points:

It mentions the tax evasion case that was supposedly made against SM as well as their missing financial statements from their website. A few months back there were rumours about SM being investigated for tax evasion. If they were fully in the clear, their financial statements should be available for the public (such as shareholders, investors, creditors.. etc) which is usually done by listing them on the company’s site as “IR” or “Investor Relations.” Furthermore, SM became a public company in 2000, so they have an obligation to make their financial statements freely accessible; but you could only find them in other websites - which in my opinion is quite suspicious. 

Out of the 3 biggest Korean entertainment companies, only YG and JYP actually have released their financial statements on their company website where anyone can see them. 

This is a link to YG Entertainment’s IR

This is a link to JYP Entertainment’s IR

But no SM Entertainment.

A Holistic Approach also mentions that if SM’s finances are actually in hot water, then they cannot address Kris’ claim for more rights because then they would have to give everyone in the company more rights - something SM might not be willing to pay for. 

If in his vocalization of his lack of rights, Kris is putting SM under more scrutiny by the government, SM might be willing to get rid of him or use him as a scapegoat. 

There’s also an alternative: If in his pursuits for acquiring more rights, Kris also discovered SM’s fatal financial flaw, what would he do? A good person would report it. And again, SM might have felt threatened. 

The oddest thing about it is that the lawsuit news came out exactly when Kris had been left alone in China. Under Korean law, you can only file a lawsuit in person; therefore, in Korea. But he was in Beijing. Moreover, filing a lawsuit isn’t just writing a note to an official; for a foreigner like Kris he would have been better off with a Korean attorney to help him go through the process like procuring the documents and writing up the claim. Without preparing beforehand, I highly doubt that he was able to issue a lawsuit in China in 3 days. It is possible if the doctors deemed that he was too sick to fly back, but even then, it’s questionable if he even had enough resources to pull it off.

If he somehow did it while he was still in Korea, then the members should have noticed something. He is literally with the same people when he’s at work as when he’s at home. I just don’t know how he could have done it under the table. Moreover, for the past few months EXO had been busy with creating the Overdose album, promoting it, or working on their concert. The only gap had been in those weeks during the Sewol incident. If he filed a lawsuit then, then why had the news coincidentally come up almost a month later during the short period of time when he would be away from his members and away from Korea? Who in the world files a lawsuit while they’re in a different country, if they can help it? Don’t they have less chances to win the case? Most of the evidence, witnesses, and records are back in Korea! You can already see that someone was lying. 

Additionally, IF SM really is committing tax evasion, using Kris’ absence may be the perfect way to slip through the cracks. It’s easy. He’s in Beijing because of health reasons, separated from his members and thousands of miles away from Korea where his voice could have been more easily heard. Put him in the middle of his own lawsuit and he’s silenced. Use the saddened and confused EXO members to gain public sentimentality; meanwhile also distract everyone from the company’s financial issues. The bigger the coverage, the better. The only people who would be interested in their finances would be the ones who look at their financial statements. When those statements are audited, SM could attribute the odd numbers to the drop in their stocks caused by Kris’ leave. 

It is possible that Kris is seriously ill or being used as a scapegoat or both. Because, yeah, a person would freely fly to China to be friendless, jobless, and be stuck in the middle of lawsuit…

Something is clearly happening to him, and not enough people are addressing the loopholes in the rumours and reports. It worries me. 

I kinda wanna make a video on freebooting. Talk about the common ‘arguments’ and defenses for it.

Freebooting is when a page or blog decides to ‘share’ your work by not actually sharing it, but reuploading it to their own site. This results in you getting no hits, and is common on tumblr and RAMPANT on Facebook. It’s really annoying to deal with.

This is a guide to many of the arguments freebooters often make towards me when I ask them to take down mine or my studio’s content. The arguments I’ll cover:

  • “My reupload falls under fair use!” 
  • “The reuploaded content is a parody/meme so it’s already public domain!”
  • “Anything uploaded to facebook becomes public domain!”
  • “If they don’t want it shared, they shouldn’t post it on the internet!”
  • “If I share a link Facebook doesn’t spread my post!”
  • “I’m just giving them free exposure!”
  • “I included a source link, that’s enough.”
  • “I’m not making any money off of it!”
  • “The creator was rude to me so my reupload should stay up!”
  • “X is a content creator and they said it was okay!”
  • “What you’re suggesting is too much work!”

Read on to see definitions and how to address each of these excuses

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Well, I’m mighty late but better late than never, right? ;)

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