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Today I completed my Hiveworks submission packet, then had to drive home to help clean up my apartment because my washing machine flooded the place (we need a new machine and probably new floors), drove back to the place I’m house-sitting in Friday night rush hour traffic and was greeted with poop and vomit from two different animals in two different houses (did I mention I’m helping care for 6 different animals right now, none of which are mine? [well, 5, now - I held a mini-funeral today for the wild baby bird that died and buried it behind the burro and pony’s middle paddock]), worked out for an hour, managed to send a sketch to a client ahead of schedule, AND submitted Parlor Magic to Hiveworks. 

I leave for Paris in ten days, by the way.

It must be a full moon.

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.....Most racist don't even know they are racist because they think they support poc, that is until the poc are treated equal to the white, or are in loving relationships with white or even morally superior to the whites.Thats why Sense8 needs to be brought back.Im personally not comfortable with graphic sex scenes but I still want to see all the skin tones and shades, loving each other.Where else will we see that.

The graphic sex scenes didn’t bother me the way that they bothered a lot of people but they really did scale it back in season two.

The beautiful thing about sense8 in general was they really wanted to express voices from all around the world and express the different faces each individual wears. Each sense8 wore faces to different people, besides to each other.

I felt as a bi human I could find myself in all of these characters (who all had sex with each other? Seems very sexually fluid to me) I felt as a latinx I wasn’t suffocated by the white presence on the show.

The first season I hear was so well promoted I hear, and yet the second was flatline? Was it so popular in season one they got ahead of themselves? Did they know before they aired it? Was there an issue with the show creators?

Sadness is what I feel, that I won’t get a resolution with sense8. That I won’t see the unified group take down the man. That I won’t see the cluster have a happy ending. That the whole idea of this show was shattered with an unclear ending.

It’s heart breaking, we’ve been making our voices heard on it. The were listening and the tragedy I feel is that other shows will look at the idea of sense8 as a failure.


FIS Ski Jumping World Cup: Men Individual Normal Hill
Lillehammer 6.12.2015 Part II / Winner: Kenneth Gangnes (NOR)

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