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The Lore You Know (Part One)

Status: Part One of Five
Category: Multi-Part, Mystery, Creature Hunt, Humor, Behind-the-scenes Canon-Compliant
Word Count: 4.3K
Rating: 18+ [for language/sexual situations]
Character(s): Dean, Sam, Reader/Female O.C. #1, Female O.C. #2 
Pairing(s): Sam + Female O.C./Reader; Dean + Female O.C.
Warnings: Coarse language; mild-to-moderate allusions to sex/activities of a sexual nature
Author’s Note(s): Post-story   
Overall Summary:  What started as a typical creature-feature several years ago takes a turn when the Winchesters team up with two very interesting women - one, a supernatural expert in her own right working the same case, the other a waitress who gets drawn into the fray accidentally - and when all’s said and done, our favorite hunters will learn that neither were what they seemed.


A couple of the long tubes of light trapped in the overhead rectangles seemed a handful of flickers away from giving up the proverbial ghost. It would’ve been a bit too on-the-nose, given the locale, except it wasn’t purposeful. No one was being interrogated.

And no one was even close to being intimidated.

“People underestimate what it takes to be a waitress!”

“Yes, ma'am, I’m sure they do.”

“Ma'am, if you could go on and say—”

“Oh, I know, I know - ’servers’, like how you’re not supposed to say ’secretary’ or ’stewardess’ anymore, but it’s just ‘cause I was raised in it, it’s been our family business as far back as… well, as far back as we can tell!”

The detectives nodded, slowly, and in near-unison.

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So it’s the anniversary of the Kylux ship name. It’s amazing to me that someone had so much foresight. A lot of people are reposting their first fics, but I thought I’d post something new instead. 

When I first got into the fandom, I found @hollyhark‘s fic and @littleststarfighter‘s art almost immediately. Thanks to both of them, I was hooked. I wrote most of this fic, based on @littleststarfighter‘s incredible picture of Hux in his hat, back in the summer, then promptly forgot about it. So here it is: 

Pin-Up (rated M, no warnings)

The first time Ben jerks off to the holo, he feels guilty as fuck. Not just after, but during the act as well. As he touches himself, little tendrils of deep-rooted shame creep into the corners of his mind, spreading like fungus. He can’t help it. He lives in the New Republic, where anyone can get off on anything, except that.

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Power Play || Klaroline

Klaus knows better than to mess with the interns at his family’s company, but a fiery blonde catches his eye and he can’t resist flirting. Tired of losing out on opportunities because of her appearance, Caroline tries to use it to her advantage. Business propriety has never been so difficult.

Considering how competitive her marketing program had been in applying for this coveted position, Caroline expected her fellow interns to be just as determined as she was to do good work at Mikaelson Industries.

Her disappointment was rivaled only by her annoyance to find that wasn’t the case. While sitting in a brainstorming session for a new brand direction, she diligently took notes and compiled ideas as her partner checked his Twitter feed. Caroline scoffed to herself; Tyler Lockwood only landed his internship because his mother sat on the board of directors, and the legacy attitude showed.

“These suggestions lack originality,” the CEO announced from the front of the room, “which would be forgivable if any of them were useful in the slightest.”

Klaus Mikaelson had a reputation for being ruthless in the year since taking over the family company. The rebranding had been his idea, apparently to remove his father’s toxic presence after an embezzlement conviction. Caroline was surprised to find him leading this small breakout session, but she respected his hands-on approach.

“I want to hear some new voices,” he said, gesturing toward the back. Caroline had been about to raise her hand when he abruptly pointed at Tyler. “Ah, the young Mr. Lockwood,” he called. “An intern such as yourself ought to use this as an opportunity to impress me. What are your thoughts on rebranding?”

Fumbling to lower his phone, Tyler looked to Caroline in a panic. She closed her portfolio with a smirk when he tried to glance at her notes. It was every woman for herself when there was only one full-time position available for the entire program, and she intended to win. “Um,” Tyler stammered, grasping for anything to say.

“If I may,” Caroline broke in. She used her best charming smile until Mr. Mikaelson nodded. “Your rigid avoidance of the family angle is hurting you more than helping. Steering in the skid and reminding the world this is still a family company might be exactly what you need to reassure stockholders. Despite any previous wrongdoing, the rest of the family is still fiercely loyal and operating better than ever.”

Mr. Mikaelson narrowed his eyes at her impertinent comment. “You are?”

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