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So I re-read The Foxhole Court last night/this morning and like… I can’t stop thinking about how Matt is just… immediately in Neil’s corner.  Like.  It’s not like they bond over some shared interest or experience, it’s not like Matt walks in and Neil is being actively harassed by Andrew’s crew, triggering his protective instincts. He just…

Neil: exists, is smol, dresses like a hobo, whole life fits in a duffel bag



━━━━   / /  *    I   know   isn’t   munday   or   anything   but    yesterday   i was   at   my   friend’s   &   this   happened   so   here   have   me   Cosplaying as   S/carecrow    sahdksjahfkdjsg.   we’ll   probably   have   more   photos during   the   week   or    something.

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The Superlatively Superfluous Adventures of Legolas and Tauriel

Dateline: Dale (32/40)

marie back again with her second muse. meet raelynn kang, babes. she’s a 19 years old model && student, majoring in fine arts. down bellow, you’ll find more informations about her. as for connections, i don’t have a connection page set up, but i’m more than fine with brainstorming && pre-established relationships.

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it’s almost 11 pm here in the gmt+1 hell so ?? please bear w/ me, im tired & just spent an hour studying for spanish so,,,, my sorry ass is abt to mix three different languages into every conversation. anyway !! my name is poppy, im eighteen, use she/her pronouns and i ?? have no idea what im doing. just a heads up that kitty’s bio does include mentions of abuse, drug abuse, underage sex, prostitution and murder.

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Explanation of the Tags.

With all the recent talk of tagging and triggers. We’ve decided to provide an explanation of the tags we use on this blog. Here are all the tags we use on the blog and their meanings. 

If an entry has a non-specific or indeterminate gender, it is tagged both mpreg AND fpreg.

  1. a/b/o dynamics (15)
  2. Abuse (5)
    Anything that involves torture, or beatings not including bdsm
  3. alien impregnation (13)
    Any story that involves aliens
  4. bdsm (3)
  5. beastiality (4)
    This tag only refers to humans/animal sex. Fantasy monsters are not included.
  6. birth fetish (217)
    Any story where babies are born
  7. bondage (3)
  8. breast expansion (5)
    All breasts grow with pregnancy. This tag refers to unusual or extreme growth.
  9. breeding kink (139)
    Any story that involves breeding, ie as many babies as possible.
  10. camwhore (3)
  11. centaur (2)
  12. cum inflation (65)
    Any story where the belly swells with cum after sex. Even slightly
  13. death (3) 
    This tag is only used if the main character dies. Background death and past death, ie parents died years ago, or random people getting shot in the background do not count.
  14. demons (9) 
    Including incubus, and succubus
  15. dragons (4)
  16. expansion (43)
    Includes inflation. Focus of the story is on character getting larger with pregnancy, not pregnancy itself
  17. forced impregnation (17)
    Rape and other violent situations where the character does not consent and becomes pregnant by force.
  18. forced pregnancy (28)
    Characters that do not want to be pregnant, but may already be pregnant before as story begins
  19. fpreg (253)
  20. furry (4)
  21. futanari (8)
    Hermaphrodite, intersex characters included.
  22. gang rape (13)
    A non-consensual sex multiple people. Consensual sex is filed under orgy
  23. gore (5)
    Main character gore only. May include injuries or a messy birth. Background gore, such as guards getting killed during an escape are not included
  24. horse sex (4)
    A surprisingly popular category
  25. humiliation (8)
  26. hyperpregnancy (179)
    A character pregnant with an unrealistic or uncommon number of babies or a belly that is of unrealistic size. ex. 8 babies, or 200lb belly
  27. impregnation (82)
    Sex leading to pregnancy
  28. knotting (6)
  29. labor fetish (213)
    Any story that involves a character going into labor
  30. lactation (32)
  31. lesbians (7)
  32. Master Slave (5)
  33. mating cycles/in heat (4)
  34. mpreg (348)
  35. multiples pregnancy (212)
    Twins and above
  36. Neko (4)
  37. orgy (11)
  38. oviposition (76)
    Any time ANY eggs are involved, this tag is used.
  39. penis birth (2)
  40. Plant Pregnancy (8)
  41. pregnancy transfer (6)
  42. pregnant sex (24)
  43. public birth (14)
  44. public sex (2)
  45. rapid pregnancy (133)
    Any stories with rapidly progessing pregnancies, can be minutes or months. Does not include time skips. 
  46. Requests (25)
  47. sex worker (6)
    This tag is only used if the main character is a sex worker. Situations in which a character goes to a strip club do not apply
  48. surgery (2)
    Includes C-sections
  49. tentacle porn (20)
    Any kind of tendril or tentacle that penetrates and orifice. 
  50. teratophilia (11)
    Sex with monsters of any kind
  51. threesome (2)
  52. Torture
  53. Transformation (6)
    Physical transformation into monsters, aliens or other beings. Does not include transgender or gender reassignment.
  54. transgender (15)
    Stories involving transgender people, transitioning from one gender to another. Also includes transition to intersex and feminization
  55. unbirth (2)
  56. underage (3)
    Stories specifically stated to involve characters under 16. These are under a read only cut. 
  57. werewolves (17)
  58. Zombies (2)

The Necklace-MacGuffin Idiot Ball: the proclaimer B (10/20)