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stisaac week | day 4: fandom favorites [in which stiles and isaac are baristas]

no one had expected stiles and isaac to get along very well – hell, half of the staff didn’t get along very well with either of them. but the more they work together, the more they see they’re actually pretty good together.

“Isaac, I need three vanilla lattes, one decaf caramel macchiato, one hot chocolate, two lemon cupcakes and four brownies. And what about the mocha frappuccinos? Hurry up a bit, those girls are still waiting.”

“And I need you to actually do something as well. I’m working on them but I’ve only got two hands." 

"I am doing something! Taking orders!”

“I’ll make you take orders tonight.”

“Just get them ready, Lahey.”

i recall a long farewell
and a time to choose
so we part like rivers baby
yeah, like rivers do

for emmie! happy birthday sweetheart!!


stisaac week | day 2: long distance relationships

a love made of phone calls and 4 a.m.
texts; of late night skype sessions that
are filled with staring and nothing else; of
empty beds and i-miss-you’s; of kisses
sent through internet connections and of
fingers that long to touch 


love will lighten the dark