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                    {  tá mo chroí istigh ionat  }

  a saying in irish gaelic spoken between lovers and family during hardships, partings, or intimate moments.  meaning ‘my heart is with you.’

i. poison & wine by the civil wars: you hands can heal, your hands can bruise / i don’t have a choice but i’d still choose you / oh i don’t love you but i always will [] ii. the rat within the grain by damien rice: i wouldn’t want you to want / to be wanted by me / i wouldn’t want you to worry / you’d be drowned within my sea [] iii. the nicest thing by kate nash: all i know is that you’re so nice / you’re the nicest thing i’ve seen / i wish that we could give it a go / see if we could be something [] iv. give me love by ed sheeran: told you i’d let them go / and that i’ll fight my corner / maybe tonight i’ll call ya / after my blood turns into alcohol / no, i just wanna hold ya [] v. shelter by ray lamontagne: listen when all of this around us’ll fall over / i tell you what we’re gonna do / you will shelter my love / i will shelter you [] vi. ghosts that we knew by mumford & sons: so give me hope in the darkness that i will see the light / 'cause oh that gave me such a fright / but i will hold as long as you like / just promise me we’ll be alright [] vi. i’ll be your lover too (cover) by robert pattinson: and so i come / to be the one / who’s standing next to you / reach out for me / so i can be alright  [] vii. i can’t make you love me by bon iver: turn down the lights / turn down the bed / turn down the voices inside my head / lay down with me / tell me no lies / just hold me close, don’t patronize