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  • he loves to sing so get ready for literally everything he says to be turned into some sort of song. he even once sang the weather forecast to you before a date and even though sometimes you’re like “seungkwan rest your voice.” he continues you to sing and hey you like his voice so…..
  • he really reALLY likes it when you compliment him. especially his vocal skills. it makes him so much more confident in himself
  • once you couldn’t fall asleep so you called him and he literally sang you to sleep because [confirmed] seungkwan is an angel
  • he likes imitating the members for you in order to make you laugh. he’s really good at doing vernon’s rap in ‘shining diamond’ and also he can do wonwoo’s tired expression really well. it never fails to crack you up.
  • when the other members crowd around you or start getting a little too close seungkwan let’s his presence be known by literally just sliding into your conversation and being like “any questions for them - you first have to go through me.”
  • sometimes it can be overwhelming, but at the same time it’s cute to see him feign for your attention because he really just does love you so much
  • you once gave him the cold shoulder and he took it really hard so you stopped because you’ve never seen someone so upset even dk called you like ???what happened to seungkwan
  • he likes the rain so whenever it rains you ask him if he wants to go outside and walk around under an umbrella together. he usually immediately agrees.
  • he’s a little mischievous so sometimes when he’s really craving hamburgers or pizza he’ll call you up and wear a mask when you two meet up so you can safely sneak out to lotteria and get some food together for a quick fast food date
  • in public seungkwan is not scared to be close, to put his arm around you and to kiss your cheek - but his mom probably taught him to never treat anyone with disrespect, especially if he loves them, so he gets your consent before ever trying anything new
  • he’s a big fan of holding hands and just like swinging them when you two walk because it’s cute and he thinks it brings you two closer
  • he pulls a lot of aegyo on you just at random times and it’s so sickeningly cute sometimes you playfully have to scold him for it  
  • “buing buing!~ i’ll love you forever~” “you’re too cheesy” 
  • also he really likes sharing snacks with you and is always open to you feeding him chips or something because he saw other couples do it and he thought it would be fun (what a cutie honestly)
  • he’s super selfless and is good at reading people’s emotions and well beings so if you were cold he’d lend you his jacket right away, if you were hot he’d buy something cold for you to drink right away, if you were sad he’d break out the lyrics to ‘adore u’ in his sweet voice right away
  • basically he’s the ideal boyfriend because he knows how to address every situation in order to make sure you’re happy 
  • he also makes really funny comments and jokes that are relevant to you and not only do they make you laugh but they show that he’s paying attention to what you say 
  • he hasn’t ever bought couple items for you two but once his mom found out he was dating she shipped over a whole box of couple items but like…….couple socks and couple aprons……it was very cute 
  • your name in his phone is ‘boo’s boo’ because he thought it was ironic and giggle worthy 
  • dk tried to change it to something less…..cheesy…..but seungkwan was firm on the fact that he likes ‘boo’s boo’ 
  • his background photo on his phone is actually one of him and his mom but his kakao talk chat back ground is a photo he took of you smiling outside the Pledis building when you came to visit 
  • he keeps mentioning that he wants to take you to Jeju and show you around his neighborhood
  • seungcheol overheard and was like “ooo a lovers trip to an island niceeee” and seungkwan rolled his eyes like “hyung don’t be embarrassing.” 
  • even if you can’t sing - seungkwan is making you do duets with him
  • you have lots of dates at karaoke places but usually they’re crashed by dk, hoshi, dino, joshua, basically the rest of seventeen and then it turns into a party where everyone is screaming along to ‘adore u’ in a tiny cramped room and seungkwan is apologizing to you like one million times over
  • seungkwan is also a whiz at board games but whenever you play they end up with you laughing so hard at seungkwan’s commentary that you have to forfeit the game because it’s too much 
  • kissing is actually nerve wrecking for him he’s so new to it that a lot of it would just be very quick closed mouth pecks on the lips because what if he messes up!! what if it all goes wrong!! 
  • after a while though, he gets better and can even hold the back of your neck while kissing, but it still super duper makes him shy
  • but since he does like affection and attention and since sometimes you tend to space out he will give your cheek lots of kisses till you’re focused back on him
  • he sent you a mp3 file with songs that he said reminded him of you and that he listened to when you two were far away and it was so sweet you almost cried 
  • then he sent you a message about how he loves you and misses you all the time and then you REALLY cried 
  • seungkwan is a strong person whose been through a lot, but he is extremely sensitive to negativity that he receives so in a way it’s up to you to shield him from things like that and when he does get upset you don’t shame him for crying or breaking down, instead you hold him and run your fingers comfortingly through his hair and promise him that what people say that’s bad about him is useless - they’re wrong and they’re just out to make someone so amazing like him sad 
  • on the flip side when you’re upset, seungkwan can sense it and he will immediately pull you aside to talk about it. he’s your number one supporter because your his number one supporter and he wants to lend a helping hand in any way he can - anything just to see you smile again
  • seungkwan likes to rest his head ontop of yours, hold your hand in his and play with your fingers before like cuddling ….
  • he keeps giving your temple and cheeks really cute kisses and basically just being super fluffy until you finally wrap your arms around his waist and settle yourself against his chest. 
  • stuff like playing with your hair or just tugging you closer makes seungkwan really happy because you’re all his in that moment. 
  • he is a very long cuddler. you guys could cuddle for hours. literally. 
  • he always asks you this trick question where he goes “am i handsome? am i a good singer? or am i the ideal boyfriend?” the trick answer is: “you’re all of the above”
  • sometimes when he’s practicing for long hours you’ll visit with some throat medicine and some warm drinks and he always begs you to stay and listen to his covers of songs and so you end up in the pledis practice room for an extra three hours
  • he said his dream wedding would take place on jeju island so jun elbowed you and said ‘better book a ticket in advance’ and you almost melted into the ground 
  • seungkwan learned the lyrics to your favorite song and sang them to you on your birthday 
  • he likes when you style his hair and tell him he looks ‘cool’ even when he’s being a complete dork 
  • his jealous attitude is kind of sarcastic toward the person he’s jealous of and it’s a little funny to watch him convince other people that you’re his favorite (which he is. you love him to pieces) 
  • sometimes just lying around in silence eating the fruits his mom shipped him all the way from jeju is all you two need
  • seungkwan is the kind of boyfriend you loves whatever side of yourself you present to him. he loves you for who you are as long as you love him for who he is 

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Separate Lives, Ch 30 (30/?)

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Fic tag: It will also include notes on the fic and music and lyrics inspiration :)

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Summary: Set after 3x20 “Kansas”. After saving the town one more time, Emma decided to return to New York, leaving her past behind. Three years later, she realizes that might be not have been the best decision.

I want to thank jessbecauseiam for reviewing this and laschatzi for encouraging me to write this idea!

30 – The Fairytale
I’m so glad I found you
I’m not gonna lose you
Whatever it takes I will stay here with you
Take it to the good times
See it through the bad times
Whatever it takes is what I’m gonna do

Nothing is going to stop us now, Starship

Emma was sitting on the kitchen, enjoying her coffee and going through the file of her new case when she heard the doorbell ring. She opened the door to find Vinnie smiling at her from under a massive arrangement of orchids. “Good morning, Emma.” He said.

“Vinnie, hi!” She said. “This has to stop…”She sighed as she took the orchids from him. She had to admit they were beautiful.

“Tell Killian, sweetheart. I only follow orders and I’m pretty sure he’ll lock me up if I refuse to bring you the flowers.”

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Title: Collaboration

Word Count: 2411

Pairing: Ladybug (BlakeRuby)

Setting: Beacon Records AU


Blake paused her music, sliding her headphones off from her head and letting them hang around her neck. She strained her ears to listen for another ring. She really didn’t want to get up.


Yep, definitely someone. Blake was assuming that it was Ruby; not a whole lot of people actually come to visit her unless it was to complain about noise, or she invited them. Ever since she bought new headphones, the former wasn’t much of an issue any more. 

She pulled the headphones from over her head and set them on top of her recording stuff, heading down to her living area and opened the door. Sure enough, Ruby Rose stood there, just as Blake expected. Blake gave the younger artist a welcoming smile and let her inside. 

“Hey, thanks for doing this, Blake. It really means a lot.” She smiled, shouldering a bag and bringing herself inside. Ruby’s been here plenty of times, especially when they were assigned teams those couple years before. Since then, their friendship only grew from there. 

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