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The Superlatively Superfluous Adventures of Legolas and Tauriel

Dateline: Dale (38/40)

If I had to choose one word that would describe 2017 thus far, it would have to be ‘selfish,’ with the blinding and red-hot runner up being represented by ‘hate,’ followed even more closely by the dangerous and equally damaging ‘fear.’ Considering I have already felt obligated to write not one, but two rather tight-lipped and saccharinely positive and uplifting articles this school year, you can say that I’m not exactly thrilled to feel obligated to write a third. So I’m not going to. And, yes, I do know what day it is.

So here’s the thing. Since last November, we all knew that a politically polarized maelstrom would be hitting us in January. We all knew, even long before the election, that the divide between openness and isolation was growing. We all knew that we would be facing at least some degree of political and social upheaval. We all knew that there was a deep and bloody rift renting through America, an open wound, really. Now, the first course of action when discovering such a serious injury should be to clean it so it can avoid infection and begin to heal, right? I think we can all agree that the absolute worse course of action would be to do nothing. Or, you know, to do what we have been doing: grinding salt into the divide, tearing the raw and ugly wound open, tearing it even deeper. Again. Again.

Instead of working on building a cooperative and peaceful understanding that will lay groundwork for a prosperous future, we have been allowing for blind hate and selfish ignorance to metastasize into practically every facet of our lives and society, from the inner cities to the Oval Office. If we refuse to do anything but hate and to not find a common ground, our nation and our world—and if we’re to be honest and conscientious of the other 7.2 billion people that call Earth home—will be torn apart. We have seen nations and people and cultures not only destroyed, but erased from the face of the planet because of hate. We should know better than to play with fire. We should know, by now, that it is better to love than to hate.

And I get it. I understand how easy it is to hate, how hard it is to love. How easy it is to resort to an emotion whose name and definition are the same word, and how next to impossible it is to stake a way of living on a feeling that is effectively indescribable, intangible but I’m telling you right now that there is no cause or political position or part of society that is somehow so morally upstanding that they are free to hate who they want and refuse to acknowledge the opinions and concerns of the ‘morally inferior opposition.’ Just think about all of the progress we have forgone today at the expense of tomorrow just because we refused to acknowledge the validity of views that differ from our own.

Now, I’m not saying that we should allow the stark injustices in the world to continue on, I’m saying that in a world so full of hate, love is the purest form of revolution. I’m saying that, no, it’s not going to be easy and it’s not going to happen all at once but we need to start acting today before things get more out of control than they already are. If you want to take the easy road in life, the one that will give you the most instant—albeit superficial—emotional satisfaction, then choose hate. Choose indifference. Choose dismissive ignorance. But if you want to make a real, enduring difference; if you want to truly further yourself and the world around you, choose love. Choose cooperation. Choose understanding. Choose the cheesy heart-shaped chocolate, the aromatic roses. Choose friendship. Choose to look out for others. Choose to be consciously open-minded. Choose to love loudly and passionately for what you most deeply care about. Or don’t. It’s up to you. But, you know what, it is Valentine’s Day and it would sure be one hell of a day to start.


The Superlatively Superfluous Adventures of Legolas (and Tauriel)

Dateline: Gundabad (19/25)

I recently read a new Lee interview and it’s SO SO SO GOOD let me share the best parts this is so great I will highlight my favorite parts that makes me internally scream the most

Q: Do you think of your character as a bad guy?

Lee: Thranduil is not bad, he’s just badass. You can’t compare him to humans because he’s not human. He’s wild. If you encounter a bear in the woods and it mauls you, you can’t say it’s evil. It’s a wild thing. Do you know what I mean? He’s a king, a significant king, a formidable force in this world. He makes no secret of it–he’s not devious. He know he has rules and principles.

Q: Do you think Thranduil’s been misunderstood?

Lee: Definitely.  In Ralph Bakshi’s animated feature, he’s portrayed as a pretty nasty character.  But I look at him a little deeper and don’t believe that he is bad. He’s just not a friend of the dwarves; he doesn’t like them. When I think about him, it makes sense–if they are going to accumulate that kind of wealth, a dragon is going to come. I think that’s his wisdom. He’s looking at these dwarves acquiring a huge pile of treasure, and he knows evil will come a result.

Q: He has a son, Legolas, played by Orlando Bloom, who reappears in this film. What’s the father-son relationship?

Lee:  It’s a very interesting relationship that evolved as we shot this movie. It’s about immortality as well. Thranduil’s heartbroken because of things that have happened in the past that makes this relationship very complicated.

Q: I’m sure that Thranduil’s own father who was killed in battle plays into it.

Lee: Yes, Thranduil’s father was killed in a battle that Thranduil fought in. And Legolas’s mother is not here. So there’s that loss, too. There’s definitely a difference of opinion between this father and son. Thranduil wants to stay close to his fortress gates and protect his people, and stay in this wild forest forever. He sees another war ahead but is cautious to participate because he knows the toll death can take on those left behind.  But we know Thranduil will eventually send Legolas out into an even bigger world on The Lord of the Rings journey.

|| I've been banned from the Internet. "Forever."

|| Given that my mother often makes idle threats about restricting my Internet time, most of which I can easily circumvent, perhaps I shouldn’t be taking this so seriously. But, as with threats from North Korea, those on the receiving end always have to prepare for the worst.

|| I got caught sneaking onto Tumblr Mobile when I was supposed to be studying–using my mom’s cell phone, so she bitchslapped me with this. This ban will likely last even through the summer–as long as I live under her roof, she appears to be determined to stamp out every last ounce of my Tumblrian existence. Fortunately, I know classmates in the computer science department of my school who may be able to teach me how to hack, so don’t count on me staying down for the three most wonderful months of the year. But for now, I have two major school events to run and no time to master that fine art. And I guess this was kinda good for me in a way, because I was really starting to not give a shit about my schoolwork.

|| So what does this mean? I’m going on semi-hiatus. Here’s what to expect:

  1. I will NOT start any new para RPs. If you and I planned a para RP before this post that has not been started, I will RP that, but no new ones.
  2. I will get to all your threads. Eventually. (Key word: Eventually.) I have a “system” already built in where I write original stories behind my mother’s back, and I can easily Thing is, I will have a very limited time slot with which to reply –the daily 15 minute snack break in between morning classes and free periods are my only options.
  3. No new icons will be made; so far, the only ones I’ve done are fem!Liszt’s and anime/Pokémon Coordinator AU Liszt’s. I was gonna find a good timeslot to sit down and watch Impromptu so I could make regular Liszt’s,but as you can see, this won’t be happening anytime soon.

|| Given how busy I am, these conditions will hold until at least mid-March, when my school break starts, regardless of whether Mom actually carries out her threat.

|| In any case, I’m sorry for inconveniencing you guys because I was stupid enough to get caught.

2014 will be the year when I step out of my dull human shell and is finally transforming into the Thranduil that resides deep within me 

let out your inner Thranduil

be fabulous

be glorious

be unbreakable 

follow your heart and desires despite what people might think about you

do the things that makes you happy and comfortable

stay strong and work through all the bad things that might happen to you

but do leave the house sometimes