details on special merchandise for shinee’s upcoming performances at kyocera dome and tokyo dome have been released! the items are as follows (from top to bottom): take out bag, tee shirt (dome edition), muffler towel, crest patches, pin badge (intial + designed character per member), fringe scarf / stole, striped mat, shower slippers, silhouette wall sticker set, mini take out bags, and big fan (per member). two or the final three items listed are exclusive to just being purchased at the dome: capsules (random content: illust stamp, long tin badge, mini pouch, name badge, rubber ring), and memorial plate charm (per venue). the last item, a filebox, is a special good exclusive to shinee world japan members attending the concerts. besides those three items, all other dome goods will be available for purchase via on april 28th at noon jst. (source: kehissi)

I am so livid right now…

My check came in and it was half of what it should be.
Turns out our acting office manager, with the intention of getting things done early, went into my personal filebox and sent in my time-card when it was only half full, and fucking corporate sent it through even though it wasn’t yet signed by me. Tha fuck you say???

Oh and they will fix it… But there’s processing time… And half my bills will be late, including the rent I pay to a landlord that has outright said to my face that the only reason I’m still here is that I pay my rent on time.

Like… Hey fate… With all the other shit that’s wrong with my life could you, you know, leave my financial stability out of it, thanks.

Gonna go hit the punching bag until it grows arms and hits me back.