Lily linked arms with Amelia. “So I just thought I’d let you know on the way that I’ve been asked very polite to switch seats with someone for our next class. So you will not be seeing my face unless you have a problem with it.”

Stiles kept telling himself that he was doing this for the money. That he was broke and needed to save up for college or something like that. But that was a lie. He turned out to be a complete slut when it came to sucking dick, and eventually he became a real pro at it. Every free hour he had lately he spent at the shabby bar, in the back, in the stall that had the hole cut into it. The owner of the bar knew about it and sometimes even brought him new customers, which was nice. Right now he was just leaning back against the wall, gazing at his phone while he waited for the next one. Once he heard someone stepping into the stall beside him he got on his knees in front of the glory hole and licked his lips, pushing his hand through it. “Payment first.”, he simply spoke, his hand briefly brushing over the man’s cock.


Vlad was just finishing making dinner. He’d decided to cool it with Misha for a day or two. He couldn’t handle most of everything over the phone and he didn’t particularly want to deal with a lecture from his mother about taking it easy on his sensitive brother. They were twelve anymore and he wasn’t going to take it easy on anyone that made him clean up after them.

Hearing his phone, he picked up and said. “Hello?”


Regulus knocked on her door, waiting outside in his tux. He had spent nearly every night with her for the past couple of weeks and he couldn’t get enough of her. 

The Night is Still Young

Everything Amelia had planned worked perfectly. Everyone wore what they were supposed to and it was turning out to be the best party he’d ever put on. Going around, half of the people were interchangable. He thought Alice was Dorcas and Remus was a Slytherin. There was this girl he kept eyeing across the room. And he wasn’t going to be obvious about it. Maybe he’d dance with her but he promised himself he’d cool it for a while. For the past week he’d been fine. He’d turned down a handful of offers and felt nothing about it. But this girl, what he could see from the distance, kept making him want to figure out a loophole.

He walked over to her and said. “Excuse me. I’m sorry to bother you but you seem to have missed a few spots….Oh fuck…” He laughed. “Hi, Amelia.”

In Close Range

It had been a few days since the explosion at the clubhouse, and for the most part, Lyla had settled back into her regular routine. Strangely, despite the fact that things were pretty shit right now, she was happier than she’d been in years. It felt good to get the truth out there and admit to her feelings. She’d never been one to feel comfortable being anything less than honest in her relationships.

Today was her day off, and she was looking forward to it even more than usual because she had plans with Jax. They weren’t the most romantic. He’d just decided that if she really was going to be with him, she needed to at least know how to defend herself. So today, he was going to teach her how to shoot. She’d dropped the kids off at school and then dressed herself in the most sensible clothes she owned: jeans, babydoll tee and baby blue converse, which were the only pair of flats she owned.

Now, she’d just parked on the street in front of Jax’s house. Grabbing her purse, she slid the keys inside, walked up the sidewalk and knocked on the front door.


Logan sat in the passenger seat of Caleb’s car, fidgeting a bit due to the high levels of stress running through him.  He met Clyde on two occasions and didn’t like the man.  The rest of Caleb’s family might be the same and that made him nervous.  The slave fidgeted with his collar for what felt like the hundredth time on their short drive to Caleb’s parents home.  It gave his hands something to do, something to focus on instead of the world whizzing past him.  “Are you sure I can come, Master?”  

So I was thinking, Fortescue, on the way over here from my father’s office after he thoroughly refused to allow me to terminate your contract that the solution to all of our problems would be to create a new one that overrides the one this company has made you sign. A contract that is so extraordinary that it even tests the limits of the law in court if you should ever decide that robbing  banks or mass murder runs in the family.


Bucky told Jane quietly. “I had the dress tailored to her size and shoes…. She should be coming in soon from her walk with the King soon. I’ll meet you two out here in a couple of hours.”

Jane clapped her hands in excitement before Olivia walked in. “Hi, best friend. How are you?”