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Some time had passed and Arthur was pleased that they were finally going to be able to announce that Guinevere was with child. He was starting to notice that she was, particularly when they were intimate. But tonight, they were going to make their announcement and had planned a celebration to include children, as well. They’d made dishes that were fun for children, as well as entertainment.

He was waiting for the Queen to come down for the celebration as he looked around, pleased with it all so far. 

The show was a bit of a blur that night, but he simply blamed that on the fact his whole day had been a blur. Between the amazing “wake up call” this morning from Blaine, the breakfast in bed, cookies in their dressing room, and then the show on top of it all, any other day, Sebastian would’ve been ready to go home and collapse. He felt a bit guilty for semi-speeding through stage door, but he hoped people would understand he wanted to go home and spend Valentine’s Day with his husband. His arm had wrapped around Blaine as they got into the car, blew him on the way home, and then as they got inside, Harlow instantly bolted over to the couple and he acted like he forgot something down in the car. “Shit. I’ll be right back, babe.” He kissed him quickly before running downstairs, calling Charlie as he moved down the stairs. Just like they planned, the dog Blaine had fallen in love with came around the corner with his assistant (who had graciously kept him since the day they’d seen him in the adoption center). “You’re the best, Charlie. Now go say hi to Rebecca for us, alright?” He teased him before heading straight back up stairs, the dog on the leash right beside him. “Hey, Blaine, come here for a minute.” He called as he reentered the apartment and almost instantly, Oliver’s tail wagged faster as Harlow heard the door and came running over to her playmate.

F2F | Sark | 2-4

Sam stepped inside after going grocery shopping with Ellie. She had filled him on her parties and he was….enlightened. He closes the door and pets Bruce as he moves through the apartment to find Clark. He frowned when he wasn’t home yet and moved to sit on the couch until he came over. 

He hopped up when the door opened. “You will never guess what we got invited to.” 

I Walk The Line

Howard kissed Maria a few more times. They were both tan and perfectly relaxed. It had been the greatest three months of his life easily. He never wanted it to end but they had to come back to reality eventually. He had to start working on his things for Stark Expo and she had to make her drawings into reality. Taking her hand as the stairs were put down, he said. “Remind me to call my mother, when we-” He started before he looked out and saw police everywhere. “What the-?

“SIR, I’m going to need you to come down with your hands up. If you move we will shoot.” 

“Woah woah!” Howard said putting his hands up and standing in front of Maria. “What the hell is going on here? There has to be a misunderstanding. I-”


“Okay! OKAY! Stop pointing a gun at my wife! I will come forward. Just stop pointing a gun at her.” Howard shouted back. Then he said to her. “Maria get back on the plane. Call Peggy and Steve. I’m going with them but I will be okay. I love you.”