file: 008

For Now Let’s Get Away

Draco hadn’t picked him up from King’s Cross, but Scorpius knew ahead of time, so it was no surprise when there was a chauffeur waiting with a town car and a sign with the name Malfoy on it. Scorpius was a little embarrassed by the lengths his father went to to try to make up for not having room for his son in his busy schedule. He was just grateful he had already said goodbye to Albus and the rest of his family and they didn’t come out of this side of the station to see this. He sighed and got into the car, reading one of his mythology books on the drive home.

Malfoy Manor stood high and proud as Scorpius walked through the grand, black doors, the marble floors and pillars greeting him familiarly. He heard some banging around in the kitchen and was surprised to find his father there.


“Scorpius!” Draco greeted, straightening up from the oven with what looked like a casserole in his hands. “I wasn’t expecting you home this early.”

“You’re not working?” Scorpius asked in confusion, looking over into the dining room where two places were already set.

Apparently his dad didn’t come to pick him up from the station so he could surprise him with an actual home-cooked meal. He couldn’t cook as well as Scorpius’ mother, but it was the thought that counted. Then he brought up the topic of their first vacation trip over dinner. It would be a short one to a private wizarding island off the coast of the Caribbean. Scorpius had never been on a trip where they didn’t have to blend in with muggles. The most surprising thing is what came next.

“You should invite Potter,” Draco said after a long sip of wine.

“Really?” Scorpius asked, straightening up in his seat a little, eyes shining. “I can invite Albus?”

“If his parents give permission,” his dad added sternly. I already sent them a letter and we’ll see their response.”

Despite that, Scorpius still ran upstairs after dinner to excitedly write a letter to Albus, even if he already knew the trip was coming. He only hoped that Al’s parents said yes.

The Marrying Kind

Ryker couldn’t believe that his baby sister was finally getting married. It felt only yesterday that he met her fiancee, back when he was her boyfriend, and found him to be the most caring man for her. She told him all about the guy, but it didn’t do him justice until he saw him up close and recognized how handsome he was too. He was glad for them, and was honored when they asked him to be their best man. “Hey, how’s it going in there?” He asked as he barged into the groom’s quarter’s to make sure the final preparations were going as planned.

008. can’t keep my hands to myself ~

At the end of most weeks, it was either a trip to the liquor store or a stop at a bar downtown. Tonight, she had somehow been coaxed out by a few people she had seen a few times when she was out. The bar was crowded, a little too low brow for her, but she wasn’t going to complain when she didn’t have to buy her own drinks. The guys they had ended up with were essentially throwing them at the girls anytime their glasses got close to empty. Kennedy was halfway through her second Millionaire, more bourbon than anything else. She had herself leaning against the bar top, shaking her head at something the blonde next to her had said. He had spent the better part of the night coming onto her far harder than she appreciated but he was part of this group of people that her friends, could she call them that? The two girls she had come here with were the closest things she had to friends in Chicago - drinking buddies; that was it. Each girl had respectfully paired off with one of them and she had been left with the leftover. That was mean..but true?

She glanced down at her phone in her hand. 9:45? It wasn’t even ten yet? God, things were dragging. All she wanted to do was send Drew a quick text and see if she could go over…that was allowed…right? They were…well, doing whatever they wanted, really? There were no rules, no expectations, just…the two of them. And being her, forced into a small space with someone she wasn’t interested in in the slightest, well, that was boring her, if she was being honest.

Kennedy took a sip of her drink, trying to pace herself. The last thing she wanted was to give him the idea that she was trying to get wasted. Some nights, that was her goal. But tonight, it was just to get her girls with someone they wanted to get with. She was being a good wing woman. She nodded along, setting her glass down, listening to whatever story he was rambling on about. His hand made for hers and she immediately reached for her drink again. God damn it. He was either thicker than he looked or he just didn’t care that she wasn’t interested.

She let her eyes scan the floor, which was getting more and more crowded by the second. And then her eyes settled on the one person she had been wanting to see more than anything. Arm in arm with another blonde. Just as pretty as the one from the copy room. Her chest tightened and she scoffed, taking a much larger sip of her drink.

You…uh…want another?

Kennedy turned to him and half rolled her eyes. “Make it a double.” She looked back to Drew, exhaling. He had said a lot…again. This was what happened when you were in charge of things. You took pretty girls out, spent your money, and then went home. As long as she was the one he had in his bed at the end of the day, did who he took for drinks really matter? Deep down, she knew it did, but right now, she was telling herself otherwise.