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Intro Post!!!

Hello everyone!!!

I’m sunaddicted aka Francesca (a mouthful, I know - feel free to shorten it) aka 008 (I just added it on the roster sheet lol) and, as you may know, I write lots and lots of stupid fanfictions, I have an unhealthy obsession with Raoul Silva and I’m the unfortunate reason why Pampuria is a bit of a bitch lol

I’m also a virgin to the 007 fest hahah last year I didn’t sign up because of uni exams and this year I should have done the same but here I am.. And I’m on a roll, I can’t wait to start posting.

Enough of my ramblings (God, I talk too much) and thank you for welcoming me in your team @teamdoubleoh ♡♡♡

- sun (008)

|| My Heart Moves On ||

This evening sun,
Setting down the horizon,
Spreading it’s golden gleam
All over the sky
On those unripe mangoes
With it’s aroma in the air
The first shower of rain
Opening it’s arms on earth’s dry layer;
Giving life to the greenery around
The sweet petrichor
Mesmerising the soul
Breaking through the worldly bounds;
My heart moves on….
Moves on to get lost in it’s esctasy…

The Marrying Kind

Ryker couldn’t believe that his baby sister was finally getting married. It felt only yesterday that he met her fiancee, back when he was her boyfriend, and found him to be the most caring man for her. She told him all about the guy, but it didn’t do him justice until he saw him up close and recognized how handsome he was too. He was glad for them, and was honored when they asked him to be their best man. “Hey, how’s it going in there?” He asked as he barged into the groom’s quarter’s to make sure the final preparations were going as planned.


seated in the vip area of the club next to sam and a few of his acquaintances, cassie couldn’t be happier. the fake id she’d gotten her hands on about three years earlier, still worked like a charm, though it might have had something to do with the influential man at her side. a waitress came sauntering towards their table with a tray with two bottles of champagne placed on it. cassie instantly reached out to one of the bottles and making eye contact with sam over the top of it. looking around the table, she smiled at the various people before letting out a giggle and pouring herself a glass of the extremely overpriced champagne.

seeing as she’d already had a few glasses of pink drinks as well as quite a few shots, the girl had no inhibitions and leaned into sam’s ear “daddy, can i do a shot off you ?” she asked in her most pleading voice, lowering her jaw and looking up at him with wide eyes, arms gathered at her front to accentuate her cleavage ( not that it wasn’t already accentuated enough in the low cut dress she wore )

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It was well past midnight when Gabriel’s shaking fingers dialled the most familiar number in his contacts. The man was in the middle of a park, far enough away from his apartment that he was still trying to catch his breath, close enough that he could get there on foot. Blood was dried across his palm, making him wince when he held his phone against his ear. Gabriel wasn’t sure if Salem would pick up. The entire fight had been his fault, even Salem and his tendency to blame himself for everything couldn’t deny that. Salem had just been trying to help him, and he’d needed the help, but it hadn’t been a good day. Gabriel couldn’t deal with it. Shouting at him had been bad enough, but ignoring him for the days after that couldn’t have made it any better. 

Gabriel sank to the ground and leaned back against a tree. It made him feel a little more grounded, but he still felt like he was going to collapse or pass out any second. The phone continued to ring and Gabriel prayed that Salem would pick up.

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Knock On The Door

There was a knock on the door.
I woke up abruptly,
My heart beating fast
with drops of sweat
clinging down my forehead.

Something inside my chest
beating too hard as if
It would burst out,

I’m scared,
scared of my hopes
being disguised as fiasco once again,
With an extreme agony of multiple notions, I reached up to the door,
With a deep constrain
I opened the door,

My eyes stuck there
with a hollow whole;

And Tonight,
“I died I bit more,

“Jesus, you’re packing a bowl, not a house.” Chord exclaimed, sliding over to where his roomate lay, fiddling with the bong and taking forever to pack the next round. Chord scratched his thick beard lightly and tugged at his panties, grabbing the large glass piece and hugging it between his thighs, packing the bowl in a quick flash of his hands before handing it back, wiping little bits of ash that managed to stain his pink lace underwear. “Now hit, you’ve got homework to do.”