MULDER: Scully, something was done to you, something that you’re just beginning to remember. You can’t quite figure it out but it can be explained and it will be explained. And no matter what you think as a scientist or a doctor, there is a way, and you will find it to save yourself.
SCULLY: Mulder, I can’t kid myself. People live with cancer. They carry on, and so will I. You know I’ve got things to finish, to prove to myself, to my family, but for my own reasons.
MULDER: Come on back. The truth will save you, Scully. I think it’ll save both of us.

Can you imagine what would happen after Leo comes back to CHB?
  • <b></b> *jason and piper walking, doing random couple-ly things and then-*<p><b>Jason:</b> I-I… what? No. Is that?<p><b>Piper:</b> Jason, what's wrong? *looks in direction jason is glancing at*<p><b>Leo:</b> Uh, hey guys.<p><b>Piper:</b> *screams and tackles Leo* Leo, you asshole! We thought you were dead!<p><b>Leo:</b> Yeah, i thought I was dead too.<p><b>Jason:</b> *reaches Leo and Piper and hugs both of them* But the cure worked.<p><b>Leo:</b> Yeah, the cure worked.<p><b>Piper:</b> *sobbing* We were prepared to name our first child after you, idiot!<p>

'but wait!' i thought vaguely. 'why am i not reacting to this? i have punched myself in the face over less!'

and then i realised that i was no longer in my chair and was in fact curled up under the desk rocking back and forth and emitting a faint buzzing noise.

open with

i need to choice any program and version open with every extenson

اريد ان اختار اي البرامج سيعمل لدي عند الضغط على ملف ذو امتداد محدد

يمكنك ان تذهب الي المسار التالي

you can change in this path for revit family


يمكنك ان تبحث عنه هنا

or you can search about it here

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Classes\Local Settings\Software\Microsoft\Windows\Shell\MuiCache

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