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Hello I am here to provide you with girls. All I want in life is a cute scenario of Zarya confessing her feelings to s/o. I want Zarya to bench press me I'm so gay

Anon, I feel like you truly understand me.

Fem!Reader is a weak admin too because I’m extra trash.

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License to Science (And Kill)

Title: License to Science (And Kill)
Characters: Hanji Zoe x Levi
Genre: Action / Humor / Romance
Rating: T

Levihan Week Day 5: Blue


When International criminal organization, TITAN, successfully steals an arsenal of missiles along with their encrypted launch codes, Code Blue is initiated. It up to Agent Levi Ackerman, a spy in a class of his own, and Research scientist Hanji Zoe, the premiere authority on the organization, to halt a global catastrophe in its tracks.

She lowered her glasses, brown eyes blinking over the rims. “Does this mean I have a-” One brow lifted. “License to Science?”

“No. But I do have a License to Kill. Don’t tempt me to use it.”

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