Mulder being whipped by Fowley at the drop of the hat continues to confuse the shit out of me. In the back seat is a girl who dropped him like a bad habit and has been out of his life for years. Next to him is the one who’s been by his side through all the bs. His “1 in 5 billion”. He has always been blinded by the temptation of his quest for the truth all while missing the most important truth of all. The only truth that matters that has been right in front of him all along.

Ugh Mulder. Love him but  Scully should of smacked the shit out of him.

This morning I got a ride into work from my mum and as we passed a house we saw a crow on the front lawn flat on the ground with its wings spread. We stopped because we thought it was injured or dying and as soon as I got out of the car it just hopped up and went on its way. I googled to see why they do this and it turns out they’re just sunbathing. Fuckers making me think they’re dead. Honestly.