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Hello I am here to provide you with girls. All I want in life is a cute scenario of Zarya confessing her feelings to s/o. I want Zarya to bench press me I'm so gay

Anon, I feel like you truly understand me.

Fem!Reader is a weak admin too because I’m extra trash.

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License to Science (And Kill)

Title: License to Science (And Kill)
Characters: Hanji Zoe x Levi
Genre: Action / Humor / Romance
Rating: T

Levihan Week Day 5: Blue


When International criminal organization, TITAN, successfully steals an arsenal of missiles along with their encrypted launch codes, Code Blue is initiated. It up to Agent Levi Ackerman, a spy in a class of his own, and Research scientist Hanji Zoe, the premiere authority on the organization, to halt a global catastrophe in its tracks.

She lowered her glasses, brown eyes blinking over the rims. “Does this mean I have a-” One brow lifted. “License to Science?”

“No. But I do have a License to Kill. Don’t tempt me to use it.”

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do you have any headcanons about angie looking after peggy after she comes back hurt from a mission?

you bet your ass i do (there might not be nearly as much as you’d think because my head is Dead but i’ll try) 

  • so it’s super obvious that whenever angie knows peggy’s back from a mission she can’t just go to bed. she waits fully awake for her in the living room because most the times peggy just leaves without giving any notice – peggy calls her like one day after disappearing and goes “oh yea so i had to leave but i’ll be back by monday, i love you” and angie’s always so mad but worried for her she waits with a cup of coffee until the front door opens
  • because we are talking about angela martinelli, she’d see peggy all bruised and she’d just be like “great margaret, you come into the house like you just fought against hitler after days of being gone, just peachy”
  • and peggy tries to go and give her a kiss even if she’s maybe walking a little too slow because her feet hurt but angie doesn’t even let her touch her omg
  • “sit on the couch margaret, have you seen your eye? have you seen that bruise? tell me how am i supposed to heal that. i don’t think we’ve got a steak on the fridge.”
  • “well maybe you could kiss it better, love…” 
  • “shut up margaret i am mad at you”
  • they sit in silence while angie checks peggy’s body to see if there’s anything abnormal and if she catches glimpse, she evaluates how bad is the damage and if she can stitch it up herself or has to call jarvis 
  • if jarvis does go to help, the whole time angie’s just scoffing at peggy who’s trying to tell her why she didn’t tell her she was leaving and poor jarvis is so uncomfortable lmao 
  • when they are in bed and it’s dark and there’s absolutely no sound around them, angie sneaks herself up against peggy and makes her hug her tight and whispers “i am glad you made it back safe” and peggy would kiss her forehead and reply something like “i am glad too, love”
  • and then there’s silence and before peggy falls asleep she hears “you’re still a jerk, though”