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Cosplay Challenge Day 19: File under ‘unacceptable’

I’ve decided to participate in a 20-day Cosplay Challenge, where I answer approximately 20 questions about my cosplaying interests.

Like my favorite things, my least favorite things are often scaled based on a number of factors.  Fortunately, I haven’t had many bad Cosplay experiences, so I might just be able to list them all here.

First and foremost is the rude ‘fan’ incident, which fortunately lead to a new friend.

I was at MAGfest 2017, strolling around in my Zero Suit Samus cosplay (as I am wont to do).  I was in one of the video game halls when a shortish guy in glasses comes up and asks to get a photo with me.  I nodded and he asked a guy from a small group nearby to take the picture.  He then came back over to me and asked if he could put his hand around my waist.  

Seems rather nice and polite so far, right?

I said “Yes, that’s fine,” and he balked.  He said “What?” and I said, again, “It’s fine.”  Looking confused, he stepped back over, got his phone from the guy, and said, “I gotta go,” and hurried off.  Clearly my voice had revealed my true gender and the guy has an issue.

Then, a young woman in the group nearby asked if that guy had asked for a photo and then run off.  I told her it was okay, happy to grin and bear it, but she was having none of that.  She told me I looked fabulous and that I should never let anyone like him get me down.  Then she insisted on getting a photo with me.

Unfortunately at the time I didn’t get her name, and it was only by posting the picture on Instagram and Facebook that other cosplayers helped us re-unite online.

Let’s see … Other negative cosplaying events.

There was the time some guy asked to put his head across my chest.

There was the time an older gentleman thought my Zero Suit was from Ghostbusters.

Occasionally I’ll get snickers or jeers from passing teenagers at conventions, but nothing super rude.

When I was brushing my red Dark Phoenix wig at Katsucon, it started to come apart and needed some hairpin surgery.  This lead to the purchase of about six red wigs as potential replacements.

I’ve been videoed a couple of times (MAGfest and Katsucon) by people who seemed pretty professional and detail oriented, but then never saw a result.

One time I was told I couldn’t keep my Airsoft pistol on me because ‘it had been fired.’  This was regardless of the fact that the trigger was now zip-tied in place.  How he could tell it had been ‘fired’ I’ll never know.