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Downton Abbey/Assassin AU – “Mr. & Mrs. Crawley”

Matthew Crawley, hitman, Manchester Contracts Agency; Mary Crawley, assassin, Downton Intelligence Agency. The best in their field.

They weren’t supposed to be caught in the wrong place at the wrong time, and they certainly weren’t supposed to fall for each other – but that’s exactly what happened when they pretend to be a married couple to evade the authorities (it certainly helped to share the last name). And eventually, acting like a couple turned into becoming a real one when the two fell hard for each other.

Only problem is, neither of them know the other’s true profession … and things will only get more complicated when they’re assigned to kill each other. 

**original photos not mine, manip done by myself**


Blessed images of Sokudo subconsciously imitating Karamatsu.

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Okay, okay. But. Have you ever imagined Hide with his natural hair color?

i have now 

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have you ever watched firefly?

I have yeah but why does no one ever ask what firefly watches