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In Chiron’s office there are two file cabinets. Both of them have files with all the information about each camper: the date they arrived, when they were claimed, school information if they are full time campers, their summer activities, etc….the only difference is that one cabinet is filled with all the living ones and the other with all the ones who died.

And every time he has to move a file from one cabinet to another he makes sure to read all the files in the second cabinet before putting it away. It is his way to honor the heroes who are gone.

i’ve been using rules of three to keep my habitat maintained during depressive episodes (every time you get up from bed/desk/flopping on the floor, move 3 things back to where they belong) 

and now i’m using it with keeping my digital life neater, too (when I need a break I unsubscribe from 3 email lists/change 3 passwords/rename 3 files/move 3 pictures or screencaps to their proper folders)

and sometimes I get motivated and do more than 3 things, and sometimes I don’t, and that’s okay, because I am Making the Job Smaller and Getting A Small But Accomplishable Thing Done


              Tights & Leggings for your little Princesses

I love tights for my simmie girls.  All of these options came from 2 sources:

@persephaney….you can find the first 7 pictured tights/leggings within her girls’ clothing DLs.  Just save the entire file to documents and move the tights to your mods folders.  I’ll warn you though, you’ll probadly want everything.  **Don’t forget to check out her shoes too.

Here is just one of many posts with great tights options:

@prettyxsimblr Has the cutest leggings in her Pink collection for kids.  Check out the hard to find true black leggings.  

If you are like me you may have rebooted/cleaned out your MODs folder and forgotten to include some of these.  They have been around awhile but are still a wonderful staple for your little simmies.


Two pictures from my 2013 March Art Folder! 
I remember being very proud of them and with the second one I realized the type of feeling I wanted my art to have. 


My original piece that started all of my ME family drawings. Garrus is the best space husband and would have made my femShep very happy if we ever got that happy ending. Alas this was only to be a dream.

The Girl Is a Spy {Hux x Reader}

Request:  Hux finds out his lover fem!reader is a spy for the Resistance

A/N: This is longer then I intended and I’m a bit on the fence about the result, but Enjoy!

You sat at Hux’s desk. His data pad glowing faintly with information on display. Nothing new here. You closed that file and moved to the next. So far you had collected a pretty decent amount of information about a current project labeled Starkiller. The general should be proud with how much info you’d be sending back to them.  As soon as you finished looking over this file you’d be ready to broadcast what you’d found to the resistance. As you suspected nothing interesting was in the file. You closed that one too and shut the pad down completely and placed it back in Hux’s desk. You pulled out your comlink and flipped it on. Strange. You felt surprisingly unsettled. Before doing things like this you got a little nervous but this felt different, more daunting and dangerous. It felt as if the room itself was watching you, waiting for you to start speaking to the resistance so it could expose your secret.

‘a spy’ the walls seemed to whisper ‘the girl is a spy.’

You shook it off. “You’re fine.” you said to yourself “You’ve done this a million times. You’re fine.”

You ran over what you were going to say in your head. There was no room for mistakes when relaying such sensitive information. A few deep breaths later and you were ready to go. You clicked the button down on the comlink and started talking. The problem with a lot of information is you have to talk more. Half way through your report and you wanted to tell them to hold on and give you a minuet but you pressed on. You took a moment to catch your breath at the end before asking for confirmation that they heard what you’d said.

The line was silent. It took a couple minuets for transmissions to reach the other person, especially from this far away. You leaned back in the chair relaxing a little as you waited. But relaxation was cut short. The door to the office hissed open to reveal General Hux himself. You leapt from the chair your stomach plummeting to the floor in the process. judging from the look he gave you Hux was just as surprised to see you.

“What are you doing in here?” he asked his tone was normal signaling he didn’t suspect anything.

“I was-” you trailed off noticing the comlink still sitting on the desk “I was looking for you. I-” you moved around the desk and swiped up the comlink, careful not to draw too much attention. “I just missed you I guess.” It was only a half lie. He had been working a lot lately. You really did miss him.

“Oh, well I was about to return to our quarters. I only needed to finish one last thing.”

He bought it. Releasing the breath you’d been holding, Your body relaxed a little. You moved to get around him and to the door. “In that case I’ll-”

“What is that?” He asked cutting you off half way to the door.

Your moment of relief was gone. It would do you no good to completely lie. “Its a comlink I found in the halls. Figured it might belong to a trooper or a lieutenant, so I was going to drop it by the command center.”

“You’re probably right.” He said sitting down behind his desk.

“Yeah. probably. So I’ll get going now!” You tried to excuse yourself and it would have worked.

As you went to press the button on the door the comlink went off. “Agent Y/N, report received. Please continue research on project Starkiller.”

Your eyes closed. There was no way he hadn’t heard that. You could feel the walls laughing at you now. ‘caught you! He caught you!’  You turned slowly glanging at him. His eyes were locked on you but his expression was blank. Maybe he hadn’t heard.

“Agent.” He said. The word was clipped short. He only spoke like that to you when he was angry.

“I- Its not. This isn’t-” you tried to think of something, anything to say to save yourself but you couldnt. There was no way to cover this.

“Agent! Is that not what it said?!” He was yelling now. standing from his chair and stepping towards you.


“Is it not!” He wouldn’t even allow you the chance to talk around this.


He straitened his posture and looked down at you through narrowed eyes. “It’s all a lie then.” He said. It wasn’t a question.

You didn’t say anything. What could you say? ‘Yes, I was lying about who I am and where I came from this whole time while I used your references to access top secret information!’ You couldn’t say that because he already knew. He’s a smart man.

“And your feelings for me. This relationship.” He spit the work like venom “That was all a lie too.”

“No!” This you couldn’t go silent on. “No,  Everything we have together, everything I told you about my feelings for you is true. I care for you I really do. I- I love you.” You hardly said that to each other. You reserved it for the most intimate of moments but this was an exception. He needed to know.

“I don’t believe you.”

Your heart stopped. He didn’t believe you. The only true thing you had ever told him and he didn’t believe you. Pain pierced your heart. Is this what heartbreak feels like? “I do. I do!” they were the only words you could utter. Your mind raced a mile a minuet trying to think of anything to say in this moment but it was blank. He doesn’t believe you.

Hux stepped to the side of you barely giving you a downward glance. “Get out of my way.”

Your mouth opened and closed trying to protest his leaving but you fell silent as you stepped out of the door frame. He left just like that. Leaving you stunned and hurt. In all honesty his reaction was rather good compared to what you imagined it be. There was a lot less screaming and the conversation was short, But this one felt worse. You could feel the hot tears brimming in your eyes. Your world had finally come crashing down on you and this was the result. You had to leave. You had to leave now before he returned with troopers to arrest you.

I’m sorry if this isn’t that great. I have no idea what a sketch skeleton is or how to help people. But this is pretty much my process on what I do. 

Never be afraid to use references. I know some people are worried about it but please use them, they help so much.

Good luck with starting an ask blog! :D

(and of course you can be known as The Exotic Butters Asker!)

Decided to learn how to draw proper chibis today, so I made a draw the squad thing. Hope I did ok. If you use it I’d love to be tagged in it so I can see your awesome work!~ 

3, 2, and 1 chibi versions under the cut! all are transparent! feel free to cut my sig out, just please don’t claim ownership of the drawing. reblogs > reposts, of the base alone I mean.

Go to town ^~^

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here’s the album art i made for becca and mars’ song if anyone wants to use it in their music library!! and i know some people have asked, so the way i got it onto my music/itunes was by going to this post, downloading the file to my computer, moving the file to itunes, changing some of the album details and adding the album art, and then just syncing the song to my phone!