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My copy of the Dresden Files Co-op Card game arrived today and I am super excited about it. It’s taken me about an hour to unbox the core game and read over the cards, I haven’t even gotten o the expansions yet.
The artwork on this is all really cool. Each Foe has their own artwork, and then there is a different art for ech type of card in each book. So an obstacle card in Fool Moon looks different to one in Grave Peril.
Who wants to come over and play?

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Work at a hotel at the front desk. Customer hasn't paid for room in several days so we locked him out of room to force him to come up to front desk to settle up with us. No show for several more days. Charge credit card on file 500$ dollars for room charges/tax etc. Check room, Guest hasn't been in his room in a week but hasn't checked out. Check local court records, he has 6 open charges for grand larceny and obtaining money through false pretenses. His stuff is now in a box to hold for him.

There’s a site where you can make custom uno cards so I made some X-Files uno cards!

Important adjustments to regular uno rules:

1. When you get down to one card, you must yell “MULDERRRRRRR” or “SCULLAAAAAAYYYYY” instead of saying “uno”.

2. When playing the Detour/ reverse direction card you must a) name an x-file you have to go investigate RIGHT NOW or b) sing “Joy. To the world.” in the most deadpan way possible.

3. The “skip a turn” card is now the “abducted by aliens” card.

4. Krycek is the pick up two card: Occasionally helpful, mostly not, and exponentially more likely to be part of some grand conspiracy against you the more times in a row he appears.