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Sam gets back to his room in 10x17 

Merry Christmas from the Unremarkable House! 👽💕🎄

It was my Christmas wish to see Mulder & Scully’s house in the snow. Snow is actually quite rare in this part of Canada, so chalk this one up to a holiday miracle!

I hope these photos conjure visions of Mulder & Scully snuggling next to the fire. And you know Mulder chopped their Christmas tree down right from their own damn lot, that he looked sexy af swinging that axe! 😏

Sending these pics along with a big thank you for everyone that makes this fandom great. I’m so glad to be a part of this awesome community of Philes on Tumblr. All my best wishes for a fantastic holiday season!

Happy Holidays, Tumblr!
xo Mel (& Mulder & Scully)

                you broke every piece,
                                                    shard and
                                   of me
                                        and yet–
                           i’m still loyal
                                             to you.

Although she looks like she could be your grandmother, Dorothea Puente was guilty of 9 murders and was one of Sacramento’s most unlikely serial killers. She ran a boarding house in the 1980s, and would house mentally disabled or otherwise vulnerable elderly people. She would cash their social-security checks and kill them when they complained. She drugged her victims with sleeping pills, then suffocated them. 

After the disappearance of Alberto Montoya, a schizophrenic man who was put under Puente’s care by the state, a missing person’s report was filed and the boarding house was investigated. Puente was arrested after another tenant told the police of his landlady’s true nature. She received life without the possibility of parole. She continued to maintain her innocence all her life, insisting that all her tenants had died of “natural causes”.

She died on March 27, 2011 in prison in Chowchilla, California at the age of 82 from natural causes.

Stepping Up - Moriel (fluff)

Day 1 - Dancing @acotarshipweek

I drummed my fingertips against the table as conversation continued to flow around me. Voices mixing and mingling into a cacophony that I couldn’t decipher with Cassian’s laughter drowning out most of the speakers to my left.

I had tried to tune in, numerously, but the constant talking over one another and interrupting left me disinterested. Instead I spied the floor, maybe ten feet from our table, and assessed the way the occupants were moving. The hour was still reasonable, other diners still filled the room and the music remained soft and melodic. Elegant couples filed onto the polished boards to sway delicately back and forth, clean lines and fluid motions, whilst keeping an appropriate distance between themselves. There must be nothing to spoil the other patrons’ appetites.

That would come later.


I felt my cousin nudge my side, trying to draw me into the conversation again, but I merely shook my head before returning my gaze to the dancers. How I wished that I could move like them. The way that they moved with such precision and care, so very unlike the wild and carefree nature of my own dancing, the careful discipline and control that they exerted over their movements.

I sighed, feeling Cassian lean into my left, not paying him any mind before grabbing my teaspoon and sticking it in my mouth. The taste of chocolate pudding remained and mildly lifted my spirits but as a tall male fae from our neighbouring table asked his partner to dance, dropping a kiss to the back of her hand as she dropped into a shallow curtsey, the feeling returned to my chest.

I would never be that. I will never have that. Just a silly girl with delusions of grandeur wanting to dress up for the ball; even if her prince doesn’t know to get off his damn horse.

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🎀  E-board photoshoot inspiration! 🎀

Q: My chapter is trying to decide on outfits for our Exec board’s photoshoot this month, and I was curious if you had any cute winter/spring outfit recommendations?

A: I have seen some really cute e-board photos lately! Wearing matching white or black dresses, or coordinated scarves is always a sharp look. I also love it when the sisters are holding small letters with the sorority name. If you want to go more casual, denim shirts, jeans and boots make a relaxed e-board look. 

Here are some pretty e-board style photoshoot examples for inspiration ~ 

White Dresses:

Black Dresses:

Denim & Black:

BoHo Style: 

Sorority Spirit:

Denim & White:

Campus Cute:

Signature Sorority Color:

Cute in Boots:

A Mix of Colorful Dresses: