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Can’t Afford the Vet?

You have probably heard the phrase “if you can’t afford the vet, you can’t afford the pet” and it is true to a degree. Pet ownership doesn’t stop after the purchase of the animal and it is my personal opinion that getting a pet when you know you cannot afford vet care is selfish.

There are of course many people who fully intend on taking their pet to the vet but life happens: they lose their job, family members get sick, the pet gets hit by a car, etc. What do these people do? The absolute best thing to do is be prepared as much as possible. Get pet insurance! For something like $25 a month you can get your pet insured and it will cover most illnesses and accidents. Get a savings account. Put money away every month, as much as you can afford and use it only for vet visits. If your dog gets hit by a car or needs emergency surgery it can easily cost $5,000.00 so try to have that much in savings ready to go.

Go see the vet at least yearly. I cannot stress enough how much preventative care does exactly that: prevents illnesses. I have caught heart disease, cancer, retinal disease and more just doing annual exams. The owners had no idea their pet was ill. By taking care of these things before they got worse these owners saved thousands of dollars. Vaccines are important too, especially for puppies and kittens. A parvo vaccine may be $20, treating parvo can cost into the thousands.

Understand that you don’t have to do everything your vet recommends, but also understand the repercussions of declining. For me personally, I cannot sleep at night knowing I didn’t offer every single pet owner the very best care. Who am I to judge what people can afford? On a more selfish level, if I didn’t offer the best care and a pet died or became ill and the owner filed a board complaint, I could be fined or even lose my license.  This is true for all vets. So please understand we must offer the best care and at least give you the chance to understand what you are declining. If you do decline testing or medication, understand that this limits what we can do for you. I had an owner decline testing a lump on his cat but he became very angry when I couldn’t tell him what the lump was. We offer tests for a reason. Also understand that sometimes if you decline care your only option is euthanasia. People do not like it when vets suggest euthanasia but sometimes this truly is the only other option. It isn’t right to send an animal home to die a slow and painful death simply because the owner cannot afford treatment but refuses to do the right thing and euthanize.

Also understand that wasting time on Google and pet care forums wastes precious time and money. I can cite numerous cases where an owner spent months or more researching and trying things on their own and it was something a vet could have fixed in a single visit. By the time the pet comes to us it is too late. By all means get care advice from other trustworthy sources but if an animal is ill, the internet is not your friend.

I know that there are those out there that will say they cannot put anything in savings, they cannot afford pet insurance, and they cannot even afford basic vaccines. To you I say, don’t get a pet. It just isn’t right to take a living thing into your home knowing you cannot provide it the care it needs. If you want that connection with an animal go volunteer at a shelter and walk dogs, babysit friends pets, there are lots of other ways to have animals in your life without owning one.

Being stubborn and unreasonable is a good way to make your business fail with me...

(long story. tl;dr at the end)

So I own a few residential properties, I used to maintain them myself but I have a small business that needs my constant attention so I hired a property management company to maintain the properties. Property management companies handle everything, fix anything broken, screen the tenants before moving in, evict them if they don’t pay rent etc, while I just collect my rent money minus their little reasonable fee they take every month. When I chose this company, who I’ll call SPM for shitty property management company, they seemed to be a very good company. Local, been established for awhile, nice people, etc. I needed help marketing my properties and getting good tenants moved in, so I chose them.

While most of my properties we’re vacant at the time, I did have a few occupied, and 1 tenant living in my higher-end condo property and he was my favorite tenant, who we’ll call FT. I screened him and approved him myself before I hired SPM. He was a very good tenant and he rented from me for 3 years which is a long time and a great thing for landlords. Paid rent on time, made repairs himself without deducting rent, didn’t smoke etc. I ended up getting to know him because he wanted to buy the condo and he was a great tenant, so we became very good friends.

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Robert Patrick: Man, she [Gillian Anderson] was fun to work with.

Kim Manners: She was…Do you remember, I think this was one of your first experiences with Gilly boards.

Robert: Oh, yeah, yeah.

Kim: We’d build these little ramps and she would walk in for an over-shoulder shot; she’d come up a little ramp and you had to learn how to walk and step over it without looking like you were stepping over things, because she was so short.

DVD commentary for “Within”

Chalkboards and Kisses

Originally posted by garisanee

Pairing): Reader X Hyunwoo

Genre: fluff, romance

Warning(s): tooth rotting fluff tbh, teacher!au, kid!changkyun

Length: 3.4k

Summary: In which everyone thinks Hyunwoo is a bad boy but really, he’s too soft for this world.

“Let’s not forget that math can be fun!” You practically sing, hands clasped in front of you as you smile enthusiastically at the group of five year olds sitting in front of you. They look back you, unimpressed and bored, mouths open and eyes glazed over.

It’s times like these that you have to remind yourself that you love your job.

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Wrong Place Wrong Time (15)

Do not reuse, edit or copy and of my work(s). ©
Part 15 of an ongoing series, enjoy :)
A fanfic for a more Mature audience due to violence and language. Read at your own risk :)

Themes=😖,🌟,💣,🎭. (☠️- Harm towards characters, Strong language and Adult themes.)

Summary: You end up in the wrong place at the wrong time and it has negative repercussions. Main characters include: Reader and EXO.

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3 Part 4  Part 5 Part 6  Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 Part 10 Part 11 Part 12 Part 13 Part 14  Part 16  Part 17  Part 18  Part 19  Part 20  Part 21  Part 22  Part 23  Part 24  Part 25  Part 26  Part 27  Part 28  Part 29  Part 30  Part 31  Part 32  Part 33  Part 34  Part 35 (Final)

Word Count: 4,055 (I don’t know whether or not long parts are getting annoying for you guys but I do apologize🙊)

Everyone was in the board apart from Minseok, sitting around the table wearing worried expressions. You weren’t really sure what was going on, so you were sitting quietly waiting for someone to explain the situation. You were sat in between Chanyeol and Kyungsoo and directly opposite from Jongdae, noticing his fingers nervously tapping on the table; you could imagine how scared they all were right now. You were scared right now.

“So what exactly happened?” Chanyeol spoke up breaking the uncomfortable silence; he had a bad habit of chewing the skin on his thumb next to his nail when he was anxious.

“I just got a call from Junmyeon’s brother saying we had to stay alert, there’s someone on our case or a mole in the system.” Sehun waved the phone he was holding in the air, he looked around the table slowly stopping when he got to you and frowned. “I’m really hoping it’s not the latter, don’t you?” He said sarcastically raising a brow. Was he trying to suggest you were leaking information? You ignored him, turning your head away from his gaze and looking at Yixing who was leaving the room.

“Also this” Baekhyun cleared his throat shifting uncomfortably in his seat, passing a letter down the table to you and Chanyeol. “It just came through the letter box when you and Chan left the room. We live in such a remote area, I don’t know how this person found us.” Your face twisted with alarm and panic started to set into your stomach. You positioned the sheet between yourself and Chanyeol so you could both read it:

Libra  Industrial Estate
Song & Sons Warehouse Inc.
Block C

The Tell-Tale.

You were confused this didn’t mean anything to you, none of it made sense. “I don’t get it.” You shook your head at Baekhyun.

“Remember I was telling you Y/N every year Red produces some type of drug or food supplement on a large scale, with the size of his launch event I can only imagine how much product will be distributed this year. The substances and products used to make these things will be in a warehouse right now as we speak.” You nodded your head; You, Baekhyun, Chanyeol and Sehun had been looking for a warehouse for the past 3 weeks, you assumed you had been looking for what Baekhyun was explaining to you, your next raid would be the ‘big hit’ as the guys called it.
“If I’m not mistaken,” He continued “I believe that this is the address of what we’re looking for.”

You blinked looking around the room and then shrugged your shoulders. “Okay, but I don’t understand the issue, they gave us the address. Isn’t that doing us a favour?”

Sehun laughed in disbelief throwing his head back. “Are you dumb Y/N? Have you never watched a horror movie? When was the last time anything like this went well? You’re not supposed to trust these types of people. Honestly, next time we’re not watching a comedy since you clearly need to be educated.” You looked at the table bashfully, you were embarrassed at your naive statement, but you still weren’t used to this underground life.

“Who calls themselves ‘The Tell-Tale’ how cringe, ugh.” Jongin rolled his eyes and pulled a face, offering a bit of comic relief in the tense situation. You drummed your fingers against the table lightly staring at the hole in the middle which Minseok had shot through. If this person really was a ‘bad-guy’ then what was going to happen to you guys next, would you all end up dead? Would the whole of Genesis go under?

“There’s something else I noticed too. Do you see those two red crosses at the bottom, I’m assuming it to be the signature.” Baekhyun continued, leaning over from where he was sat and pointing to the bottom of the sheet. You nodded your head. “I’m sure I’ve seen this somewhere before, around a year ago, but I just can’t put my finger on where I’d seen it.” He rubbed the temples of his head, as if it would help him to retrieve his memory, but to no avail. “One other thing.” Baekhyun said, pulling an envelope from his pocket and placing it on the table. “This is the envelope that the note came in, look at it.” You stared at the envelope confused, you looked up at Baekhyun and down at the envelope again. You were waiting for it to morph into some type of creature at this point, but nothing happened.

“Okay…I’m looking” You said skeptically, still looking at the blank envelope in front of you.

“What do you see?” Baekhyun said impatiently.


“Exactly! There’s nothing on there. No address, nothing. This means it was hand delivered here, the person knows exactly where we live. They know who we are.”

Your mouth was agape, partly because you were in awe at how clever and precise Baekhyun was with all of the information and secondly because it had really hit home that someone was actually on your trail. You tried not to panic, simply because they still seemed as though they were helping you out, but if they were on your side why didn’t they just make their identity known. Who were they and what did they want?

“Hey, where’s Minseok?” Yixing said, returning back into the room with his hands on his hips. Your eyes widened a bit and you drummed your fingers against the table faster than you had been before. 

“Why would I know, Why are you asking me?” You frowned. Technically you were telling the half-true it’s not like you actually knew where Minseok had gone. Only that he had crept out without anyone knowing.

“I wasn’t just asking you, I was asking everyone.” Yixing frowned at you being overly defensive, walking back over to his seat. You caught Jongdae looking at you from across the table and you diverted you gaze over to Junmyeon.

“He’s in his room; he said he had a headache.” Junmyeon said pointing in the direction of Minseok’s room.

“No he’s not there, I just checked. His room is empty.” Everyone went silent for a moment, in deep thought; suddenly Jongin spoke up breaking the peace.

“Hmm, weird how when we think there’s a mole in the system Minseok goes missing.” You tapped your feet uncomfortably under the table. Come to think of it Minseok had been acting discretely when you ran into him in the kitchen and although you knew that you weren’t friends he did brush you off quicker than he normally did.

“There’s no need to point fingers Jongin.” Junmyeon mumbled, but you could tell he was thinking too. “I think we need to look into this, Baekhyun can you guys handle this?”

“Yeah sure we’ll get to it now.”

Everybody stood up filing out of the board one by one, you lingered behind a bit, looking at the note left behind on the table then picking it up to meet the boys. As you got to the entrance Jongdae stepped out of nowhere, blocking the exit. He was looking down at you through dark eyes, holding both of his hands against the door frame.

“What do you know?” He lowered his face an inch or so, so that it was leveled with yours. He looked intimidating beyond belief.

“I don’t know anything, leave me alone.” You tried to push past him, but he knocked you back with his knee.

“Don’t lie to me. I know you know something about Minseok; your demeanour completely gave it away. So I’m going to ask you again. What do you know?”

You shrugged your shoulders, wondering whether it was worth keeping a secret. After all if Minseok was The Tell-Tale then wouldn’t shedding light on the issue be safe-guarding yourself. You were your own priority in this house and you had to look out for yourself. You sighed telling him everything you’d seen. “Look I don’t know where he’s gone I’m telling the truth, but I did see him leaving the house when I went to fill up the popcorn bowl.”

Jongdae nodded at you lowering his hands from the door frame and crossing them over his chest. “Did he have any weapons on him?”

“No not that I saw. But he was wearing a coat and boots so he could’ve had them tucked away. I do remember him removing a bottle of something out of the fridge though, but I wasn’t sure what it was. It didn’t seem to be labelled.” Jongdae nodded again, turning around and walking to the office room which everybody was now filed into, you followed closely behind him taking a seat at one of the computers on the far right. It was silent in here, only the sound of fast typing and the buzzing of the machines could be heard. You looked at Baekhyun’s computer screen, rows and rows of codes were showing up, none of which you had a clue what meant but you stared intensely at the screen regardless.

“Y/N said she saw Minseok creeping out of the house during the film.” Jongdae piped. You began to regret telling him as you didn’t want to get Minseok or yourself into trouble. All pair of eyes turned to look at you apart from Baekhyun who was still focusing on the screen in front of him. You sank lower in your seat, you felt as though you were in trouble.

“What, when exactly was this?” Kyungsoo said walking a little bit closer to you.

“When I went for the popcorn refills.”

“Why didn’t you say anything Y/N.” Yixing said quietly, looking at you from the other side of the room.

“Because I was distracted.” You gave him a knowing look, earning a scowl from Chanyeol and causing him to clear his throat nervously and look down at his hands. This wasn’t entirely true, although the kiss had distracted you for a moment you just used it as an excuse. “Besides I didn’t think it was relevant at the time.” You heard a scoff coming from Kyungsoo as he shook his head and focused his attention on Baekhyun.

“No. Minseok wouldn’t do anything like that! He’d never rat us out!” Sehun raised his voice, it was laced with anger and hurt, he was closest to Minseok, they were like mother and son and he was refusing to believe that Minseok would ever do such a thing.

“Well where is he now Sehun, he’s not here defend himself.” Jongin crossed his arms over his chest who was frowning at him and pouting like a child.

“Wait. Look I’ve found something.” Baekhyun loaded the hacked CCTV images onto the screen in front of you. He was right it was the address that you had been looking for all along; there were a number of men loading what looked like pills and a fine white substance into tanks and crates. You frowned noticing something on the screen, pointing to the square labelled as Camera 6.

“Look Baekhyun”. The camera was pointing towards a wall, there was no activity going on in this particular area, just two big red crosses painted across the wall.

“It’s the Tell-Tale.” Baekhyun squinted his eyes. “This guy knows what he’s doing; he really wanted to lead us here.” Baekhyun typed in more codes, pulling up more strings of words that you didn’t know the meaning of. “Chanyeol, Sehun I need you to find every single escape exit in this place, do not miss out one! It looks as though we’ll be paying this place a visit much sooner than we thought.” Chanyeol and Sehun nodded at him taking their places in front of computers and also typing in a whole load of technical things that was beyond your IQ and capability. Had you had known Chanyeol was this clever you would have made him do your homework all these years.

“You’re not actually suggesting we’re going there?” Jongdae argued, I’m still not fit enough to get out yet, besides we can’t trust this ‘Tell-Tale’ person, we don’t know what we’re up against.”

“That’s exactly what I’m suggesting.” Baekhyun answered spinning around in his chair to face Jongdae. “Regardless of whoever this person is, we were looking for the warehouse anyway, it was our next raid and so we need to go.”

Jongin stood from the desk that he was leaning on. “I agree with Baekhyun, besides you know what happens after one of Red’s big launches, he takes out a load of people from Genesis, we need to prevent that, after all their stock is shifted from that warehouse he’s out to come and get us; there are more people that need to be protected now, right?” Jongin winked in your direction, making you smile a little, you were glad that they went from wanting to kill to willing to look after you.

“By the looks of things they’ll be finished shifting by 4am tomorrow morning, I don’t mean in a few hours, but like the ‘other’ tomorrow.” Baekhyun said looking at the clock above Jongdae’s head. The room fell completely silent; it was 11pm which meant the boys had twenty nine more hours. You began to panic they weren’t prepared for this; there was no way this could go well, especially due to scale of the raid. Nothing ever went well if it wasn’t planned; you learned this from the Hotel launch incident. Just then you were brought out of your thoughts and back to reality when you heard a door closing. Your eye’s shot back down towards the doorway where Jongdae was stood. You realised that they all heard it too since everyone was facing the same way that you were. Jongdae took a step outside of the room, peeking his head around the corner.

“Oi! Kim Minseok, get in here!” Your breath hitched slightly, as with everybody elses. Minseok was back home, God only knows what would happen now.

He walked into the room quietly, frowning at everyone.

“What are you all doing in here?”

“I don’t know Minseok, depends on why you weren’t busy having a headache in your room. Where were you?” Jongin pointed an accusing finger at him; you were all waiting patiently for his reply.

“I went to get some air, and what?” He shrugged his shoulders, looking at everyone with a vacant expression.

“We’ve just had news from Junmyeon’s brother about someone on our trail, or a possible mole in Genesis. You wouldn’t happen to know about that…would you?” Jongdae moved in front of Minseok squaring his shoulders and looking at him intensely, more intense than the way he looked at you.

Minseok laughed in disbelief looking up to the ceiling briefly and back down at Jongdae.
“What are you suggesting?”

“I don’t know Minseok, what is your answer? Because that’s what it is dependent on.”

Everyone was holding their breath at this point, even Junmyeon who was usually in control and on top of everything was lost for words, you were staring blankly at Minseok and Jongdae praying that neither had a weapon on them, as things would only get messy from there on out if that was the case.
Minseok shook his head smiling in astonishment at everyone in the room.
“Whatever. I don’t have time for this. I’m going to bed.”

Sehun rushed up from his seat towards Minseok, fright and worry painted clearly across his face.
“But I told them it wasn’t you Minseok, of course it wasn’t you it couldn’t be you, right!?” He spoke quickly his question was supposed to be rhetorical but you could see that he was desperately waiting for Minseok to deny it and prove everyone wrong. But he didn’t respond, not the way that Sehun wanted him to anyway, he looked at everyone laughing silently and turned on his heel making his way to his room.

“Minseok I know it wasn’t you right!?” Sehun called after him desperately.

No answer.

You were walking down the corridor entering what you secretly claimed to be your room, blinking at what had just happened, how could this be Minseok? He was a victim too, why would he do something like this. You stood still, back facing the door trying to run through the facts and process everything in your head.

“Hey I feel like you’re avoiding me.” You jumped being caught off guard not expecting someone to waltz into your room.

You turned around seeing Yixing leaning against the frame of your door, nervously playing with his fingers.

“Oh…No, no I’m just. I don’t know I guess living here is still taking me by surprise.” You laughed nervously not entirely telling the truth, you were somewhat avoiding Yixing, but only because of what you had felt after you kissed him. You were a bit afraid to be around him because the concept of him making your heart race was so wrong, but now even as he stood at the door watching you intensely you felt your skin burning up and your heart beating against your chest. He walked over the threshold into your room causing you to back away a little bit, you were anxious to be around him you didn’t know what would happen next.

“Do you think Minseok did it?” He asked, taking a seat on the edge of what used to be Luhan’s bed and looked up at you through long dark lashes. You shook your head softly.

“No. Minseok has lost both of his parents at the hands of Red, I don’t see why he’d be working against Genesis, if anything he’s the least likely to be a mole. I think…” You were trying hard to convince yourself but at the moment you didn’t really know what was going on; things happened so fast in this house that you couldn’t keep up. You were hoping that deep down none of the boys would do such a thing.

“You still haven’t answered my question.” Yixing said slowly rising up from the bed and walking towards where you were stood.

“I did. I just said I don’t think Mins –”

“Not that question.” He put his hand up in the air to shush you. “Me or Jongin?” You breathed out slowly, you tried your best to avoid this topic for as long as you could, but you found yourself walking right into it.

“Yixing I can’t –I mean this is weird. Just, no.” You stammered, you couldn’t find the words to form a proper sentence, you didn’t even know what it was you wanted to say. You were distracted by the sensation of Yixing’s arms snaking around your waist and pulling you closer to him, the warmth of his body enveloping you and his invigorating smell filling your senses. He lowered his lips to your ears, whispering to you, his hot breath sending your stomach into a whirlwind.

“Look Y/N I don’t care if you talk to Jongin, it’s good that you get along with everyone in the house. But I hate to think of the fact that you might like him more than me, it really makes me sick. I know he’s made advances, I mean this is Jongin we’re talking about for crying out loud. But I was here before him; In fact I was the first guy in this house here for you, with the exception of Chanyeol of course. I know I must make you feel better than he does, right?” He lowered his head a little bit further down, kissing the sweet spot on your neck, the exact same spot he hit in the kitchen; you let out a heavy breath, your eyes fluttering shut. He moved his hands up and down your waist and his face shifted over, ghosting his lips over yours. You kept your eyes closed waiting for him to press his lips against yours, but then he pulled away. You opened your eyes, disappointed as to why he backed out.
“I need to hear you say it first Y/N.” His eyes were dark but with a yearning. It didn’t make you feel scared but in fact the opposite, it made you feel more drawn towards him then you had been before, but you managed to push him away.

“I like everyone in their own special way. Well mostly everyone.”You said, you weren’t too keen on Sehun, Minseok and Jongdae.

Yixing rolled his eyes at you. “Ugh bullshit Y/N you know what I mean! I’m talking about me and Jongin. I’m the better man and we both know I have more of an effect on you then he does.”

“This isn’t a competition Yixing! Besides this is hardly the time and the place to talk about this right now, we have a possible traitor in this house, don’t you care at all?!”

“Of course I care; you’re just driving me mad drifting between me and Jongin I fucking hate it! Pick one or have none, you can’t keep pretending you don’t even remotely have any types of feelings for me.”

“Well if you care about the situation Yixing then get your fucking priorities straight! You and Jongin are the last thing on my mind right now!”

“Woah! Don’t shout at me I’ve been nice to you up until this point, you’re literally driving me crazy stop pushing me aside like I’m a piece of trash, you’re beginning to piss me off!”

“Am I? Good! You know what Yixing fuck you I don’t even want to see your face right now?” You lied storming out of the room and making your way to the living room area, your head was pulsing and you were doing everything in your power to stop yourself from crying. You were honestly beginning to have enough with the men in this house, all apart from Baekhyun.

“Oi!” You heard a voice hiss. You looked up in front of you but didn’t see anyone, now you were imagining things, great.
“Behind you, you idiot.” You felt a hand grab you and pull you backwards into a room, shutting and locking the door behind you. You looked up to see Minseok’s angry face staring down at yours; his eyebrows were knitted closely together. He moved further into the room, signalling for you to take a seat on his bed, You didn’t need to be told twice you quickly rushed over, placing yourself down on the edge. You looked about you. His room was much cleaner than you ever imagined it to be, with a row of pictures displayed on the wall opposite his bed. There was a picture of him and Luhan, the same picture that was in Luhan’s room, A picture with him and Sehun eating pizza together, and a picture of what looked like an infant version of Minseok standing next to a man and a woman, you assumed they were his parents and you felt a sudden burn in your chest.

“You fucking snitched on me didn’t you?” He hissed quietly leaning against the wall that the pictures were hanging on.
You answered steadily and calmly so as to not piss Minseok off, you knew better than that by now.
“No I didn’t I promise, Jongdae forced it out of me, he’s not my biggest fan so I couldn’t really keep quiet.”

He let out a sigh, sliding slowly down the wall sitting on his haunches.
“Do they actually think it’s me?” He asked you, tilting his head to the side.

“Yes I think they do. Well some of them anyway.”

“And what about you?” He narrowed his eyes, focusing on your response.

“No. I don’t. I feel like you’re one of the biggest victims in this house, so why you’d be working against Genesis is beyond me. I think…” The lingering doubt kicked in again; you could never know when it came down to Minseok.

He rose to his feet slowly nodding at you. “Okay get out now!” He followed you until you were half way out of the door.

You looked up at him momentarily.
“But Minseok…Where did you go?”

He frowned at you shutting the door and locking it from the inside.

“Like I said Y/N. None of your business.”

What to put in your school bag!!

The usual school stuff

  • Your books, folders, note pads… the essentials for every single subject you attend today.
  • Extra sheets for notes! You can take loose leaf sheets, note pads, smaller note pads… just anything in case you need some for notes, doodling or anything else ;)
  • Pencil pouch!! I’ll do a separate ‘what to put in your pencil pouch’ and link it here then.
  • PLANNER!! Don’t forget your planner. You’ll regret it if you do.
  • Make sure all your homework for today is in your bag!! There is nothing worse than spending hours and energy on homework and then not being able to present it because you forgot it at home!
  • Some other supplies that MIGHT be handy:
    • Glue
    • Scissors
    • Washi tape
    • Post it’s/ Page flags
    • Calculator
    • Atlas
    • Charger (I keep one for my phone and one for my calculator with me)
    • Compass
    • Pen refills
  • Definitely keep a bottle of something to drink in your bag. I’d recommend water, any juice mixed with water or self made flavored water (I’ll do a post on that also) but you can basically take anything with you, even though water works best and is the healthiest.
  • I also keep a smaller bottle of coffee with me because I need that caffeine to stay productive and not letting the sleep overwhelm me in class, but that’s up to you. Tea also works super good!!
  • Take some healthy snacks with you every day. I’d recommend fruit or vegetable of any kind you prefer, but trail mixes are also fine!
  • Keep some (preferably healthy) bars in your school bag in case you have nothing to eat. Eat that bar then!!
  • If your school offers lunch, for god’s sake take the opportunity and get some warm, nice nurturing food in you!! It will only help you in classes after lunch (if you’re not eating as much as I once did and I felt so satisfied and warmish and tired and fell asleep xD)
  • If your school does not offer lunch, take some lunch with you!!
  • I also have some dark chocolate in my bag, because I frickin love it xD
Other important stuff :)
  • Keep some money in your bag. You never know when you might need it. I usually keep 10 euros in my bag, just in case.
  • Anything you need for extracurricular activity!! (e.g. sports clothes etc)
  • Ever since I first saw someone doing this, I keep an emergency bag in my school bag. That bag contains…
    • Deodorant
    • Bobby pins
    • Ribbons
    • Tampons (I’m a girl lol and I am not on birth control.. so these saved me a couple times xD)
    • Nail files/ emery boards (I was the SAVIOR of my friends so many times xD)
    • My ID
    • Hand cream
    • Lip balm
  • I also always keep a lighter with me and some gum, due to one of my friends being a smoker and she somehow sometimes forgets her lighter and gum, and also you can perfectly light candles with them. And tbh.. gum is always good xD

Feel free to add anything!! Also this is what I do and it is in no way an obligation to do everything :) it’s basically supposed to be a guideline and I hope that that is understandable :)

Trying Too Hard (Part 1)

Summary: Hydra tries to make you a better version of Bucky. The Avengers get word of this and go to rescue you, but you won’t come willingly.

Warnings: swearing, violence, fighting, death (kinda)

Ship: Bucky x Reader

A/N: I recommend reading Part Zero if you haven’t!

Part Zero Part One

Tony had just called a meeting after Jarvis had informed him of some suspicious Hydra activity. If the rumors were true, they were trying to recreate The Winter Soldier. 

The Avengers slowly filed into the board room while Tony stood waiting. 

“What’s going on?” Asked Steve, taking a seat next to Sam and Nat. 

“Where Bucky?” Tony answered with another question. “He needs to be here for this.” 

“Right here.” A voice from the doorway chimed in. Bucky sat down on the other side of Sam. “Sorry.”

“It’s fine. Let’s begin.” Tony sighed, tapping the ring he was wearing against the table. “I don’t think there’s an easy way to say this so I’m just going to say it.”

“Tony…” Natasha inquired, voice low with suspicion. “What’s wrong?”

The tension in the room was easily detectable. Normally Tony wasn’t so hesitant to reveal a new mission or problem. Clint sat up in his chair and Wanda glanced around to read everyone’s faces. 

Tony’s eyes flicked to Bucky and then to Steve. 

“Hydra’s making a new, and probably improved, Winter Soldier.” Tony revealed, watching to gauge everyone’s reactions. 

Bucky’s face was unreadable. 

“Well then we need to go and find them now, before Hydra succeeds.” Steve decides, and everyone else nods. 

“I agree.” Bucky adds, watching as he curls his metal fingers into a fist before unclenching them again. 

“Maybe you should stay out of this one, Buck.” Steve suggests, eyeing Bucky carefully. 

“I think if anyone should go, it’s Bucky..” Wanda answered before Bucky could. “After all, he probably knows his way around better than us. Also if we’re going to fight a person with a metal arm maybe bringing another metal arm is the way to go.”

“Let’s suit up.” 

You’re walking down the hallway of the Hydra compound, having just returned from a mission. The line where metal connected to flesh at your shoulder hurt, you weren’t given enough time to recover after the surgery (amputation?). 

Your legs were walking on autopilot back to your room for a mission debriefing, while your mind was racing. 

You killed someone. 

The pleading and desperate voice of the woman echoed through your head. You squeezed your eyes shut and shook your head. It was kill or be killed at Hydra, and you didn’t plan on dying so soon. You had to stay alive until you could find a way to escape. 

When you joined Hydra, you were under the impression that you would become a hero. You thought they were the good guys. You didn’t know how incredibly wrong you were. 

The image of that lady’s brains exiting her head flashed before your eyes and you found it hard to breathe. You frantically ripped off the mask covering your nose and mouth and sucked in the unfiltered air. 

Movement above you caught your eye and you looked up. Through the glass ceiling you saw a black dot slowing increasing in size, coming down straight above you. You squinted in confusion, trying to make out what it was when suddenly it came crashing through the glass. 

You quickly rolled out of the way as a man landed on the ground in front of you. It was Captain America, who was shortly joined by Iron Man and a girl with a red glow surrounding her. You recognized her as Wanda Maximoff, the Scarlet Witch, betrayer of Hydra. 

“What the hell is this?” You growl, your stance defensive as emergency sirens sound around the compound. 

“Found her! Well that was easy.” A man with robotic bird wings comments as he lands next to Captain America. Wanda punched his arm with a glare while Captain America took a step forward.

“I know you don’t know who we are, but we’re here to rescue you. Please, come with us.” His voice was soft and cautious, as if talking to a feral cat that he suddenly wanted as a house pet. 

“I know exactly who you are.” You respond, glancing around to check for Hydra guards. 

Your escape had come sooner than you’d thought, but before you could tell him that you’d go, another person landed, breaking his fall with a metal arm. You gasped, taking a step back and clenching your fists. Captain America took note of your reaction and you saw him raise his shield slightly. 

“You’re-” You gasp, horrified. The mask falls out of your hand and hits the ground. “You’re him.” 

The Winter Soldier stands up, and your eyes meet. You’ve never seen his whole face, in the all of the pictures he wears the mask and black makeup around his eyes. 

“I know you’re very scared right now, but I can help you. I can teach you how to use the arm.” He offers, but he looks tense and on edge, probably from being even remotely close to Hydra. 

“I don’t want your help!” You raise your voice, advancing towards him. “You’re the reason I’m like this! It’s your fault!” 

You hear the words in your head. About how they’d make you better than him, stronger, faster, an even better arm. You stomp towards him, the technology in your arm audibly winding up to prepare for a punch. You swing but he blocks it with his own metal arm. You clash metal to metal, and you growl with effort as both arms shift gears to try to overpower the other. For a moment you begin to overpower him, and his eyes widen, before Captain America grabs you and pulls you backwards. You swing at him with your flesh hand but you’re already too far apart. 

“Let go of me!” You growl out, struggling to get free. You lash out and manage to hit him in the face with your metal arm. His grip loosens just enough for you to slip out and tackle the Winter Soldier, landing a punch as you go down. 

“I killed someone today!” You screamed, but your voice cracked halfway through. You move to punch him again but his metal hand encloses around yours and squeezes, hard. “I killed someone. Because of you.” 

You try to rip your arm out of his hold before a ball of red energy hits you and everything goes black. 

Part Two


Chapter Ten

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Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader  |  Word Count:2567
Warnings: Swearing, Angst

Song: Broken Crown by Mumford and Sons

Faye stood with her arms crossed, staring at all the screens, boards, files, documents, and information they had compiled in the past eleven days, her concentration complete until a flicker of movement at the corner of her eye broke it for the fifth time. Along with the break in her focus, came the break in her temper. “Captain!” she barked, turning on Steve.

“You got it?” he asked, hope shining in his eyes.

It was the hope, barely masking the fraying control and thread of despair which had her reining in her annoyance. “Captain, I need you to leave the room.”

“What?” he stiffened, face hardening.

“You’re continued need to pace, to move, is breaking my focus. I can’t do this with you in here. You want this done right? You want us to get in and get (Y/N) back? Then get the hell out of my workspace.” She pointed at the door.

He looked ready to argue for a moment before a sharp nod was given and he stalked away, door banging shut with his exit.

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Sam gets back to his room in 10x17 

lessons in polyamory; t h r e e

lessons in polyamory masterlist & info sheet

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chapter t h r e e: the callback

words: 2,240

Your phone rang as you were playing with your pet ferret. It was 4:15pm…an usual time for a call. You looked at Rodrick (the weirdest name for a pet by the way). “What do you think boy?” You spoke to him. “You think it’s the BAU?” It’s been about two weeks since your last interview and despite Chief Cruz already telling you that you’d get the call back, you were still nervous as hell that you didn’t get it.

Rodrick gave you a sneeze, bored at your excitement.

“Yeah, yeah, you don’t care, I know,” you rolled your eyes as you grabbed your cellphone. Your heart beat faster when you saw the name read ‘Emily’. You answered the call. “Hello?”

“Hey, Baby. You got a go bag?” Emily sounded like she was smiling.

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