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Cloud Forward - Data Share Logo (Objects)

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Cloud Forward – Data Share Logo.

This premium logo template is ideal for application, cloud, computer, data, data services, database, document, download, file, folder, hard drive, host, hosting, internet,network, security, server, software, storage, tech, technology, transfer, web, forward, next, fast, future, arrow or any other business you can think of.

– 100% Editable – 100% Re-sizable – 100% vectors

– Vertical & horizontal layout

– Variations : Color, Black, White logos

– File Format : AI & EPS

– Color Mode : CMYK

– Font used and help file

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marinenotapoet asked:

Reaper looked a little miffed. “The toaster is broken.” There might have been smoke coming up from the damned thing and he turned to glare daggers at it. As though that might help. (lol how's this for an ice breaker between the two?)

John looked up from his coffee and frowned. “What did you do to it”, he grumbled, standing up to look at it.

anonymous asked:

I'm so fucking angry.

when I am angry I search for the moon up in the sky and stare at it till I remember we are just ridiculously small beings living on a giant rotating rock illuminated by a dying star that looks so big but it’s actually pretty small compared to other stars and in 4 billion years the Andromeda Galaxy will collide with the Milky way and the Earth will rotate away like a pool ball somewhere in this absurd cosmos where nothing really matters

enterpriseparty asked:

"Detective, I do believe your chances of survival are greatly decreased the more reckless you are." - Spock can be Vulcan Spock thrown back in time or MX Spock (pssst has Almost Human AU verse for Doctor M'Benga! GUESS WHO HAS DORIAN!)

“Yeah well your ability to operate are greatly decreased by the stick up your ass”, the detective grumbled.

anonymous asked:

Are you afraid of getting old?

I am not afraid of getting old, I am afraid of forgetting how it’s like to be this young. that’s why I take a ridiculous amount of pictures everyday. I am scared of forgetting

anonymous asked:

Why won't you listen to your heart?

because my heart is a small dog that loves you no matter what, you could stomp on it and it would still love you unconditionally, you could throw it in the ocean a thousand times and it would swim back to you every time. yeah lame metaphor but I can’t explain it better and honestly I am tired of being so loving so this time I will listen to my brain who take nobody’s shit instead.

  • Furuya Satoru (Shimazaki Nobunaga)
  • Ace_Of_Diamond_Character song_Vol._2

HELLLOW Daiya fans!! :) (Or Shimazaki’s fans…)

here you have Furuya’s character song (you probably understand how the name of the song fits the character well)


Sing: Furuya Satoru

Album: Ace Of Diamond - Character song - Volume 2

Anime \ Manga: Daiya no Ace \ Ace of Daiya

here you have the album, with also cd drama parts

Download Link (MEGA download, WinRar File, No pass word needed ^^)

something wrong? link doesn’t work? file\audio dosn’t work? tell me! :)