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jklmnop :)


• @kidsofthetardis ((my only faves from that.))


((my only faves from that.))

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I'm so fucking angry.

when I am angry I search for the moon up in the sky and stare at it till I remember we are just ridiculously small beings living on a giant rotating rock illuminated by a dying star that looks so big but it’s actually pretty small compared to other stars and in 4 billion years the Andromeda Galaxy will collide with the Milky way and the Earth will rotate away like a pool ball somewhere in this absurd cosmos where nothing really matters

my father was discussing the topic of transgender people today and he pulled the “well how would you react if I came home one day and told you I was a woman and wanted to be called Carla? You would be upset because I’m your dad.” and without a beat I replied “Then you would be my mother, and Id be upset that you didn’t tell me sooner. Id sit with you every step of the way and Id call you mom, Id use she her pronouns and that would be it.” He said I was only saying that because of the types of people I hang around. He said if I hadn’t been exposed to it I wouldn’t be that way and he said, “People are born a gender and that’s what they are, why would they want to change who they are?” And I said, “Well that’s the thing. Before I met my very first trans friend, I always questioned things like this, and I certainly believed then and now that no matter what you should respect someones decisions even if you don’t understand it. And most of all if you love them you should support them. At eleven years old (best friends name) killed herself. You know why I say her? Because at eleven years old she told me she felt like a girl. At eleven I accepted it. I didn’t understand it, I didn’t know that meant she was trans, but at eleven years old without any knowledge, without any exposure I simply took it for what it was. That’s the most important thing. And I think you need to stop trying to tell me, or anyone else what people are, and what people aren’t. No one can determine that besides themselves.”

no. one. can. determine. that. besides. themselves.

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Why "don't touch me" ?

I tend to fall in love with anyone that shows physical affection towards me like caress my cheek or massage my back or play with my hair and I will give you my heart and write poems about you and walk for miles just to see you again so yeah don’t touch me

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Are you afraid of getting old?

I am not afraid of getting old, I am afraid of forgetting how it’s like to be this young. that’s why I take a ridiculous amount of pictures everyday. I am scared of forgetting

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"Detective, I do believe your chances of survival are greatly decreased the more reckless you are." - Spock can be Vulcan Spock thrown back in time or MX Spock (pssst has Almost Human AU verse for Doctor M'Benga! GUESS WHO HAS DORIAN!)

“Yeah well your ability to operate are greatly decreased by the stick up your ass”, the detective grumbled.

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what makes you sad ?

time passing so fast. sad people. slaughterhouses. prejudices. fighting. when my mom is not happy with her appearance. feeling ignored. being ignored. pills. birthday cards. swimsuits. abandoned toys. dripping ice cream. circuses with animals. broken swings. fish in bowls and birds in cages. “I love you but..”. mirrors. suicide rates. people that raise their voice when they are angry. people that stare. wastages. my shadow. running water. fake smiles. small talks with people I love. the smell of burning things.