heres how to do an Umbrella run (having umbrella at the very start of the game, because people were having trouble with doing it, I went and made a save file you can use. Its the the value around 100 values down that is “1″, when that value is 1 it means you have the umbrella, when that value is 0, you don’t have it. so if you go down to that value on your current save you can change it to 1 and have the umbrella with you. 

First, to find the saves, on Windows the save files are located at
C:/Users/<Your User>/AppData/Undertale

on Macs its located at
User/<Your User>/Library[Hidden folder]/Application Support/com.tobyfox.undertale/

because Apple believes we are all big babies that will screw up our computers if given free reign, the newest versions of OSX hide the Library folder so you can’t find it, so if you have that problem, see how to fix it here

open up your save “file0” with a plain text editor, like TextEdit.
then replace what is in there by copy/pasting the following, replace Umbrella with whatever name you want to have.

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Oakland 10-year-old returns lost wallet with adorable note to 'very nice person'

You look like a very nice person who does nice things for people so I wanted to do something nice for you.
(AP Photo/Wilfredo Lee, File) Photo: Wilfredo Lee, Associated Press Oakland 10-year-old returns lost wallet with adorable note to ‘very nice person’ 1 / 1 Back to GalleryIf I ever lose my wallet I sure hope 10-year-old Nasim Lawrance finds it.
Nasim recently found a woman’s wallet in Oakland and not only did he return it with all the money, he also wrote an adorable letter.
Sincerely,NasimHere’s Ms. Sloan got in the mail:Froggy listener Taylor Sloan lost her wallet at motocross last weekend.
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This is how I’m spending my Wednesday evening, labeling my technical file, which holds the past couple of months worth of patterns and toilles. Each section is colour coded and labeled for the appropriate project topic. For example my ‘decay’ project is labeled and colour coded green and my ‘white work’ project is labelled and colour coded yellow. The coloured labels help me to identify each piece and project easily!

ayylienboy asked:

do you ever feel like you romanticise life too much?

I don’t see any bad in it. romanticizing innocent part of life or inventing silly stories is my only way to escape for a brief time from all the filth, atrocities and horror we are exposed to every day coming from every part of the world by the members of our own kind

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can you talk about your first real love? Sorry for my english I am Polish kisses from poland 😘

I’m glad you said first ‘real’ love because I fell in this kind of love with this girl some time ago but I then realised I fell in love with the idea that I had of her. My first real love though, I feel like I am living it now. Last spring I met this beautiful girl with big, brown and sweet eyes. She made me want to stay with her every day and she was so nice to me I fell in love with her kindness. I remember one day we spent 2 hours together playing with a little baby and laughing because we were going around in circles while holding hands, Everything was beautiful. We used to eat an ice cream every day, her favourite flavour is still chocolate. We kissed while watching a film at the cinema, our hearts beating faster than cars in a highway and she loves me so much I still don’t really know how. We’re still in love, but unfortunately far away from each other since I moved to London last year. She’s the best person I’ve ever met so far and even though I know things don’t last forever and I know she’s not flawless I am grateful I’ve met an angel like her