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Everyone is ranting about their names and I need to join in; so, my name is Tilde. I have gotten called Tilda, Hilde, Hilda, Matilda, Matilde, Filde, Filda and Frida. I'm so very done with my name and the Swedish language in general

those darn swedes 

Memang ada baiknya, saat temanmu patah hati, berhentilah menasehati. Jangan buang tenaga. Karena kau juga tahu, nasihatmu tak lagi berguna.
—  Filda kepada siapa saja
Random Headcanon: Wardens and Pity

After the Blight, after the mess in Amaranthine was more-or-less cleaned up, Warden-Commander Brosca went back to Ortan Thaig. She took with her the Wardens Sigrun and Oghren – three dwarven exiles who had found a new life in the Wardens. She also took the materials for a Joining.

They found there a lost and Tainted dwarf called Ruck. The simple fact that he was alive suggested a strong resistance to the Taint, and the fact that he had been able to reach past it to speak to the Warden-Commander and offer her trade and assistance suggested the kind of strength of will the Wardens value.

The Wardens talked to him, carefully and with much repetition, about redemption and purpose, and a life lived only half in shadow, instead of entirely in the dark. Well, the Warden-Commander and Sigrun talked about these things. Oghren told a complicated story involving sex, whiskey, three nugs and a large pile of bronto shit which may have been a metaphor … or was possibly just Oghren being Oghren.

In any case, when they left the Deep Roads, the Fereldan Wardens had a new member, in good standing.

Ruck is still considered pretty eccentric by his peers. Some of his trouble was caused by the Taint, yes, now held at bay by the Joining – but he had also been trapped in a ruined city, surrounded by monsters, for a very long time. It takes patience, sometimes, to follow what he is trying to say. However, he is a dwarven smith, which is good, he has invaluable knowledge of the habits and movements of Darkspawn, which is better, and he actually kind of likes Deep Roads patrols, which is the best. The Wardens take everyone, and they don’t care where you’re from.

It was years before Ruck would allow anyone to tell his mother he was alive. The mere mention of the idea would send him into a panic. However, when the Warden-Commander returned to Orzammar (with much grumbling) for a meeting with her brother-in-law regarding Orzammar’s defences against Darkspawn attacks, she took with her a small company of Wardens as advisors. Filda may not have seen the boy she remembered – but she was reunited with a capable Warden smith, who brought designs for weapons and armour that the Wardens had found most useful in their recent confrontations, and who was able to look her in the eye and say he had remembered her when he knew nothing else.

The Commander of the Grey pays her debts. And unlike Stroud, she would say that Wardens recruited out of pity are often the very best kind.