Decided to compile these asks to show my process with a drawing, hopefully it’s helpful. Gonna number and explain these pics 1-8, going left to right, cause mobiles butt (warning long post)

(1) I usually dont go into a drawing with a pose in mind already, but once i draw the head, i decide on how i want the body placed

(2) After that i mess around on what i want the limbs to be doing, it’s always good to make each one do something different, even slighty. If you want poses to pop more keep both sides of the drawing asymetrical

(3) Once i figure out where i want the limbs put i make em thicc. Where you put the hands and feet are important too (hand could be clentched, opened, doing peace sign, ect. Feet angles can change a lot too)

(4) Once i get an idea on how the drawing is shaping up i decide on a face. Expression can be divided by the eyes, brows, and mouth. Mix and match it to see what sticks with you (i also dont recommend coloring rn, like i what i did with the eyes and nose there. We’re still gonna erase some stuff later)

(5) Then i put the clothes on him, dudes naked. I press slightly harder on my pen here so the lines for the clothes take more priority, you can barely notice the sketch under it now. Make sure the clothes go around the pose you make so you get an idea on how everything is positioned

(6) Now everythings in place, i press harder on my pencil again, letting all the lines i want take priority. So far nothing in this drawing has been erased, but you can barely see the sketch under it anymore. But we need to tidy up

(7) The reason you wanna draw lightly at first is to erase the sketch lines later. So just start erasing gently. Dont worry about accidentally erasing parts you wanted to keep, you can just redraw it later.

(8) Aaaaand it’s finished. I cleaned up the lines and added some finishing touhes with coloring the outfit and such.

Some extra tips:
- If the pose is the main focus of your drawing, try and make sure it has a nice silhouette. A good pose is something you can identify just with it’s figure. You dont always have to do this but it’s something to keep in mind sometimes. I think back to almost all the recent smash bros and pokemon trainer model art as example. A lot of those characters really pop there.

- Learn some basic anatomy. Whether for a human, animal, or whatever, knowing how your drawing is shaped gives you more room to mess with poses. You’ll also be able to draw them faster in the long run too

- Exaggerate more, especially if your drawings are on the more cartoony side. Always try and find ways to curve and bend your character around, if that makes sense.

- Look at refs. If you see a piece of art you like, really try and pin point parts you like about it, and impliment it in your own art. Maybe you like how they draw a cloths wrinkles, or the hair, or arm angle, ect. Even look at the mirror if you need specific angles if you need to. Its amazing how much of the little details go a long way.

- Constantly try out different poses. It’s my secret to drawing filbert so much, just draw him doing something different everytime lol. But always try and learn something new. Draw em sitting down, leaning on a table, just anything that pushes you into draw them in different way. And again use refs if you need them.

So anyway i hope this can help some of you, this may not work with every art style out there but hopefully it can give sone insight. And @ryodarocker give yourself some credit, you’ve come a long way with your art! You should be proud of all the progress you made, and good luck~