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Nelli Kim 1976 Natalia Shaposhnikova 1980 Yelena Davydova 1980 Natalia Yurchenko 1983 Olga Mostepanova 1984 Yelena Shushunova 1986 Aleftina Priakhina 1986 & 1987 Oksana Omelianchik 1987 Svetlana Baitova 1987 Olesia Dudnik 1989 Natalia Laschenova 1989 Sventlana Boginskaya 1988 Oksana Chusovitina 1990 Tatiana Lysenko 1992


Olga Korbut 1972 Ludmilla Tourischeva 1979 Yelena Mukhina 1978 Yelena Naimushina 1980 Natalia Yurchenko 1983 Oksana Omelianchik 1985 Svetlana Baitova 1987 Yelena Shushunova 1988 Olesia Dudnik 1989 Olga Stazheva 1989 Natalia Kalilina 1990 Oksana Chusovitina 1991 Yelena Grudneva 1991 Tatiana Lysenko 1992 Tatiana Gutsu 1992


Olga Korbut 1972 Maria Filatova 1977 Yelena Mukhina 1977 Svetlana Grozdova 1978 Natalia Shaposhnikova 1979 Olga Bicherova 1982 Natalia Yurchenko 1983 Albina Shishova 1983 Olga Mostepanova 1983 Irina Baraksanova 1985 Oksana Omelianchik 1985 Vera Kolesnikova 1986 Aleftina Priakhina 1987 Elena Gurova 1987 Tatiana Tuzhikova 1987 Olesia Dudnik 1989 Natalia Laschenova 1989 Olga Strazheva 1989 Tatiana Groshkova 1990 Ludmilla Stovbchataya 1990 Ludmilla Prince 1990 Svetlana Boginskaya 1990 Elena Abrashitova 1990 Tatiana Lysenko 1991 Elena Grudneva 1991 Tatiana Gutsu 1991 Roza Galiyeva 1992


Olga Korbut 1972 Elvira Saadi 1974 Maria Filatova 1976 Nelli Kim 1976 Yelena Mukhina 197Natalia Shaposhnikova 1979 Svetlana Grozdova 1979 Yelena Mukhina 197Maria Filatova 1980 Olga Bicherova 1981 Yelena Naimushina 1980 Olga Mostepanova 1980 Natalia Ilienko 1981 Valentina Shkoda 1982 Olga Mostepanova 1983 Irina Baraksanova 1984 Oksana Omelianchik 1985 Svetlana Bogisnkaya 1985 Olga Mostepanova 1985 Natalia Yurchenko 1985 Vera Kolesnikova 1986 Svetlana Lebedinskaya Natalia Frolova 1986 Aleftina Pryakhina 1986 Olga Chudina 1987 Elena Gurova 1987 Oksana Omelianchik 1987 Elena Shevchenko 1987 Svetlana Boginskaya 1988 Olga Strazheva 19881989  Olesia Dudnik 1989 Natalia Laschenova 1989 Svetlana Baitova 1989 Svetlana Boginskaya 1989 Tatiana Groshkova 1990 Natalia Kalilina 1990 Olessia Dudnik 1990 Ludmilla Prince 1990 Tatiana Lysenko 1990 Oksana Chusovitina 1990 Tatiana Gutsu 1990 Yelena Sazonenkova 1991 Svetlana Boginskaya 1992 Tatiana Gutsu 1992

This only includes optional routines and I tried not to include the same gymnast more than once unless the routine is completely different

Opinion of the expert, head of the Working Group on Orca, a board member of the Council on Marine Mammals, Ph.D. Filatova Olga:

«In recent days, the Internet has stirred up the story with killer whales at AREC (VDNKh). Orcas brought to Moscow in December last year, and before that one of them - the famous Narnia - a whole year kept alone in a small sea pen in the Far East. 

The presence of orcas kept in strict confidence, to the point that the press-office of the Exhibition responded negatively to journalistic inquiry. Secret was revealed only after animal welfare organization “Vita” appealed to the police, which confirmed the presence of animals in the inflatable pavilion.

This caused a wave of indignation and not indifferent of the public and response excuses from administration with attempts to discredit opponents - a classic set of mutual anti-PR. But for all the hype went unheeded much more serious problem - the problem of live-capture and keeping of marine mammals in Russia as a whole.

Orca Narnia and her tankmate - are just the tip of the iceberg. They were caught in the Sea of ​​Okhotsk in the framework of legalized business of capturing and trading marine mammals. The annual quota for catching whales is 10 animals, and most of the animals are sold in China, although officially trapping conducted in “educational, cultural and educational purposes.” Owners of dolphinariums in the world - and Russia is no exception - justify their activities as “slurred cultural and educational value”, but in reality it’s only commercial institution whose program focused on satisfaction of the simplest taste of the general public.

But the problem is not only the disparity between the stated and real goals of capture. The main problem is that no one knows exactly how many whales we have in the Sea of ​​Okhotsk. Estimates of different specialists ranging from 300 to 10,000 individuals - with such accuracy it will be honest to say “we do not know.” Moreover, there live two different populations of orcas that feed on different prey and do not interbreed.

In the waters of the Kuril Islands and in the central part of the Okhotsk Sea are found mainly fish-eating orcas, and in shallow coastal areas in western, northern and north-eastern parts of the Okhotsk Sea - dominated transient orcas that feed on seals and other marine animals. They being caught for sale, orcas at AREC are from this population. In captivity, they are fed with “12 species of fish,” although in the wild they hunted seals. 

By law, the different populations belong to different “stock”, and quotas on them need to be calculated separately, but in reality this is not done, while taking into account transients and residents orcas consider together. However, we know that transients orcas usually scarce - in fact they are on top of the food pyramid. Such intensive capture, as now, can undermine the population in a few years. This will be bad news not only for lovers of killer whales, but also for the local fishermens - in fact transients orcas regulate the number of seals that often steal fish from the nets. 

In addition, the control of catching almost not adjusted. Even neat capture conducted by experienced specialists - is a big trauma for the animals that come off from the family home and placed in an alien and frightening situation. We have the same things are much worse: during capture independent observers are not present, so that if some animals are dying, those not taken into account. According to official statistics, in recent years, not a single orca died, although unofficial sources, we know, says that this happens regularly. Lack of control encourages abuse: in July of this year three orcas have been captured illegally before official ssuance of permits and were sold in China with 2013 documents.

Story with orcas in Moscow highlighted another important issue - the lack in Russia of any laws or regulations governing the content of marine mammals in captivity. And the “Vita”, and the owners of animals during the discussion referred to some “standards”, but the bitter truth is that we have no such standards, and orcas can legitimately contain even in the bathroom.

Summarizing this whole story, it is hoped that raised by animal rights activists hype pull out some of the above problems to the surface and attract the attention of of relevant government authorities - then at least you can say that it was not in vain.»

My Top Floor Routines

A combination of boredom and sadness has inspired me to make a list of my personal top floor routines, ones I just can’t stop watching, the ones with choreography I love and music I can’t get out of my head. Enjoy

Maria Filatova 1976

Elena Mukhina 1978

Elena Davydova 1980

Oksana Omelianchik 1985

Aurelia Dobre 1987

Tatiana Lysenko 1991

Tatiana Lysenko 1992

Henriette Onodi 1992

Anna Pavlova 2004

Anna Pavlova 2008

Ksenia Semenova 2008

Ksenia Afanasyeva 2010

Zeng Siqi 2010

Aliya Mustafina 2011

Yulia Belokobylskaya 2011

Aliya Mustafina 2012

Mai Murakami 2013

*these are only my personal opinions, feel free to disagree